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Facial Massagers - Which One Makes Your Skin Glow?

Updated on February 20, 2015

Confused About So Many Different Face Massagers?

You are not alone. A quick search for facial massager in Google, Amazon and Ebay gives you a large number of different facial massager machines.

The search result is huge and you will quickly get lost. With so many choices it's hard to select the right one.

They all come with different technologies and different shape. Which one is right for your skin?

One of the biggest problem is that most websites have, especially Amazon, is the lack of detailed description of the product functions. Other problems buying from Amazon and other auctions sites are the return policies, stocking fees and lack of customer service.

I will guide you how to find the right facial massager for your needs.

face massager
face massager

Don't Get Confused with "Facial Massager"

It's NOT a Massager, it's a Facial Machine

Another confusing topic is the word that most suppliers or sellers use for their product: facial massager or face massager.

Unless you are talking about a real massager that vibrates, then facial massager is the correct term.

Let me make this clear: Most of these facial devices don't even vibrate.

So, using the term facial massager or face massager is incorrect.

Why They Call it "massager"?

Most of these machines require you to move around the face with circular movements, just like massaging your face with the hands. I guess that why they call it facial massagers? :)

How To Get Professional Spa Treatment At Home

That Makes You Look Younger?

It is extremely difficult to find the perfect facial machine to add to your facial product routine. We all love to take time for ourselves and adding a home spa day is part of that experience. We want top of the line facial products without needing to spend a lot of money. After all, we are trying to avoid the high prices of spas.

However, there are so many different types of facial machines that it is difficult to know where to begin with adding to your current home spa day routine. There are a lot of fancy terms that seem to be medically inclined. For example, words like Facial Machines, Ultrasound and Galvanic.

Unless you have a PhD in skin science, it can be difficult to know all of the information about facial machines in general. So when you see something like the Fyola machine, you don't really understand how it can benefit you.

You can learn more about galvanic facial therapy here

How many Different Facial Machines Are There In The Market? - And How to Add a Professional Level to Your Daily Home Spa Routing

In order to stay up to snuff with the current facial products that are new on the market, here are the latest in facial product machines:

- Galvanic Facial Machine

- Ultrasound Facial Machine

- LED Facial Machine

- Infrared Facial Products

To understand electronic facial massagers and other technology, you need to know:

- What facial products it replaces

- Facial product benefits

- Electronic options for facial machines and facial massagers

- Electronic facial machine and massagers care and maintenance factors

In the next couple of sections, we will help you get familiar with the various electronics and technological knowledge that will help your home spa day obtain a level of professionalism that is out of this world. So keep reading.

Help Me Write More About Skin Care For You

vote best skin product
vote best skin product

Which facial product do you use Now?

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What You Have Learned From Magazines

and Advertisements Is Not Complete

There are three different knowledge phases about the different skin care products. See what knowledge about skin care you are missing.

1st Knowledge phase: The Science of Skin In Basic Terms

For example; skin composition, the effects of aging, skin problems, sun damage etc.

2nd knowledge phase- How Daily Skin Care Regiments Can Be Achieved

For example; daily skin cleansing, shower facials, lotions, etc.

3rd knowledge phase- How Electronic Facial Products Work.

What electronic features such as ultrasound, galvanic, LED Photon and infrared rays can provide skin benefits, etc.

It seems that we are educated by magazines and advertisements for years about the first two phases of facial products knowledge only. We all have general ideas about what our skin looks like scientifically and what skin care routines work best for us.

However, the third phase of facial products knowledge is understanding the newest in science electronic facial products. That is always going to involve understanding electronic functions and modern technology.

Of course, your main objective and the thing we all understand is that the benefit of understanding facial massager and facial machine products is avoiding expensive spas!

What Do Ultrasounds, Galvanic, and LED Photon Have to Do With Home Spas?

Don't Let the Confusing Facial Products Lingo Scare You From Great Buys

Massage Features: A state of the art facial spa kit is going to provide a number of electronic options and features. Mainly, it is going to provide a mechanical action that stimulates and massages the face. This massaging action also cleanses the pores.

As we all know, pores are the worst. You can go through several different facial products before you find one for pores. No doubt, it is also more expensive than even our best lotion. A lot of the independent reviews on the internet specify that the Fyola Facial Machine is the best one for pore cleansing action via the face massager.

Ultrasonic Waves: When you use ultrasonic waves with your facial massager or facial machine, you are encouraging healing to penetrate as far as it can into the skin. Ultrasonic waves are a stimulating agent.

Because nerves can lose their ability to fire properly as we age, ultrasonic waves deliver the juice that nerves need to prop up. In other words, the nerves of the muscles being under-stimulated cause wrinkles. Ultrasonic waves available in machines like the Fyola Facial Machine help with that.

Galvanic Ion Therapy: Galvanic Ion therapy is all about micro-currents. Like ultrasonic waves, they also help tighten facial muscles. Again, one of the main facial machines that offer the most electronic options is Fyola. They have a top of the line model that is prime for facial toning. The micro-currents help with facial toning by allowing you to re-educate the muscles in your face. This causes fewer wrinkles.

Fyola Facial Massager
Fyola Facial Massager

How Fyola Facial Machine Replaces Expensive Facial Products

Fyola Facial Massage Machine Helps You More Save Money

Of course, our main objective is to save money. Various facial massagers and facial machines claim to do this, but they do it in strange ways. A facial machine, like the Fyola, typically has a better rate of money saving options according to independent reviews.

So what are the facts behind this? Products like the Fyola facial machine offer a variety of features and options that will allow you to use the machine in several ways at once.

* It is important to keep in mind that they are simply explaining a lot of the features that expensive spas don't want you to know about. The pricey spas just want you to be magically transformed. They aren't trying to allow you to find out features about a machine that you might by yourself!

The Fyola Facial Machine (sometimes referred to as a facial massager) replaces the following products:

· Pore cleansers

· Extra usage of cleaners, toners, and lotions

· Wrinkle creams

· Skin lighteners

· Firming creams

· Specialized toners

· Exfoliants

How To USe The Fyola Facial Lite Machine - 30 Days Younger Looking Skin, Is It Possible?

How Galvanic Facial Machine Helps Reduce Your Wrinkles

And make your Anti-Wrinkle Lotions and Creams more effective

As you start to age, the main problem with wrinkles is not just the fact it makes you look older. Wrinkling skin is difficult to keep hygienic and healthy as well. Our skin starts to lose it's ability to take care of itself. That leads to sores, scabs, and other signs of skin that needs therapy.

A lot of people try to tell each other that they don't need something like anti-aging lotions and creams. However, when their skin starts to suffer and become painful, remedies are sought. They are also encouraged for men and women by their primary care doctors.

Wrinkle care with a galvanic facial massager can help.

How this facial machine helps reduce wrinkles

This facial machine helps your skin in the following ways:

· Lifts the sagging facial muscles

· Inject nutrients into the skin

· Stimulates the skin

· Uses ultrasound and galvanic ion current to pump up muscles

· Ultrasound is also used for healing soft tissue injuries

· Stimulate circulation

· Improve muscle tone

· Stimulate healing

Is This Facial Massager The New Microdermabrasion?

First You Need To Know Why Your Skin Can NOT Absorb Skin Nutrients?

The skin barier ortant in order to protect your skin, however it also has a negative affect in respect to beauty treatments, because it interferes with the absorption of nourishment products such as creams and lotions.

Fortunately, our facial massagers help to permeate cosmetic ingredients into your skin by using micro-vibration and galvanic ion. Ultrasonic Facial Massagers enhance the absorption of nourishment products to reach an incredible revival effect!

You Are Wasting Money On Branded Skin Care Products

If You Haven't Heard About Galvanic Facial Machine

A galvanic facial machine helps bring skin ingredients into your skin by using galvanic ions. As you know galvanic face machine maximizes the skin absorption of nourishment. So will get better result with your skin care lotion or serum. Besides, with the galvanic facial machine you don't need to put so many on your skin.

You are not only getting better result, but also saving the amount of usage. Instead of putting the lotion 2 or 3 times on your face, now you can only put it one time. Slide with you facial machine over you face to get absorbed quickly.

How To Deliver those nutrients into your skin that will work wonders?

Ever visited spa or beauty salon? You might have experienced the galvanic or ultrasound facial treatment before. Yes, they use these professional big machines with metal device that glides over your face.

Your skin will feel firmer, and smoother and by using galvanic facial machine. The secret is the galvanic ion of the facial machine that help bring the nutrients of your skin care lotion or serum deep into the skin.

Watch the video explained by skin care experts how Iontophoresis (galvanic technology) works

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