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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt For Better Tasting Food

Updated on November 15, 2014

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Our family was Introduced to the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt about two years ago when we purchased a container of the coarsely ground Pink Sea Salt, from Swanson. What we found is that Pink Sea Salt livens up our food just like standard table salt, but without having that overly salty taste that comes from more traditional salt sources and you only need to add a pinch here and there.

Himalayan pink sea salt isn't new. In fact it's been around since before the dinosaurs. According to scientists the Himalayan Sea Salt which is mined in, where else but, "The Himalayan Foot Hills", was naturally formed approximately 250 million years ago.

Cooking with Himalayan sea salt is only the beginning. It is also used in many other ways, such as: The Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp shown in the intro folder, Himalayan Salt inhalers, Himalayan Salt Lick for horses and other farm animals, Plates made of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Sea Salt Blocks for cooking and serving, you can even bring your internal salt levels to the perfect balance by bathing in it.

Sounds like a miracle salt and it may well be, however all I can verify is that it is more flavorful than regular salt when used in cooking. The rest of this lens will be dedicated to examining some of the other miraculous claims made about Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Image Credit and Product Information : Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp as shown on

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt For Cooking

Swanson Himalayan Crystal Salt 35.27 oz (1,000 g) Salt
Swanson Himalayan Crystal Salt 35.27 oz (1,000 g) Salt

This crystal salt is finely ground and 100% pure and natural. It's not refined like table salt; it's more pure and wholesome than sea salt or rock salt.


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp Benefits

HimalayanGlow  salt lamp, 1301B Tall Basket himalayan salt lamp with salt lamps bulb & dimmer cord ETL Certified by WBM
HimalayanGlow salt lamp, 1301B Tall Basket himalayan salt lamp with salt lamps bulb & dimmer cord ETL Certified by WBM

A Natural Air Purifier

The Himalayan Sea Salt Crystal Lamp glows a soothing orange that can take you away from an unhappy or agitated state leaving you a state of serenity.

Beyond the visually soothing effects of the Crystal Sea Salt lamp it's a scientifically proven natural air purifying system. When the Salt Lamp is turned on it begins to emit negative ions that works against the positively charged particles in the air that can give you that won down feeling.


Benefits of a Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Inhaler

Plant Therapy Pink Himalayan Salt Inhaler w/ Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt
Plant Therapy Pink Himalayan Salt Inhaler w/ Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt

Ocean Air In A Portable Inhaler

Think of the last time you visited the ocean and after only a few minutes the salt air not only soothed your emotions, but also made you feel better physically. Speleo-Halo-Therapy, or salt cave therapy, for us lay folk has been known by Europeans for centuries.

The salt air inhaler can aid in comforting your breathing whether you suffer from asthma, allergies, or are coming of a cold or the flue. It may even help with smoking cessation or reduction.


Himalayan Salt Benefits


Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Plate

The Himalayan Salt serving plate can be heated in an oven and then transferred to the table to cook delicate items such as scallops, eggs, or thin cuts of fish and meat, right at the table. Likewise you can keep the salt plate in your freezer overnight and have an ice cold serving tray or preparation area.

Either way, the Pink Himalayan Salt Plate is a truly gourmet experience. Follow the link or double click the photo for more information about the Himalayan Sea Salt Serving Plate and enjoy a truly memorable culinary experience.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lick for horses

Let's not forget about our equestrian friends. With all of the positive benefits derived from the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, it can even be a natural and pure substitute for for your favorite horse(s).

When you replace your next salt lick, why not go all natural with the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt - Salt Lick? Follow the previous link or double click the photo for more info.

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    • profile image

      SandraCasey36 3 years ago

      Himalayan Salt and what it can offer. You did a great job presenting this topic! BLESSED by a little Squid Angel. God bless you!

      Just watched the product from rock-salt-lamp after reading your blog and seriously i am going to buy it for my sister who disturb me the whole night with horrible snoring voices.

    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      Himalayan salt is very good, but it is sad to hear that people are selling "Himalayan salt" excavated in Italy or where ever...

    • m massie profile image

      m massie 5 years ago

      the salt lamp was very interesting! i never saw such a thing but its pretty! a good idea to get just for its looks!

    • fathomblueEG profile image

      fathomblueEG 5 years ago

      This is a great lens. You can buy Himalayan sea salt at Fred Meyer stores too.

    • BobZau profile image

      Bob Zau 5 years ago

      We've been cooking with the Himalayan Sea Salt for a couple of years and have been very happy with the taste.