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Home Remedies for Depression

Updated on October 16, 2009

Home Remedies for Depression

Home Remedies for Depression

This HUB 'home remedies for depression' is made for all depressed persons to provide them with most effective and healthy home remedies for depression .

What is depression ?

Depression is a emotional disorder that affects ones thoughts , behaviour , mood , and may vary from feelings of slight sadness to utter misery and dejection .


- One of the main cause of depression is depleted functioning of adrenal gland .

- Mental stress and strain in day to day life .

- Imbalance of neurotransmitters and hormonal imbalance are the BIOLOGICAL causes of depression.

- Vitamins , minerals and essential fatty acids and food allergies are the NUTRITIONAL causes of depression .

- Irregular diet habits .

- Indigestion.

Here are some home remedies for depression:

- According to ayurveda yoga, massage and meditation are important in order to cope with depression and symptoms of depression, these activities are helpful in increasing the energy of life. Yoga exercises is used to increase oxygen circulation in the system and also help in keeping the mind relaxed. Deep breathing exercises or “pranayama” help the body and mind to relax.

- Make some changes to your life by changing your usual routine, listning relaxing music, go for a walk with someone you love, do the things you are fond of, and it will help cope with depression.

- Aromatherapy is also used for combating depression by giving your body and mind relax feeling and revive the nervous system. Rose, jasmine, lime, and grapefruit are some herbal oils, used to treat depression.

- Cashew nuts are good source of vitamin B which is compulsary and extremely beneficial in treating depression.

- Make your lifestyle healthy by going to regular exercises, try to go for daily walks. Fresh air and deep breathing exercises are beneficial in treating derpession naturally. Avoid tea, tobacco, alcohol like unhealthy stuff.

- Eat well balanced diet.

- Avoid constipation in order to keep your digestive system healthy.


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