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Having a Dream about Killing Someone

Updated on July 11, 2019

What are dreams?

Dreams are stories your brain tells while you are in a subconscious state of mind. Subconsciousness is were your brain and body are not fully aware but will have normal emotions and influences. Your subconscious mind will try its best to make everything you dream of come true. Subconscious, only existing in your mind, but not immediately available to consciousness. Some people may see more vivid dreams than others and why those occur, we are not completely sure of. We can't really control our dreams. You can have dreams about all sorts of things, but what do those things mean? Maybe you had a dream of death or a birth. Let's dig deeper and find out what your dream means.

What Does it Mean to Kill Someone in Your Dreams?

Dreaming of killing someone can indicate you are about to lose your temper and self-control. You may be experiencing some hidden anger if you are feeling enraged by the person you dreamt of. You may be trying to rid an unwanted aspect of your life. Generally, dreaming of killing someone means you have felt betrayed by someone. Slaughtering someone in a dream means justice or relief from depression and grief. Confessing to a murder in a dream can mean gaining a high advantage of something of importance to you.

What Object Was Used in The Killing?

Killing in a dream also could mean that one is missing their prayers or neglecting their religious duties. If someone dies as a result of doing your wrong, it can mean profits, the fulfillment of a promise, business success, or perhaps that person may die from assassination or drowning. If the victim in the dream is a witness in court, it may mean that their testimony will be qualified, or they will gain an abundance of blessings in their lives. If your killing was due to protecting yourself in self-defense or killing a ferocious monster/beast, it means you will gain victory or a rise in position. If you dreamed of someone who killed someone you know, it may mean you are either in strong distress or you will have immense justice for the victim. If you have specific objects in your dreams that you used to kill the person, then your dream may mean something different.


If you have dreamed of using a chainsaw to slaughter someone, this indication could be something drastic is about to happen in your life. A smashing success will only come from one's willpower. To dream of a chainsaw could also mean complete disregard for feeling or little concern for consequences. A chainsaw may indicate your numbness towards that person's feeling or uncaring forcefulness.


To dream of a knife in any dream symbolizes intense anger, hostility, and/or separation. You may be feeling overwhelming emotion which is likely to cause you to lose all self-control. If you may be harboring rage or bad feelings towards the person you killed in your dream. Stabbing someone in your dream can be associated with betrayal, fear, or the need to protect you and/or your loved ones.


Guns in a dream may indicate danger, or an inability to control a dangerous situation. Shooting someone with a gun in your dream can mean you are wanting to cut out a certain part of your life. If the gun does not fire properly it can indicate weakness, no self-confidence, and unable to control. Being worried about something can also cause you to dream of a gun.

Ax or Hatchet

The ax was one of the first man-made tools. Dreaming of an ax can mean someone has cut you off, pushed you away, or vice-versa. An ax can be a symbol of you trying chop away your problems or stress.


If you have dreamt of killing someone with a hammer you could mean you are dealing with some demons and are trying to hammer them out of the way. Also dreaming of killing someone with a hammer could also indicate you are struggling to make ends meet, in other words, your hard work is not paying off. If you were to dream of just a hammer and no killing then that would indicate strength and hard work.

Using Your Bare Hands

Reality is possibly far of a reach. If your dreaming of using your bare hands to kill someone that could be a representation of not being able to control reality. Using your hands in your dreams can make it seem as if you have some sort of control over your life and destiny subconsciously in which you are unable to consciously.


A sword in a dream can mean dignity and victory. Dreaming of killing someone with a sword can mean you are winning your battles. You are victorious without definition. A sword is a powerful object to dream of which means you have become a strong person. Not all sword dreams are good. Some sword dreams may mean you are battling a lot of enemies in your life.

Is it Normal?

If you are dreaming about murders you may or may not be more violent in real life. Studies have shown that those who dream about murdering someone tend to be more violent in real life. This is not the case for everyone. Some people may have gone through a trauma causing them to relive an unwanted experience. If you are having a hard time functioning because of these dreams then you may want to talk to a medical professional.

© 2019 Miranda Scott


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