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Home Remedies For Scars on Legs

Updated on February 7, 2011

Home Remedies For Scars On Legs

Scars on your legs are fairly miserable. You may have got them in any number of ways but they certainly do impact your life. Feel like you can't really go the them beach because you've got a great big scar there? I can sympathize. There are many ways to reduces scarring on your legs, from surgery to creams to home remedies. Home remedies for scars on legs are often the most effective ways to reduce this type of scarring. It's quick, easy, convenient, and usually very cheap. They can also be safer then other forms of scar treatments. Let's have a look at some of the best home remedies for scars on legs.

Lemon Juice

One of the most popular home remedies for scars on legs

Lemons are an excellent remedy for scars pretty much anywhere on the body. People suggest that they work well from things like acne, however you'll find that they work well in treating scars. People usually suggest that lemons are a good bleach for your skin, changing the colour. The truth is that lemons because of their acidity are excellent exfoliators. This refers to the fact that they are able to remove skin easier, meaning that the dead and diseased skin will move off your body much quicker. Lemons can take some time to start working, but when they do, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results. Preferably apply using the fingers twice a day. Leave on for a decent period of time (maybe an hour) then wash off to help the skin exfoliate.

Lemons do sting a bit and this might put you off. Grin and bear it. Remember the key to successful use of home remedies for scars on legs is to be consistent and keep doing it. Even stopping for a day or two can put you back in your quest for removing those scars.


Your skin is sensitive

During the healing stage or your scar, it's essential that you keep the poor thing protected. They are extra sensitive to things like UV light (the harsh rays from the sun) so make sure that you keep your scar under cover for as much as possible.

Obviously you might be trying to cover it up already to stop people seeing it, but if you are out and about in the sun and it is visible, do apply a little sunscreen. Natural sunscreen is best if you can locate some but most kinds will be OK. The sun is worse then the effects of a slightly less then natural sunscreen anyway. Using sunscreen on your scars will help them to heal themselves much faster then they might otherwise.

Keep that sunscreen on that scar.

Tea Tree Oil

A great antiseptic

The humble tea tree contrary to what you might think is not actually from the tea plant which produces black tea and green tea etc. So that's not what we're talking about here!

Tea tree oil is an excellent anti-septic that's very natural. I remember my mother using it on every little scratch I had in my childhood, and it worked well! Tea tree oil is also excellent at treating scars. Scars can often be aggravated by external factors, and the natural antiseptic can work wonders for getting rid of those nasty factors like bugs and germs that could aggravate the scar. Try not to apply too often, once a day at max. It will also sting like crazy, but it's a good kind of sting I promise! It also has a very strong oder (although not unpleasant) so you might want to apply in a well ventilated room.

What Not To Use

Home remedies for scars on legs are not all created equal.

You will often here certain solutions bandied about on the internet that can sometimes do more harm then good. Here are a few:

Vitamin E

Clinical studies have actually been done on vitamin E and it can actually prevent scars from healing properly. So if you're using a product or cream that includes vitamin E in it - please stop. You might be doing more harm then good, especially in the long run.

Olive Oil

Often touted about as an excellent cleaner for the scar, the only real thing that olive oil will give you is a greasy mess over your skin. Use it if you like, but you won't see any benefits.


Honey has again been clinically tested and good results have been found for usage such as in treating wounds. Scars, not so much. Again, all you'll end up with are sticky scars.

Is there a better option?

Yes. If you're really keen to discover more 'proven' home remedies for scar on your legs, please take a look at The Scar Solution, a way of reducing your scars naturally, cheaply, and easily. It's also guaranteed to reduce scars, so take a look.

I hope you found this lens informative.


Intro photo of scar by L. Marie

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