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Home Remedy For Pericoronitis

Updated on April 5, 2015

Home Remedy For Pericoronitis

Looking for a home remedy for pericoronitis? Here's what you can do. Pericoronitis or simply gum infection, is a type of dental disorder where the gum becomes swollen mainly due to bacteria infections as well as due to inflammation. Generally young adults are the ones that are at risk of facing this problem. It happens when the wisdom teeth start to develop and causes the gum to erupt in order to make way for the new teeth to form.

It is when these eruptions occur that have resulted in food particles, plaque or bateria getting trapped underneath the flap of the gum on the area. Over time, these left over trapped particles irritate the gum and causes swelling and inflammation. In more severe cases, the infection may sometimes extend to the neck and also the cheek.

Home Remedy For Pericoronitis

So, here's what you need to prepare your home remedy for pericoronitis. Home remedy for pericoronitis is basically very straight forward and pretty simple. All you ever need is just salt and water. Always remember to rinse your mouth with a glass of salt water after each meal, warm salt water solution is prefered as it is a great germs killer. In addition, you should also brush your teeth to remove any left over food particles in your mouth after that.

The problem should go away after a few days but if the infection persist or worsen, you should seek medical help immediately by visiting your local dentist. That may be a symptom of a more severe gum infection going on. That is particularly true if you notice pus on the gum or you may even face difficulties to open your mouth. Nonetheless, this low cost home remedy for pericoronitis with salt water is often helpful during the early phases of the condition.

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