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No Juicer No Problem

Updated on January 1, 2011

Homemade Juice

Many people in America fail to get the nutrients they need and with the ever increasing demands of our busy lives, we often eat on the go. The typical American has a demanding schedule that goes something like this:

- Wake up 7 in the morning to prepare for work and spend an hour getting ready.

- It takes 20 minutes to get to work and you have to be there by 8:30.

- Stop and grab a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee that costs around $5.

- Rush to get to work on time and listen to a lecture for being 2 minutes late.

- Take a 30 minute lunch break and run across the street to grab a quick bite to eat from some fast food place that you don't really even like.

- Hurry to eat the mediocre $3 sandwich in the 5 minutes left for lunch.

- Stay late because the boss needs you to get extra work done.

Okay, so you get the point of our on the go schedules interfering with our bodies getting the nutrients they need. It's impossible to get most of what's needed in breakfast and lunch, when the combined time to eat is about 20 minutes and getting all the missing nutrients at dinner time is not the solution.

Juicing has become popular in recent years, but many people don't want to pay $100 plus to purchase a juicer, in tough times, you want to save every dime possible, but you know that there are many healthy fruits and vegetables that you won't consume unless you can drink them in a juice.

Now heres where making juice at a cheaper price comes in!!!

For starters you will need:

1. A blender, which most people have and if not, you can get a decent one for around $20.

2. You will need the fruits and/or vegetables you want to juice. For this blog, I will use carrot juice as an example. 

3. You will need something to strain the juice through for which I'm glad the Dollar Tree had Stuffing Bags for of course $1. I have also heard of using a paint strainer or a cheese cloth.

4. A bowl or a pot to strain the juice into.

Step By Step Carrot Juice:

1. Take out desired amount of carrots (2 make about 1 glass).

2. Cut carrots into small pieces and put them in the blender.

3. Add about a half cup of water or how ever much you need, but not enough to cover all the carrot pieces.

4. Blend until you have carrot puree. The more blended the better, you don't want carrot chunks.

5. Spread out your stuffing bag, cheesecloth, etc over your bowl.

6. Pour out the carrot puree into your cloth, then squeeze the juice out of the cloth until you're left with a dry chunk.

7. Finally, you have carrot juice, pour it into a glass and enjoy a healthy glass of necessary nutrients.

There are many other ways to utilize this juicing technique, wheat grass juice, orange juice, grape juice, the possibilities are endless. Drinking juice throughout the day is a much easier way to get those needed nutrients than trying to cram them into a sandwich bag and never actually eating them. So the next time you're on the go, why not wash that piece of toast down with a glass of juice.

As always thank you for reading, feel free to leave feedback and follow my Hubs if you like what you read.


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    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 

      7 years ago from Western US

      GREAT hub. Have you heard of the Gerson Therapy? Dr. Gerson treated a lot of cancer patients by a very rigorous juicing diet before WW2. If you're interested, there could be some fabulous hubs written about it. You seem to have great knowledge in health/fitness. If this interests you, here is a link:

      You can google search for more info.


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