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Homeopathy - Natural Healing Remedies

Updated on February 17, 2017
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I have been writing about medical issues and new medical advances since spending 22 years in the nursing profession. Exercise is important.

History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy is from the Greek word Homeo (meaning like) and pathos (meaning suffering) and is considered a healing treatment for some illnesses. It is a two-hundred year old system of medicine based on the principle of similarities or “like cures like”. It uses extremely diluted preparations of natural substances to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism. It was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago and has been practiced in the United States since the early 19th century. It is used for wellness and prevention and to treat many diseases and conditions.

Today one of the leading theoretician and clinical practitioners of homeopathy is George Vithoulkas, author of “The Science of Homeopathy: who teaches in Athens, Greece. Training is limited to conventional physicians and osteopaths only, which results in highly qualified physicians well versed in both types of medicine.

Coenus Circinata

Combination of Homeopathy Remedies


Homeopathy Remedies

Homeopaths have some two thousand remedies, which are prepared from plants, herbs, animal products, minerals, ad chemicals. The remedies are prepared through a careful process of repeated dilution.

Classic homeopathy is considered a complete medical system, capable of addressing a wide array of health problems:

  • Treating acute and chronic illness, particular in the early stages before there is tissue damage.
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Arthritis,
  • Chronic viral and bacterial infections have all been reportedly treated successfully
  • Acupuncture is another ancient healing modality. It is being used successfully to treat fibromyalgia, neck and low back pain.

Homeopathy Remedies


National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine lists the key points for Homeopathy medicine:

  • The principal of similars (or ‘like cures lie’) is a central homeopathic principle. It simply states that a disease can be cured by a substance producing similar symptoms
  • They state that most analysis has concluded there is little evidence to support homeopathy as an effective treatment, although some studies have reported positive findings. I found this to be disputed in other books
  • There are challenges in evaluating this field because of its key concepts aren’t consistent with the current understanding of science.
  • The research has been limited.
  • If you are taking any alternative medicines make sure you let you health care providers know as new prescriptions could interact poorly

Why Homeopathy Works and Makes Sense

B ook for Alternative Medicine

The Best Alternative Medicine
The Best Alternative Medicine

In The Best Alternative Medicine, Dr. Kenneth Pelletier of the Stanford School of Medicine addresses the debate head-on with the goal of providing an authoritative consumer reference guide that focuses on the existing body of clinical research.


Homeopathy Research

In “The Best Alternative Medicine” book by Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier, the doctor lists several small studies starting in 1990. In the first study, which was considered flawed, 81 of 107 people showed homeopathic medicine had some clinical benefits. Since that time, they have reviewed 90 well-designed studies in which homeopathy compared favorably to placebo.

Published in the Lancet in 1997, the authors found a total of 186 clinical trials, which were randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled and had adequate statistics data for analysis. This is the proper way in the medical world to conduct a study. They concluded they found sufficient evidence the clinical effects of homeopathy are clearly warranted for any single clinical condition provided they follow its rigorous protocols.

Homeopathy Remedies


Regulation and Conclusions

Homeopathic remedies are prepared following the guidelines of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS), which was written into law in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act in 1938.

Homeopathic remedies are regulated in the same manner as nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) require homeopathic remedies meet certain legal standards for strength, purity, and packaging.

The labels on the remedies must include at least one major indication (i.e., medical problem to be treated), a list of ingredients, the dilution, and safety instructions. If a homeopathic medicine claims to heal a serious disease then it must be old as a prescription and meet the same standards.

Healing Quest: Olivia Newton-John Embraces Natural Wellness


It seems like much of the evidence is still controversial. After my research I think there may be a placebo effect happening some of the time but I think Dr. Riley has proven that many of the therapies are effective.

I would suggest if you are interested in homeopathy to do some research concerning your particular ailment and take a look at some of the studies Dr. Riley has completed. I would conclude that homeopathy can be a healing treatment in some cases.

© 2010 Pamela Oglesby


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  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 4 years ago from United States

    Jackie, Great, I appreicat your feedback and your comments.

  • Jackie Lynnley profile image

    Jackie Lynnley 4 years ago from The Beautiful South

    You have some great hubs here I will want to check out. Well be back when I have more time.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Katiem, Thank you so much for your comments. I love to hear from people that tried homeopathy and how well it is working.

  • katiem2 profile image

    katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

    Pamela, I feel homeopathy is the best healing and preventative treatment available to us. I've often been told to take prescribed meds that I opted out of thoughout my life and am the picture of all natural health. I love this work you've done on this topic and look forward to reading your series. Thanks and Peace :)

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    She-rah, Thank you for the compliment and I'm glad you enjoyed the hub.

  • She-rah profile image

    She-rah 7 years ago from Springfield, IL

    Hi Pamela, Great hub! As you know, I'm very big into natural healing and you do a fantastic job stating the hard to find evidence that is not known to mainstream. I like to look at all the evidence I can get, even if it's small/proven studies. Thanks for the info!

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Jack, That is good to know. Thanks for your comment.

  • TnFlash profile image

    TnFlash 7 years ago from Tampa, Florida

    Pam, Great Hub! We use homeopathy medicine to help Latimer with his arthritis.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    BPOP, Thanks for your comment.

  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    Dear Pamela,

    You are a fountain of valuable information. Great hub. Thank you.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Smireles, Thank you for your comment.

  • Smireles profile image

    Sandra Mireles 7 years ago from Texas

    Very nice work, Pamela99! You sure did your homework. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Hello and Quill, Thank you for your comments. I think these series of health hubs have opened my eyes on what nature has to offer. I juniper berry without side effect of aspirin or Tylenol. You can't beat that.

  • profile image

    "Quill" 7 years ago

    Hugs Pamela for this Hub...what I find so interesting is the way we simply accept man made medication over what God has created freely. All we need to do is investigate what others have placed before us on paper.

    As you are aware I spent many years on the fringes of wilderness living, an upset stomach, pop a juniper berry under your tongue and within minutes it is gone.

    Blessings and again great Hub

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for all these informations.

  • nancy_30 profile image

    nancy_30 7 years ago from Georgia

    very good hub. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

    Tom, Since the Hubmob is doing health for the month I decided to investigate and learn as I am very interested in health. I guess being an RN kind of makes that statement. Thanks for your comment.

  • Tom Whitworth profile image

    Tom Whitworth 7 years ago from Moundsville, WV


    Wow your research into alternative medicine is huge. I hope you make a summary after this series is complete.