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How Stair Lifts Can Help You

Updated on August 24, 2015

Stair Lifts and You

Whether it be because of some type of disability, or from weakening as we age, there comes a time when climbing the stairs at home are not only a physical challenge, but possibly could be dangerous for us as well. That's why the idea of installing a stair lift in your home should be considered when the time it's difficult to be mobile in certain situations comes upon us.

We don't have to be a prisoner in our own home because of physical limitations any longer, and can enjoy all of our home and the activities we may want to do without fear of hurting ourselves through a fall, or the inability to go anywhere we want within our own homes.

A lot of joy can go out of our lives if we allow ourselves to be relegated to one room or one floor in our homes, and there's no reason to do that if we get a home stair lift installed, as we can then live the life we want and remain active within, and enjoy our home without fears of hurting ourselves or being unable to access the parts of our home we want.

So a stair lift offers the answers to those concerns, and so should be part of any strategy to live in our homes to the fullest.

Is the stairlift a handicap lift?

Sometimes people think that having a stair lift means they're getting a handicapped lift. While there could be a disability involved, that doesn't mean if you get a stair lift that you're now disabled, or giving in to something you feel you aren't.

Many people get a stairlift because of knee or leg problems which doesn't mean they aren't able to get around, just that they relieve and prevent pain by using a stairlift instead of walking up and down stairs.

We don't have to feel this is a negative thing or implying anything; a handicap lift, if that is what you've heard it called, is simply a way to get about your house easier, and protect yourself from falls which can happen to any of us as we age, or if we have any type of leg or balance problem.

Data says that the one of the leading causes of falls in a person's home is when they go up and down stairs. So why not help prevent that probability by using a home stair lift?

Straight Stairway Home Stair lift

Other benefits of stair lifts

Not only does a stair lift help prevent you from dangerous falls, but they also help the wear and tear you can get from the pressure on hip joints, knees and ankles, from the continuous climbing of stairs.

And those times you can be temporarily sick but very weak, a home stair lift can be just the thing to help you make it around the home to do what is needed without completely wiping you out. 

Stair lifts and the structure of your home

Because stair lifts are attached right against the wall, and travel up against it, they don't require the room a platform wheelchair lift for a wheelchair would need, and so they fit on any stair type there is.

There are stair lifts made for straight stairways; stair lifts made for spiraled and curved stairways; and if you have the type of stairway with a landing and change of direction, you can install two stair lifts going up to each level, so there's an answer for all stairway challenge situations, and no need to be concerned from that standpoint

Curved stairway stairlift

Another use for stair lifts

One thing that isn't thought of with a stairlift is the added value of not only using it to transport yourself or a loved one, but you can also use it to send laundry or groceries up and down as needed, and even heavier things like luggage and other items.

Most stairlifts hold up to 300 lbs, and more in special circumstances, so they can do almost any job you need where it needs to carry something. 

Check out stair lifts today

So now that you see how a stair lift can help you, don't hesitate to go online and do some research to find out the best choice for your or your loved ones special needs and wants.

They add a higher quality of life at times when we really need it, and can help us be mobile in our homes when it would be otherwise very difficult, dangerous, or impossible.

Stair lifts are definitely one of the more helpful gadgets to aid us in quality of life. 


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      Laura 7 years ago

      nice article. very informative for home stair lifts customers.

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