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Football Injuries Well-tackeled By Homoeopathy

Updated on August 30, 2018

Football is a rough sport involving physical contacts, so football injuries are common and range from aches and pains to serious traumatic injuries but homoeopathic medicines are there to tackle the problems of injuries.
Most football injuries affect the lower limb which includes groin and pelvis, hip and thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot.
Most football injuries are caused by trauma such as a collision with an opponent or landing awkwardly from a jump.
Prevention is better then cure so it is advisable to use protective gears while playing.Still you can have following injuri


Sprain And Strain

They are the most common injuries of football.A sprain is stretch or tear of a ligament(the fibrous band of tissue that joins the ends of one bone with another).A ligament supports and stabilizes the joints of the body.Signs of a sprain:pain, bruising, swelling and inflammation which varies with intensity.There is a feel of a tear or pop in the joint and in severe cases instability of a joint.Strain is an injury or stretch or tear of a muscle or a tendon(a fibrous cord of a tissue that attach muscles to bone).Signs of strain:-Pain, muscle spasm, weakness, swelling , inflammation and cramping.For immediate relief of the sprain, you can use the R.I.C.E. treatment plan,i.e.Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

ACL And PCL Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament(ACL) and posterior cruciate ligaments(PCL) are the two major ligaments in the knee that work together to provide stability in the knee.They cross each other and form an "X" which allows the knee to flex and extend without side to side movement.Injury to them are caused by a sudden change of direction,sudden abrupt stop and start and lots of jumping.Cruciate ligament injuries don't always cause pain, but typically a loud popping sound can be heard at the time of the injury.


TURF TOE:It is an injury to the base of big toe, caused by running or jumping on hard surfaces such as artificial turf.

HIP POINTER:-It is a bone bruise or possibly a fracture of the pelvis.This injury is usually caused by a football tackle.

BURNER OR STRINGER:-It is caused by streching or compression of brachial plexus.It causes pain shifting down the affected arm.

Torn Cartilage(meniscus injury)

Cartilage tear in the knee occurs when the meniscus is injured.The meniscus in the knee are two circular pieces of cartilage that cushion and support the knee joint.Meniscus injury occurs during the movement that forcefully rotate the knee while bearing weight.A meniscus tear is usually caused by twisting or turning quickly, often with the foot planted while the knee is bent.A moderate tear can cause pain at the side or center of your knee. Swelling slowly gets worse over two or three days. This may make your knee feel stiff and limit how you can bend your knee, but walking is usually possible.

Achillies Tendonitis

The Achilles tendon is the longest and most vulnerable tendon in the body.It joints calf and soleus muscle of lower leg to heel of the foot.It is a chronic injury that results from overuse.It causes pain in back of the ankle and just above heel which increase during running and exercise.If is not treated properly Achilles tendon may rupture.


It constitutes one-fourth of all serious football injuries.Commonly fractured bones include the finger, wrist and leg.

Concussions And Spine Injuries

CONCUSSIONS:- They are caused by a blow to head.The symptoms caused are confusion, short term memory loss and loss of consciousness.SPINE INJURIES:- They are rare but seen in all levels of football.These injuries are almost always seen when defensive players are in the act of tackling.

Role Of Homoeopathic Medicines In These Football Injuries

Though there are more than 2000 medicines in homoeopathy, if one is familiar with few sport-medicines, he can win the game against football injuries.Homoeopathic medicines are easy to carry with in one's sports bag and easy to take as they are sweet in taste and dissolve quickly in the mouth, from where their action starts and so, quick to act.

ARNICA:The first and foremost of the injury medicines, which is homoeopathic complimentary of R.I.C.E. i.e. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.It is generally given for a blunt blow, sprains, strains etc.It minimizes the pain, reduces swelling, reabsorbs bruises and speed up the healing process.After a head injury, give Arnica right away.It alleviates the shock of physical trauma.

HYPERICUM:When your toes are crushed by some other player's shoes, there is severe shooting nerve pain, Hypericum come in to play at this juncture.It also works well for a fall on back and thereby injuring coccyx bone and spine.

RHUS TOX:It is a wonderful medicine for injuries to ligaments and tendons around the joints (that feel painfully stiff), sprains and strains.Injury that resists initial movements, but loosen up with continued movements is greatly benefited by this medicine.

RUTA:It is the medicine for deep aching pain from bruises to the lining of the bones.

It is used for periosteal injury like shin splint.

SYMPHYTOM:It is perfect medicine for fractures which are not displaced or have been set properly.It helps to speed up the callous formation and thereby quickly repair the fractured bone.It is also used in eye socket injury during a football match(black eye).

LEDUM :It also is the medicine for black eye by fist of the opponent during the game.Injury that feels cold to touch and is relieved by cold applications surely requires Ledum.Punctured wound inflicted by spikes of the shoes benefited by this medicine.

CALENDULA: It has a reputation for the lacerated wounds of the football field.It promotes the healing of the tissue.It is used both orally as well as externally on such injuries.

CALCAREA PHOS.: When the bones are fractured or broken, this medicine increases callous formation and helps in repairing the fracture.

NATRUM SULPH.:Repeated concussion of the brain in football leads to dullness of mind, a headache, fatigue, sleep disturbances, impatience, frustration, mood-swings etc.Natrum sulph is highly rated for these conditions.

ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICINES:Homoeopathic medicines should be taken in to clean mouth.Food, drinks, toothpaste and other substances should not be put in to the mouth for at least 15 minutes before or after the dose.Coffee, camphorated products, strong herbal tea, mentholated products, cough drops, mouthwash are best to be avoided with homoeopathic medicines.



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