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How to get rid of burns.

Updated on August 2, 2017
This is  the cream that is used, to heal burns I have a few tubes of it that I use for my  burns and it works.
This is the cream that is used, to heal burns I have a few tubes of it that I use for my burns and it works.

How to get rid of burns

Burning yourself, can have limitless sensations and last a limitless amount of time if you don't know how to deal with it. When you burn yourself, What do you do? Besides putting whatever part of your body you burnt, in cold water or covering it with ice to take the stinging of the burn away.If there is a scar left is there ways of getting rid of them? Does it depend on how bad the burn is? Sometimes getting flam azine burn cream to minimize the scarring will help. But go to the doctor first to get it prescribed. This is what I have done because over the years I have gotten friction burns, from swinging on a swing, which is weird right, but the longer you sit in one position and your skin rubs against the rubber it will burn you. I have never felt something like it before, last year, sure I have gotten sores years previously but never knew what they were. Last year, it didn’t turn into a sore it actually looked like a burn and it hurt like a burn and was really hot. There will be no pictures of this because it was gross, but it did go away. There was no scar, in the end, that was noticeable anyway. I have gotten other burns too, but I am not going to discuss them here. depending on what type of burn you get they can be limitless.

Everyone knows that scars fade right? Or if they don’t fade right away, tanning them over works. Or putting cream onto diminishing them does too. I have found this year that tanning over burn marks works though It does take time for them to tan over, Since sometimes there in spots that don’t get much sun in the first place but if you work with tanning where you have been burned the longer you try to tan the area it will cover. You can’t tell now that I have swing burns on the one leg from years previously this year you can see them but not the huge burn that I got last year. Which scared me, because it has never happened before.

If you get burnt, besides putting wherever is burned under cold water, go to the doctor. Have them prescribe Flamazine cream and use that as directed. If you get a burn put ice on it too if water doesn’t work, this will minimize the scar, but to get rid of it completely use the cream that I suggested. Go to the doctor and get a prescription for it that is the only way you will be able to go to the pharmacy and get it. You might not think that you can get rid of burns but that isn’t true, you can within seven years your skin regenerates and new skin cells are formed. Which in turn takes whatever skin is burned away and replaces it with new. Or if you are a person who can tan easy, then the tan will minimize the look of them. I was told by the doctor that one of my burns would never be able to tan over, and it has which is great, for me anyway. It depends on how bad the burn is and your skin pigmentation I guess.

This is what one of my friction burns looked like.
This is what one of my friction burns looked like.

What happens when you burn yourself

Burning yourself can bring limitless pain, and discomfort but it will go away eventually, you just have to use the right products in order to make that happen like I said above flam- azine cream, but remember use as directed. Or poly aspirin depending on how bad the burn is you can use that too, or water or ice to get rid of the stinging see, limitless ways to help you get rid of burns, so the next time you get a burn why not try one of these tricks although the flam azine cream has to be prescribed by a doctor first, so if you get a really bad burn go to the doctor and see what they suggest.

My swing burns also known as friction burns go away after I sun tan them over for a while which in turn heals them which is what I want but they are limitless in the summer because I spend hours on the swing so they never go away until after I am off the swing for long periods of time. Wouldn’t you if that happened to you. Getting burned is not fun, but if the burn isn’t really bad it can be fixed. Depending on where the burn is, you have to let them heal and not force them to move faster than they should because then it won’t heal properly. Burns will fade with time. Always remember that. Using Flamazine just speeds up the process but over time where ever you were burned will heal. It might never go back to the way that it was before the burn but, it won’t look so bad anymore. If you go to the doctor and get the proper medication and do the proper steps to heal your body after it is burned then you should be fine. I use the burn cream when I get the burn and tan it over which is easy enough it just takes time which is nothing in the summer when the sun is out and you can wear shorts. Being outside an hour tans my skin which is easy for me and I are glad because the marks make my skin look bad and I don’t want to be asked questions so if they can be covered, then that is a good thing. Don’t you?

Burns can go away, you just have to have patience and use the proper creams and medicines the doctors prescribe. That is what I find. Always remember burns can be limitless if you aren't careful around things that are hot, or if you continue to do something that causes friction over and over, but they can be dealt with. Everything that is limitless can be dealt with one way or the other.

Take care of the burn right away

Buring yourself can cause limitless pain but there are limitless ways to take the pain away depending on the type of burn that you get. If you do get burned by something don't just leave it, take care of it while it is stinging the faster you do that the less it is going to hurt. If you leave it alone it is going to take a lot longer for the pain to go away so deal with right away and you won't be in so much pain later.

That, however, depends on the burn, I have told the story of how I got the friction burn from swinging earlier in this post, and it hurts no matter what you do, it does go away after the burn cream sits there for a bit though.

Have you ever got a burn? whether it was from cooking, or a friction burn or any burn really? How did you deal with it? Let's Discuss

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