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The crazy experiance's of DXM The drug, dextromethorphan

Updated on June 29, 2009

DXM the drug, Over the counter!

The storys of DXM, GHB, Dextromethorphan! DXM DRUG

Well I would like to share my stories of DXM since it seems to be a pretty hot trend right now! I personally have taken DXM, its highly addictive if you ask me! Its what was my gateway drug, the drug the led me to other things. Taking DXM is a horrible idea, just ot let you know. Its extremely easy to overdose and die. There was a point in my life for six months I would eat triple c (DXM) everyday.

 The high from dxm is like no other i have experianced before. I never experianced extream visual trips with dxm though. I always felt like everything was distorted or very blury would always see double, some times it felt like i was looking into different dimensions is how I put it at the time. Tripping on DXM the drug is very out of body experience, you feel like you can reflect on your whole life and it is very easy to black out.

there are several times where I would just come to after blacking out on dxm and find my self doing the most absured things. I would find writings everywhere of things that made no sense, It was impossible to collect myself. 

At first DXM started as me and a couple of friends doing it to get fucked up and experience something new. Then it turned into a problem, where i did it everyday not even knowing what i was doing to myself. I was only 16 years old when i first developed an addictive personality, and it has changed my whole life. DXM or Dextromethorphan destroyed the begining of my whoel life, and there is still things i can not remember to this day because of it.

Dxm has destroyed parts of my memory from when I was younger, before I even touched dxm. Dxm is a horrible drug. I would eat 26 of them at a time, and each pill would have about 25 MG of DXM in it do the math, and that could be a fatal dose.

There was a time, me and 3 of my friends got togather! We all ate about 24 dxm pills, Triple C!

friend number one couldn't fight the sleep anymore and passed out before he could experience the high. Me and my other friend then started tripping, but this wasn't good it was bad. A wave of paranoia swept over me, and i couldn't function properly and I thought my friend sliped into a coma While this happens my other friends in on the ground convulsing and yelling about how he feels like a thousand needles are stabing him all over. Then my body went into shock, and i blacked out! That next morning i seen stuff i have written down from the previous night, It was poorly written and i couldn't make sense of anything. My second friend tells me that I hunched down and rocked back and forth saying how i felt my soul has been stolen, and that ill never be able to get it back. After that tripp I slipped further down into addiction and felt the need to try other things. Thus curropting the rest of my youth. 

after I stoped using Dxm the drug, or dxm It took several months for my brain to come back togather. One day it just felt like came out of a giant trip, I also lost feeling in my hands for several months. I got kicked out of school because of it, and lost my job!

DXM is not fun, it will SCREW everything up

Never do dxm it can be fatal, or it just will mess everything up

DEXtromethorphan is not fun, If you have to do a drug! eat some shrooms, they grow from the earth... and you cant overdose from them.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Dxm Is the coolest. I love to eat tripples cs with all my meals. Pop robo gels all day. Hit the trird platuea and black out. Excuse my spelling. I blame it on the dxm. Of coarse

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      don't u develop a tolerance after taking it so much?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Dude triple c's will kill you!! Use mucinex or robotusin!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      dex is a crazy drug tho it is very amazigg i have had good and bad trips once i fell out on the floor ad everyone said i was seizureigg out and shit i don't rember it but it was like i was out of my body crazy and i blacked out a lot i would eat anywhere from minimm 16 to 40 i tripped some cs last night and it was my most crazy trip i was seeeing triples and quads of the tv and my friends and was sinking through the floor dex can be very bad tho but also good i likee them

    • profile image

      Random boi 

      7 years ago

      lol Dxm is pretty badass i love gettin high on em

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      i was pretty bad off on triple Cs, as well. they were my gateway drug, if there was one... i did them even before i ever smoked weed. wich is why i think i like them so much. id eat 20-30+ throughout my first year of high school close to everyday. but i pulled myself together before i really lost it. i never lost anything because of it. i overdosed once but that's bc i took some hydrocodone with some C's before i knew any better. silly kid me.

      but, ive only had maybe one bad experience with dex in all my many years of doing it. that's just cause i never got past the sickness. dex can be realy fun if you do it right, and don't turn it into a problem.

      but i feel you on addiction, i still like to tripp all the time ;D

    • profile image

      DEXtination: Impossible. 

      8 years ago

      You are a fucking dumbass. Triple C's will kill you. Not Dex. You're doing Dex for all of the wrong reasons. I do not take Dex to "get fucked up". I take Dex for spiritual reasons. It's people like you that give Dex-users a bad name. I HOPE you overdose on Triple C's and die. Or go into a perpetual trip. Go insane, fucker. Peace.

    • profile image

      Random guy 

      8 years ago

      Lol Wow... Have i ever heard of some dumasses... use ur brain man, lol like gambling with your life.. I've done many times, and never had bad trips/experiences... Thanks hope this helps

    • profile image

      Random guy on the internet 

      8 years ago

      You're.. Dumb. :)

      That triple c shit is what will kill you... If you DXM right, it won't be so bad. Yea you can overdose but it takes a large amount.. But yes, eating DXM every day is going to fuck you up. Bad. 26 pills at 25mg each isn't fatal.. Err I suppose it is if you weigh like 50 pounds.. Yeah you made bad choices, but those were your choices. I'm going to eat my pills and like it thank you very much. You make it seem like this is the worst drug ever created.. Well it's not meant to be used like this, is it? It's for when you're sick haha. So yeah. Instead of not looking into it before you go and eat triple c's and down three 8oz bottles, you might want to do a little bit of research. Have a good day :)


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