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Hot Flash Relief: Stop Your Hot Flashes Cold

Updated on June 7, 2016

Simple and Effective Ways to Get Hot Flash Relief Instantly

If you have ever experienced a hot flash then you know what it is to want, not later. Oh sure, you can always go on Hormone Replacement Therapy and that should help with the flashes in the long run. But that wasn't the path I wanted to take. I wanted to grow old naturally.

Then the hot flashes started hitting, and I almost gave it up. Luckily I came across some very well-timed words of wisdom. There are two simple ways to stop hot flashes cold. Don't worry, I plan to share them with you here.

Japanese Silk Handheld Fan

Battery Operated Fan: Great for Hot Flashes!
Battery Operated Fan: Great for Hot Flashes!

Hot Flashes

A Sign of Menopause

Men have it easy. They get to grow old fact they just get more distinguished looking. Women on the other hand have to fight with dropping Estrogen levels and go on a middle-aged roller coaster ride called menopause.

That dreaded time of life when our reproductive systems start to shut down and our hormone levels start dancing the jig. And while hot flashes are a burden of the times, they aren't the only one. There are others, too.

Portable Battery-Operated Fan

#1 Way to Deal With Hot Flashes - The Hand Fan

If you were expecting some convoluted and complex solution, just remember I promised simple. And a hand fan is about as simple as it gets. But don't equate simple with ineffective. They work.

One of the main words in hot flash is flash. The heat comes on in an instant and can go away in an instant too. If you've taken too drastic a measure to combat the flames (and believe me you feel flames!) then you are left shivering and reaching for a sweater. It can be a never ending cycle.

You are probably doubtful that this will really work. I was too, at first. Now I keep a hand fan on my desk at work, on the end table by my chair at home, and one in my purse for travel times. I can't begin to tell you the number of times one of these fans has saved me. And gotten me quite a few very envious stares from other women, too! A couple of times I've wished I had a purse full of them, because I think I could have sold them for about 10 times their cost. And yes, a women in the midst of a hot flash will pay that for relief!

Luckily, if you plan ahead and buy yours now, you won't have to. They are actually quite affordable. You can pick up a couple of the Japanese silk hand fans (aren't they beautiful?) and with Amazon's Free Super Shipping, it will only cost you a little over $25. (Hint: if you know someone being plagued with hot flashes--these will make a wonderfully thoughtful gift!)

Japanese Silk Handheld Fan, Light Brown with White and Pink Cherry Blossoms HF40
Japanese Silk Handheld Fan, Light Brown with White and Pink Cherry Blossoms HF40

This fan will ease the heat and give you instant relief! Don't leave home without it!


Early Signs of Menopause - (And Yes, Some Stick Around, Too!)

  1. Hot Flashes! (I know, duh, right?)
  2. Irregular Periods. This is different for every woman. Some women simply stop having monthly cycles. Others may skip a month or two then start back with regular cycles again. The key here is to be prepared. Anything can happen, so make sure you have adequate supplies with you at all times--and a change of clothing in the trunk of the car doesn't hurt, either! The good news? Once you've gone a full year without a monthly period, you should be done with them! (In my opinion, the only perk of menopause...)
  3. Changes in Your 'Southern' Regions (and I ain't talking feet!). During this time of life, you may experience dryness and an increased risk of bladder infections. Your estrogen levels could affect your "romantic urges" as well.
  4. Difficulty in Sleeping. Night sweats can be a cause of this...
  5. Mood Changes. Let's face it: Estrogen levels affect a woman's moods. Count on mood swings and possible depression and know that it's the hormones talking...
  6. Hair and Skin Changes.
  7. Headaches or Migraines.
  8. Poor Concentration and Even Memory Loss. Again Estrogen, or lack thereof, is the culprit.
  9. Heart Palpitations. Menopause may cause heart palpitations, yes. However, if this is one of the symptoms you are having...see a doctor! Let them decide if it is a normal product of menopause or something that requires immediate treatment.

Battery Operated Hand Fans - For the Ultra-Hot Flash

Some hot flashes tend to stick around for a while. For those, it can help your aching arms to have a battery operated fan at the ready. If you have a work station with room for one, then a small desk fan is a perfect addition to your office!

If not these smaller hand-held ones can be lifesavers, too.

Carabiner Hand Held Fan with Light - O2 Cool
Carabiner Hand Held Fan with Light - O2 Cool

Not really sure what the light's about, but I'm loving the fun colors!


#2 Way to Deal With Hot Flashes - A Cool, Wet Towel Around the Neck!

It's a fact that if the back of your neck is cool, the rest of your body tends to follow suit. Strange, but least for me. This product is simple and it works great. You just soak it in water until it expands fully and then wear it around your neck. You will want to keep a bag handy to put it in when not in use.

I'll never forget my introduction to these...long before the menopausal monster struck me. My son was in summer band camp and the temperatures were in the upper nineties. I found these at the local store and bought a couple, thinking he could trade off days wearing them. He came home that first night looking sheepish. When I asked him how it had worked, he said great...but then he got quiet, and I realized that he wasn't wearing it. My big-hearted son had given it to a girl in his flute section. He thought she needed it worse then he did. Of course that caused a run on them and they sold out before I could buy more. And yes, the second one didn't last any longer than the first.

Have I ever told you what a wonderful person my son is?

JellyBeadz Brand - Blue -Cooling Neck Wrap Bandana Cold Therapy Scarf - BLUE
JellyBeadz Brand - Blue -Cooling Neck Wrap Bandana Cold Therapy Scarf - BLUE

This product is fantastic. Simple and true. It will work for hot flashes, or simply for heat in general. Air conditioning acting up? Soak one of these and wear it around the house. Work in a hot factory? Ditto. These truly are great!


Which Would Be Your Preferred Method?

How would you rather fight a hot flash?

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