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How I cured my stomach ulcers

Updated on October 14, 2010

What having ulcers is like

I have been through hell over the last year or so, although I have since learned that my problem, duodenal stomach ulcers and chronic gastritis, probably stemmed back to way before then.

I moved from the UK to Thailand in 2009, and the combination of the stress and the complete change in diet played havoc with my digestive system. I first started to notice numbness to my left side just under my ribs about 1 month after I arrived.

At first it was not more than an irritation but very soon it progressed to extreme discomfort and at times agonising pain. I can remember having five consecutive nights where I was completely unable to sleep, I became exhausted and very worried, which only made my condition worse.

All types of major stomach problems have knock on effects that reach your whole system, it’s a bit like a poorly set carburettor in a car, because nothing else seems to work properly, you feel sick, have no energy, get headaches and can’t think strait etc.

two cups a day
two cups a day

It can be done

Surprisingly it has only relatively recently been proved that stomach ulcers and many other digestive complaints are very often not caused by spicy food, smoking or stress, as often thought. They may be made worse by any of these things but the underlying cause is an unfriendly bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori).

It’s funny how much of an expert you can become on a subject when you are attempting in vain, (at first), to find out how to deal with it….

The standard practice with suspected ulcers or similar symptoms is to prescribe an antacid, and then move up the list of recognised ulcer drugs. Then, when and if they don’t work, eventually you will likely end up on a combination of drugs like Duspatin, motilium and Nexium, (known as triple therapy), as I did.

The idea of Triple therapy is to eradicate the H. Pylori bacteria in order for the ulcer or other digestive disorder to heal. The problem is that around 70% of H. Pylori strains are now immune to this type of drug treatment, and the side effects can be awful.
Triple therapy is supposed to be a 2 week course which should be repeated up to three times, that's why after many prior treatments, and six months of this not working I was desperate…

My doctors told me that they were sure I was suffering from a duodenal ulcer, and said I was also suffering from chronic gastritis which may have been associated to the ulcer. They also told me there were no stronger drugs available, and recommended that I have an endoscope examination, where they could view the problem area and take a biopsy.

I had been to see 5 doctors, 3 of which were gastric specialists. But I had a problem with this theory: If they know what the problem is, why do they feel that looking the affected area and possibly taking a sample will make anything better. Particularly as I was already using the strongest drugs available and they were getting nowhere.

Discovering the light at the end of the tunnel

I was in constant pain, unable to go out, and even when I stayed in I could not ever be comfortable, things were not getting any better. Basically the way that I saw it, was that these specialists had nothing to relieve my misery. So in desperation I started seeking out advice from fellow sufferers via the Internet.

I was amazed at how common this problem was, not the ulcers, I knew there are millions of sufferers worldwide, but the amount of people that were in constant pain and finding out that conventional medicine had nothing to offer them.

After days of looking and getting nowhere I noticed that one of the articles I was reading had an advertisement about a guaranteed way to eradicate H. pylori and heal stomach ulcers. The first thing that grabbed me was that they were so sure of the effectiveness of their method of eradicating H. pylori, that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

It had my attention so I clicked to find out more. The information was great and made sense, but I am very sceptical of offers guaranteeing the world, so I checked them out by searching for feedback related their product and was very impressed, it all seemed to be very good.
The product is a Herbal formula and it is a tea that you drink 2 times a day, It has been clinically proven to completely eradicate the H. pylori bacteria.

It was 6 weeks ago that I read that add and I am so pleased that I did, because since starting the 1 month course, I have been able to give up all of my prescribed medication,(within 10 days, that made me feel better), and both problems have reversed and healed, this is because the tea has eradicated the cause of the problem, the H. Pylori bacteria.

It is not quite as simple as just drinking a herbal tea, you must also avoid alcohol, smoking, spicy foods, coffee, tea etc. and with me they recommended that I should take 1 omega 3 capsule and a probiotic each day. But if you are going through anything like me you will gladly make a few sacrifices for a while until you are fully healed.

I love the idea of a herbal remedy that has been passed on through generations, putting modern medicine to shame. But the truth is it has worked for me and I am so happy about it that I felt that I should write this article.

If you or anyone you know has been suffering from prolonged gastric problems, including ulcers, then I would urge you to visit the matula website for more information, there is a good chance they are the answer to your prayers.

Or try this hub on using plantain bananas to heal ulcers.


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    • profile image

      Ugo Nweke 5 years ago


      I have taken unripe plantain fermented mixture for a month and 2 weeks now but the symptom are still there.

    • profile image

      nweke 5 years ago


    • profile image

      reflux 6 years ago from USA

      Very right.H.pylori bacteria is the main cause for stomach ulcers.