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The Crystal Pyramid

Updated on October 9, 2014

Clear Quartz Pyramid

Quartz pyramid
Quartz pyramid | Source

How to use crystal pyramids in self help

If you are interested in using a crystal pyramid for self help, for healing and for self development, you are in the right place. In this article I will take you through some pointers on the significance of the shape and how the properties of the crystal used make a difference. Finally there are some tips on how best to use one.

I was spurred to write this page because the other day I was doing a crystal reading for someone - I do that you know :) - and a crystal turned up in my basket that I wasn't sure what kind it was. It looked a bit like sodalite but was too light in weight and color. But the interesting thing was, it turned out that it wasn't the type of crystal that was important, rather it was the shape that was. In this instance it was a natural pyramid shape. OK, maybe a bit on the wonky side but a pyramid nonetheless. It got me thinking about how shape is important and I thought I would share some of my thoughts with you.

Mayan Temple and Light Effect

Mayan temple with light effect
Mayan temple with light effect | Source

The significance of the pyramid shape

Since the dawn of time the pyramid has represented power and connection to the universe. In ancient Egypt it meant connection to the stars, to astral travel. You find the shape in many ancient civilization including Mayan.

Today for out purposes it acts as a focus. The firm base allows you to remain grounded and the aspect directs energy.

A crystal pyramid can be used to clear blockages within the human energy system, the chakra and aura. Blockages within these hold you back, which really means you hold onto all that is negative in your past, present and future. Working with the energy system helps you to free yourself and to open up to confidence, love and a sense of joy.

Using the power of the pyramid allows you to live with purpose, it will release creativity and bring forth inspiration.

From the base springs a new purpose, a new you filled with abundance.

win | Source

How to use a crystal pyramid

As always, there is no right and wrong way to make use of your pyramid. There is only intention.

  1. place any pyramid in a room - it will emit it's energy into your space providing a grounding but energising energy. Great for placing near computers or microwaves that tend to emit micro-electrical pulses.
  2. place one, preferably an amethyst one, near your bed at night. It will encourage sleep and can help you to remember your dreams. If there is something you particularly want an answer to, ask the question before falling asleep.
  3. meditate with one held in the palms of your hands. Sit upright, feet flat on the floor and hold you hands in your lap. The pyramid will be lying roughly in line with your base chakra and can be used as a general stimulant for balancing and harmonizing your energy fields.
  4. meditate lying flat. This has the advantage of allowing you to use the chakra that you feel is in most need of attention. Or place a clear quartz one on the solar plexus - the source of strength. The crystal will work through all the energy fields.


illustration of the chakra
illustration of the chakra | Source

Properties of the most popular crystal pyramids

The properties of your crystal pyramid are inherent in the type of crystal used. These are just a few of the most popular ones that I recommend especially for beginners.

  • amethyst
  • rose quartz
  • clear quartz

There are as many varieties of pyramids as there are crystals. You can browse for any you feel will particularly meet you needs.


You can think of amethyst as an all-purpose crystal. It covers all the bases from retaining memories and dreams to curing headaches. It is a delightful stone for holding in your hand and the pyramid shape allows you to focus its energy directly.

Place it base down on the third eye to encourage insight and intuition. It will also clear a headache placed here.

Rose Quartz

Ah rose quartz, often called the love stone and with good reason. This crystal is all about comfort, peace and tranquillity. Leave one in any room and it will draw in universal energy from the cosmos and spread it out into your space through the sides and base.

Hold a rose quartz pyramid in the palms of your hands to instil love and healing - this is a delightful crystal for bringing peace.

Best used on the heart chakra for self healing. Place it base down as you lie flat or hold it in you hand and point the aspect - the tip - towards your chest for greater energy.

Where to buy a clear quartz pyramid

Clear Quartz or Rock Crystal

Clear quartz is probably the most common one to find. It is one of those crystals with multiple purposes but is rather more insistent than amethyst and rose quartz. By that I mean it will blast through negative energies will the other two tend to be gentler in their impact.

Because it is white, or clear, it holds all the colours of the rainbow and subsequently those of the aura and chakra.

If you are looking for general healing, to get rid of anger or negative emotions that are bothering you, this is the one to use. Place it base down on the solar plexus.

If you place it above your head as you lie down, it will energize and revive you but be sure to remove it and close the chakra after you finish. To do this imagine a shining white disc on the top of your head and another six inches above your head. While you are doing this imagine your feet are firmly rooted in the earth to completely ground you.

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The joy of crystals

The joy of crystals is that they work whether you believe in them or not. All of them emit an energy, a vibration that can resonate with your energy body. Of course if you infuse your crystal or your meditation while you use one with intention it is more deliberate and will have a stronger influence.

Open your mind and your heart and you will be surprised at how powerful you can make your life.

© 2013 Ann

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    • annieangel1 profile image

      Ann 3 years ago from Yorkshire, England

      they do have a mind of their own don't they? thanks for visiting

    • newbizmau profile image

      Maurice Glaude 3 years ago from Mobile, AL

      I sleep with my Quartz Crystal Pyramid next to my bed. I used it to meditate one night while on my bed and before sleep I sat it on my night stand. I've never moved it from that spot since. It found its place.