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How Could we Fight and Prevent Cancer

Updated on May 24, 2011

Cancer is the biggest threat to life in recent years. Cancer prevalence has increased manifold but we are silently ignoring the risk factors and constantly come in contact with them. At times we talk as if we have no way to fight risks of cancer and other dangerous diseases but this is not reality we are responsible for the high prevalence of these diseases and only we can prevent them. By simply avoiding all those risk factors which are clearly been indicated by doctors and health researchers as dangerous, we can have security from cancer. 


Fight against cancer

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10 Ways to Fight and Prevent Cancer

  • Nutritional Balance As cancer prevalence increased people got worried that which diet or food will help them in fighting against carcinogenic cell growth. As a result different food like soy, pomegranate, walnuts and broccoli came out to be super food and scientists and nutritionists emphasized on their intake to fight cancer. In reality God has provided us with plenty of food to eat and choose from, therefore, best practice is to eat anything and everything but stay in limits.

Food to Eat To have a healthy life and to avoid any risks related to diseases you should eat in moderation every food from all food groups daily. Do not try to be choosy as it can become a risk factor for you in later years of life. Eat dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits, pulses and grains to get every nutrient you need for healthy life.

Food to Avoid If you start to think rationally about your food choices 75 to 90 % of your food choices will seem dangers to health and a risk factor for cancer. Just take a pause and re-evaluate what you eat in your daily routine: organic fish, chicken and vegetables or hamburger, sausages and packaged food. We are eating far more than our mothers and grandmothers used to eat but still we need calcium and iron supplements to get fulfill our nutritional requirement. What is it that is lacking in our diet! Most of the items on table are high-calorie, zero in vitamins and minerals food.

We all know that fast food or junk food is not good for health, it contains sodium, fats and LDL cholesterol which is not good for health but, still we love to have it in dinner, lunch and snacks. The Low-Density Lipoprotein is a big threat to diseases like cancer, and other heart and lungs diseases.

  • Stress Reduction A stressful life is a big threat to many diseases. Enjoy your life whether you have every luxury or else you are living in tattered conditions. Happiness should not be meant to be achieved by the goods you possess, it should have meanings beyond goods and products, your relationships, belonging and social identity should be the soul reason for your well being in life. Taking too much stress in work area or at home can be a dangerous sign of many diseases in future. 
  • Exercise Plenty of physical activity daily ensures good health to maximum. Exercise does not only mean going to a specific place for physical wellbeing it can be done at any time and at any place but its better if you have a regular time for exercise and you do your best to obey the time you spent in physical fitness. . If you can mange to go to a green place for exercise you will get extraordinary benefits from
  • Organic Life Stay away from the synthetic life as much as possible. Its difficult and we all know that we can not manage to be 100 % secure from it at any cost but still we can make sure that we are not too much part of it. Pass some time each week in a beautiful green area where you and your children can enjoy and appreciate nature. A weekend in a farmhouse is worth spending but most of us do not give thought to such things rather we spend our time and other resources, during weekends, on hanging out in a famous fast food chain and we feel happy with it. We forget that we are wasting our money on such activity.
  • Bring Fun in your Life We all should revise our daily timetable, how much time we give to work and what percentage of time do we spend in having some healthy entertainment. We do not have time to bring fun in our life, though it does not require much effort and money. Happiness can be found anywhere and everywhere you just need to know how to avail it. Your positivity in life can help you think about happiness that is already around you but you have ignored it. 
  • Improve on your Relationships Our workaholic is also a big threat to spending quality time with our relationships. Parents are busy in their own routine and children are also busy so they have no time for one another. On the other hand people who do have time have such negative approach to life that they often do not want to have good terms with their relatives. Positivity is also vital for good health and for a protection from many diseases. 
  • Moderation is the Key God has granted us with every pleasure in life. These pleasures have to be availed in moderation. A moderate selection of food items, moderate exercise, moderate rest, moderate entertainment all help in staying healthy and fighting against cancer. Moderation is especially very important in selection of food, though, fast food is not healthy to eat but if you take serving of fast food in moderation and do plenty of exercise along with it too you wont get the risk of cancer and coronary diseases to greater extent. Even those food that are organic in nature should be taken in moderation so moderation is key for healthy life and a safe living.
  • Avoid Exposure to Radiations Radiations are everywhere around us and it is true that one can not ensure complete safety from radiation exposure but to be on the safe side avoid radiations as much as possible. Mobiles for example are currently been said that they emit radiation long term exposure to these radiation can become a big threat to several major diseases. Researches on cell phone radiation and their effect on health are under going and many researches have proven negative effects. Other radiations like radiation from sun are also harmful for health.
  • Enjoy Nature's Gifts Nature has provided us with multitude of blessings in the form of rivers, lakes, flowers, fruits, vegetables and many other. We had no capacity to make things as perfect as God has created for us so why not enjoy these pleasures while staying in moderation.  
  • Be Yourself Do not let yourself be a person who only listens to other and is always under others command. Be yourself and decide for yourself what do you want to do and how you want to live your life. Life is precious and if you keep living life under others commands you will stay depressed and tense which can become sole reason for heart problems and for cancer too. When you live a contented, happy life you need not worry about heart health.  


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