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How Does Essential Oil Help During Meditation?

Updated on December 23, 2015

Meditation and Essential Oils

Meditation is referred to as the state of thoughtless awareness. In other words, it is the stage wherein you come to a point of self-knowledge and inner wisdom that it sharpens your own perception about things, externally and internally. This practice is widely accepted in various parts of the world for its ability to provide relief from stress and also improve mental ability.

There are several methods wherein essential oils can help improve your meditation experience. The most basic benefit of using essential oils during meditation is the ability to establish atmosphere and create your own sacred space. This is an important prerequisite and unless you are able to do that, you cannot learn to let go – emotionally and spiritually. When you surrender control of yourself to a higher and supreme being, you are also consequently removing blocks in your meditation practice.

Creating a Sacred Space

Essential oils has several benefits aside from aromatherapy. One of them would be the increased ability to meditate. But aside from its impact on the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a person, the ability to establish and protect your sacred space is one of the biggest ways in which essential oils can facilitate meditation practices.

You can make diffusers or spritzers using essential oils to cleanse the space you will be using for meditation. It enables you to create the most ideal possible atmosphere to begin your meditative practice. If you have a personal preference for essential oil that will aid in that cleansing, then make sure to use it.

You can anoint different energy centers of your body with essential oil to gradually move from the external space to your own body's space. This will help your mind and body to recreate the illusion of being one in meditative state while being aware of the present and your direct surroundings.

Below are a few essential oils that you can use during meditation and a short discussion on how they can benefit you.

Sandalwood Oil story

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This is one of the more popular essential oils used during meditation. Therefore, a sandalwood meditation blend is often used as it facilitates in the internal healing process involved with meditation. At its core, sandalwood produces a calming and comforting effect on the body and mind. Only when a person is able to reach that stage will they be able to reconnect with their internal being.

Eventually, you will open up and be willing to accept the healing. Essences from sandalwood essential oil also promotes deep meditation.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

If you want soul upliftment, cedarwood essential oil is the most preferred type of meditation oil. Your soul serves as the central foundation for your spiritual and emotional body. Thus, when you are able to find comfort in that, you are also eliminating stress in your life. In order for meditation to happen, achieving mind clarity by foregoing any negative thoughts and emotions is essential.

When you take away any unnecessary thoughts and emotions, your mind and body is free to focus on the details that will facilitate deep meditation.

The Essential Oil Series: Frankincense

Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is a very powerful spiritual oil, which is why it is ideal for meditation. It is capable of opening up one's senses towards discovery of spiritual purpose. It enables one to establish a relationship with a Divine Being.

It is a good oil to use to achieve emotional stability, while the pleasant essences helps produce mind clarity and a sense of inner peace. Even in ancient history, frankincense has been known as a sacred oil and is used to heal and nurture the spirit.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Spiritual will is an important component when performing meditation. Hence, juniper berry makes an important type of oil during meditation. At its most basic, Juniper berry essential oil helps clear negative spaces and energies to produce a more positive vibe. Therefore, it starts by detoxifying the body – mental, spiritual, or physical – to eliminate any form of blockage.

Once the body has been detoxified, a person increases their will power and regains self-confidence. Juniper berry essential oil is what aromatherapists recommend for individuals whose past action has continued to haunt them as it is known to produce effective cleansing.

Vetiver Essential Oil

One of the distinctive features of meditation is the ability to release the mind while being physically aware of the present and your surroundings. Hence, vetiver essential oils and its ability to attune one with the earth is very important. You can use it to protect your auric field or your sacred space.

Emotionally, vetiver essential oil is known to bring about a sense of belongingness while also promoting internal strength. The non-irritating scent produced by this essential oil helps boost your level of self-esteem.

Orange Essential Oil

This type of essential oil used in meditation can either be extracted from the Bitter or Citrus Orange. Regardless, it produces the same positive energies while dispelling negative thought patterns. Like with any other citrus scents, orange essential oil invites activity and livens up your stagnated energy. Its vibrant personality exemplifies creativity, self-confidence, and courage.

Orange essential oil is also very effective in creating awareness of any form of negativity that is stored within your soul. And by recognizing that, you are able to formulate ways in which to remove them from your system.

Meditation blends created using orange essential oil are also known as purification blends as it allows an individual to let go of any form of obsessions, while encouraging one to conquer his or her fears.

Opening Up Your Chakras

Chakras are energy centers in the body, which when triggered produce corresponding impact on your overall body system. They play an important role during meditation as they will serve as energy channels.

Below is a list of all six chakras with corresponding list of essential oils that are ideal for targeting each of these chakras:

*Crown Chakra – juniper, frankincense or peppermint essential oils
*Third Eye Chakra -  clove, yarrow, myrtle, or bay laurel essential oils
*Throat Chakra – blue chamomile, mandarin or marjoram essential oils
*Heart Chakra – grapeseed, rose, rosewood, geranium, or lime essential oils
*Solar Plexus Chakra – lemon, arnica, fennel, ginger, or vetiver essential oils
*Root Chakra – benzoin, cedarwood, or jasmine essential oils


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  • profile image

    the fix 7 years ago

    Great info, I love the oils you mention and forgot that they can be used when I meditate. Thanks!

  • emohealer profile image

    Sioux Ramos 8 years ago from South Carolina

    Great hub! Tieing in meditation, energy and oils in such a complete format.