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How my partner helped me stop smoking?

Updated on September 30, 2012

As I stopped smoking (less than 10 cigarettes) using this, I would recommend Nicorette Nicotine Gum, Fruit Chill, 2 mg

I was a smoker for 14 years and I tried to stop smoking several times in my life but always failed because I was not able to resist that feeling of smoking on the third of quitting. Yes you heard it right. Every time I stopped smoking, it was the third day when I started to smoke again. With the passing years, I thought that I will never be able to stop smoking and continued to smoke till October of last year. Yes that month was the end of my smoking as I was able to quit smoking with the help of my partner. Now read on how it happened.

It was 5th of October last year and me and my wife were shopping for our daughter’s birthday which was on the other day, 6th of October. While we were almost through our shopping buying stuff for celebrating her birthday, I suddenly halted at a drug store where my wife was buying something. I asked her, “Hey wifey, Are you all right? What are you buying from that chemist shop?” I was just asking her this question when the shopkeeper handed over a green colored pack to her. She paid the money and handed that pack over to me. I read on the pack “Nicorette Stop Smoking Gum 2 mg”. Then she said me only one sentence, “Soni you have never been able to stop smoking throughout your life till now but I want you to stop smoking today and present this thing as a birthday gift to our daughter”. I told her that yes I have been always eager to do that and I will become a “smoke-free dad” for my daughter. I opened up the pack and chewed my first quit smoking gum. I didn’t smoke for the whole day that day and chewed one more gum on the way back to home.

Kids suffer from passive smoking problems that they get from their parents. Listen to your partner and stop smoking now.
Kids suffer from passive smoking problems that they get from their parents. Listen to your partner and stop smoking now. | Source

If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes in a day, I would recommend Nicorette Coated Gum 4 mg

Next day was my daughter’s birthday and I was getting a terrible urge to smoke but I remembered what my wife said a day before and didn’t smoke throughout the day although I chewed four gums in the whole day and drank a lot of water. The next day October 7 was my third day and it was my ultimate belief that I will not be able to hold on now. As I was in my office on that day, it was a great opportunity for me to smoke as I was away from my home for the whole day. But there was some great force inside me that stopped me from smoking on the third day too. It was my third day and it was terrible for me. That’s why I chewed six gums on that day whenever the urge to smoke became strong. Somehow I got home and told my wife that I have not smoked since 3 days now. She was very happy after listening to this. Now I was as determined as she was. She never forced me to stop smoking from that point on but as a loving partner, she always said to me that, “soni, whenever you have an urge of smoking, just close your eyes and remember our daughter’s face”. I did that and never smoked since that day onwards.

Yes it is true that with the help and love of my life partner and daughter, I am able to stop smoking after smoking for around 14 years since my school days. Now I regularly sit with my friends who smoke in front of me but I never take a single puff of this deadly thing from them. I know they are ruining their health but I am of a nature that I never force anyone to do something. I just show them the way. It’s their own wish to do that or not. I am going to share this hub with all my friends on facebook, twitter, google plus, and several other social networking sites where I have a lots of friends online.

I have a message for you all. If you like to live a healthy life and want to be with your family and friends for long, stop smoking. If you don’t think about yourself, think about people who love you the most in your life. Think what their life will be without you. Also you must have heard about the deadly side effects of passive smoking which your kids and partner breathe in without a filter while you are enjoying that poison with filter and carbon blocks. Live and let live.


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    • David Warren profile image

      David Warren 

      6 years ago from Nevada and Puerto Vallarta

      Congratulations! Unfortunately smoking is still my vice but I appreciate and regularly seek success stories from people such as yourself that overcame this disgusting addiction.


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