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How to be a Phenomenal Woman

Updated on August 29, 2013

For many centuries women have been considered secondary to men, but this is the 21st century ladies! We have taken on more important roles than just maid, lover and baby making machine. We have proven our worth as a force to be reckoned with, not only in the workplace but also in our relationships.

Now we can get what we want when we want without the manipulation or sexual seduction. Ladies, this is it. It is your turn to be in the front and get what you want when you want it. Much like the equality we seek, we must also remember men are (obviously) still human, just like us, and there lots of greats one out there! So be respectful and in return be respected and go about your way without leaving scars.

The guys to avoid:

Before we start on making it happen we have to remember and salute the seemingly few gentlemen left in this world, the community of good men that many women seem to have missed and a lucky bunch already caught.

Not all men are dogs, ladies; not all of them whistle when you walk by or make suggestive comments. Those types of men are the ones to avoid! If you encounter them in the workplace, just be professional. So what does this lesson have to do with anything? Simple, it’s all about knowing what you are dealing with! To get your way you’ve got to pick your battles and know who you are up against.

Get your Way – Use your Brain:

You see it all the time; smart women who choose to act clueless to get their way. If you think about, it’s kind of a personal attack not only on the pretender’s self-respect but on all intelligent women trying to make their way to the top. Your hair is not your crown – forget that! Your real crown is your brain; that beautiful cerebrum that determines your strengths, feelings and everything else that defines you.

Don’t be afraid of what you are capable of – and sometimes a little showing off will do you good. Let your brain do the talking and if any man (or overbearing woman) tries to steal your thunder, you get up that podium and show them who is smarter. In business this is an excellent trait; people will respect you and those Jersey Shore wannabes will be put in their place.

Push back and express yourself:

It doesn’t matter who you are... Male, female, big or small – there will always be someone testing you or trying to bring you down by underestimating your abilities and worth. As a self-respecting, strong woman, this is something you cannot allow.

If someone pushes you, there are times when it is okay to you push back. Just remember, though; before you strap those boxing gloves on, kindness is more powerful than rudeness. Do not lower yourself to the level of those who oppress you, be the bigger woman (and I don’t mean weight!) and stand up for yourself. The more you push back with a calm, kind and strong attack, you will win. Never stay down for too long!

Know your stuff:

The big part about being a phenomenal woman is about knowing your game. You have a responsibility to yourself to master your field and own that title you are striving for. Like any game, a strategy has to be formulated. There will be competition, especially from the not-so fairer (but hairier) sex.

Some will be gentlemen and commend you on the brilliant job you are doing and have no problem with you moving up, but you may encounter the jealous chauvinist who feels like they should be in your position because you’re not qualified enough for the job. This is the best opportunity to prove them wrong, step up and challenge him with your knowledge and expertise of your field.

Be a Sweetheart With a Spicy Center

You don’t have to be a venomous snake to get your way, so put that book down about “How to Destroy the Male Race”, because it will probably not end well. Be nice enough to show respect but be firm to let them know that you won’t be taken advantage of.

Also, don’t confuse being nice with being a brown-noser. Nobody likes a brown-noser, especially bosses. Be yourself and be genuine with people, even if they rattle your cage. Keep it cool. Be polite to the people around you but be careful of being too nice; sometimes confused people will think you are flirting (cue the eye roll).

Act like a lady, think like a man:

Definitely act like the lady your mum raised you to be. Always dress appropriately and with timeless style, keep your language (relatively) clean and always be alert. Be a lady so men know that you are not some common girl who can be easily walked over.

You are a phenomenal woman that exudes grace, confidence and a great self-awareness of her life. Thinking like a man doesn’t mean acting like one! Most men tend to be over-confident and a have a straight-forward approach towards everything, so skip the drama and surprises – the trap many women tend to fall into at work. Get into the nitty and gritty of things. In business thinking like a man – being more logical instead of emotional – you will eventually stop getting side tracked from your goals.

I guess we can learn a few things from men and, as mentioned before, they are not all bad. So, although we do have to see them as healthy competition we have to remember that, apart from the jerks out there, many of them mean well. Act like a lady and treat people with respect to be respected in return.

In the words of Maya Angelou in the poem “Phenomenal Woman”:

“It's the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
that’s me.”

Be that phenomenal woman and claim your power, because you’re a woman, phenomenally.


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    • profile image

      Jolene Mac 

      5 years ago

      Such an awesome article - feeling empowered! Voted up.


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