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How to check your heart rate

Updated on July 20, 2014

How and Why to Check your Heart Rate

There are quite a few reasons to learn how to check your hear rate. Really, it is something that most people should know.

Perhaps you want to know for exercising purposes. To ensure your workouts always remain in the desired ranges of heart rate. (Making sure you get the most from your workouts)

Perhaps you have a medical condition, such as hypertension, that requires heart rate checks.

But regardless of the reason everyone should know the simple steps to checking their own heart rate!

What you Need to Check your Heart Rate:

Your needs for accurately checking your own heart rate are simple:

A Digital Watch

4 Steps on How to Check your Heart Rate

Decide where to check your heart rate


There are quite a few places for people to feel their heart rate. The most common is the wrist and the neck.

At the doctors office, you have probably had them check your pulse on the wrist. You can find this pulse on the outside of the wrist with palm up. [Check it now if you are playing the home game.]

The main reasons doctors use that artery is becuase it is less intimate then reaching up to someone else neck. (It is also more accessible)


Many people prefer to take their own pulse on their necks. It is stronger and an even easier artery to find. This artery is easy to feel on your upper neck, beneath your jawline, on the outside center of your throat [Check it now].

Simple Omron Heart Rate Monitors are great way to check your heart rate with extreme accuracy. As it should be obvious from this lens, they are not 100% necessary, but make the job quick, easy and accurate

How to properly check your heart rate

2 Sometimes I see people taking their heart rate the wrong way. One of the major common mistakes is people putting their thumb on the artery.

That is Wrong.

You see, the thumb has some veins of its own. It is not likely, but possible to count a vein pulse as the artery you are checking and ruin your check. It is just a good idea to do check your pulse the "right" way. That why is with two fingers (your pointer and middle finger) pressed against the artery (either the wrist or the neck)

**Image Courtesy of Mollyauf

If you have no idea where your heart rate should be, here is a handy heart rate chart that breaks ideal heart rates down by age/sex.

Timex Ironman Road Trainer Athletes looking for a heart rate monitor...and MORE, will love this great multi functional watch and heart rate monitor. It has a 100 hour chronograph with multiple splits. A 50 lap memory that will give you an average heart rate per lap. Alarm notification if you go outside of desired heart Rate zones. Calories burned display. A light and much more. Check the link for more details of this amazing workout tool.

Text module


Now it is simply a matter of counting while watching the watch. This is where it is important to have a digital watch. (or at least a stopwatch) so that you can accurate see the seconds.

Those with serious heart conditions will likely want as accurate of a heart rate reading as possible. So count the beats for exactly 60 seconds, the number you get after 60 seconds is your heart rate.

Checking your hear rate on the go

4But you can also check your heart rate on the go. You do not always need the full 60 seconds. Just watch your seconds and do a little match.

For instance, if you are jogging, you can count your pulses at your neck for 15 seconds. We all know that 15/60 is 4. So count your beats for 15 seconds, the multiply it by four. That is your heart rate. Simple enough!

You can do this with any number divisible into 60. Just remember that the lower the sample, the less accuracy.


*10 seconds count X 6

*15 seconds count X 4

*20 seconds count X 3

*30 seconds count X 2

Simple enough! Now check your heart rate when you exercise and be safe!

Commment on checking your heart rate

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