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how to control child obesity

Updated on November 22, 2010

It is needful to control the obesity of a child early. When parents control the obesity of their children, it helps them to line a happy life at adult age. However, children whose parents allow to live the way they like at their childhood stage suffer a lot to deal with their obesity problem at adult stage. To build good health habits early in your child, here are some tips

 Give your child well prepared meal: Prepare good meal for your child .Make sure you serve your child three meals a day at regular times, with lots of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Discourage snacks and the child will have a better appetite for nutritious food at meal times. If a snack is required offer a piece of fresh fruit. When your child grows with this way of eating, he can control his weight even if he has excess fat.

v                 Daily exercise preferably out doors for at least an hour. Create out door activities for your child and encourage him to spend at least an hour to exercise everyday. if your child knows the importance of exercise early, he can grow with that knowledge. If he continues to do exercise he will have good shape when he becomes an adult.

v                 Train your child to drink plenty of water. Teach your child the importance of drinking water. If he learns why he is to drink plenty of water early, it will help him when he grows. It is also good to teach your child that taking soda regularly is not healthy and if soda is to be taken, it is for special occasion.

 v                 Control TV, Games and Computer. The hour a child watches TV, play, games and use computer reaches directly to his weight gain and elevates his blood cholesterol levels. It is important, therefore, to monitor your using of those technologies.

 v                 Adequate rest. For a child to have sufficient rest is essential to his health. So, put your kids to bed early enough so that they can awake naturally in time for a healthy breakfast. It is also good to provide time for your kids to have nap.

 v                 Cultivate a wide range of interests. You should create activities of interest for your child. Schedule visits to library, music lessons, arts and crafts, hobbies and family outing. Children who spend time with their parents and develop deep spiritual roots experience less stress.

 v                 Set a good example. The life choices you are modeling day by day are strongest determinants of your children future behavior. If a parent sets good life style before his children, they are bound to follow the precedents of their parents. When a parent is over weight, his children may be obese. This is because children most time learn and do what their parents have done before them.

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