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How To Diet Like a Male Model For Real Fat Loss Quick

Updated on August 21, 2014

How To Diet Like a Real Male Model-From The Model Blog By Model Chuck Ryan Strogish

Men fitness model dieting is a process just like anything that is worth achieving. But why not do it right and save yourself a ridiculous amount of time, effort, and confusion.

Chuck Ryan Strogish is a fitness model for Bare Fit Sweat Proof T Shirts and Online Fitness Training.

He also writes a free fitness blog updated frequently at Check it out sometime.

Did you know? (And you will for sure agree if you follow this article) that 80% of your results come from the correct dieting plan. That leaves a measley 10% busting your ass in the gym doing more reps and cardio sessions when it's not necessary to do more than what is needed. The other 10% is from genes...but who cares about what you can't control? I don't.

Chuck Ryan Strogish has modeled consistently over and over again for some companies you may of heard of to be able to help others do the same. Here are some of them;

Under Armour

Dicks Sporting Goods


Investigation Discovery Channel

C-IN2 Underwear

REPS! magazine cover

NEXT magazine cover

And more

Chuck loves to help people and has testimonials from all over the world from kids and adults who want to know what a model actually does diet wise to get ready for a shoot where they need to present their best ripped body they can for the job.

Now you can learn free the same processes. This article will help out your physique or figure quickly, but is free and is shorter than the book Chuck wrote. It's not out yet, but is not far away from being published. Learn 50 chapters from Chuck and medical weight loss Doctor Ruby Arora,md, and follow,implement it to reveal the best you. For sure!

Let's get started with the advice

Chuck Ryan Strogish-Personal Trainer Pittsburgh

Chuck Ryan Strogish-Personal Trainer Pittsburgh official website.


how to diet like a male model
how to diet like a male model

How To Diet Like a Real Fitness Model

Let's Keep it Simple

If you follow this, it will work for you.

Make sure to check out Chucks Cardio and weightlifting article on it's on. Thank you.

Let's keep this male model diet from Chuck simple and short. Why? Because you'll be able to have a clean, crisp plan to start tomorrow, and it works.

What do you need to do first? (This assumes you are already in the gym consistently or working out, and striving to get lean)

What You Need For The Week :

1 bag of 2.5-3 lb chicken breasts and 1 bag of tilapia filets

4 bags of broccoli florets

a gallon of water for each day

Green tea extract liquid drops from supplement shop

crystal light energy packets for flavor for the gallon, just enough caffeine(60 mg) per packet to burn more fat.

Magnesium 250 mg daily. One pill per day before bed.

How To Easily Eat Clean on a Male Model Diet Starting Tomorrow:

1. Grill all the chicken at once.

2.Put 2 bags of frozen broccoli into tupperware container(like the photo above) first. Then add the cooked chicken to the top of it.

3.Store the container in the fridge covered and sealed with lid.

4.When you need a meal, eat one breast with a big handful of broccoli microwaved first at 2 minutes.

5.Eat as you wish. 2 times a day at least is best.

6.When you're about to run out, re do the process with the bag of fish in the stove top cooker. Wanna save the healthy fats and not lose em on the grill.

7. Drink the gallon of water with a dropper full of green tea extract and a packet or two of crystal light energy any flavor, every day.

8. This is a low carb diet obviously. You are gonna eventually need some carbs. Your carb is white or brown rice. If you go out somewhere to eat with someone, order either fish chicken with either rice or sweet potato. Don't be afraid to eat some rice as you need it for carb energy.

9. After every workout, eat 30-60 grams of carbs in form of a protein shake or bar. You need carbs after your workout, but that's it. Rest is your diet foods you made.

10. Do this solid til you are looking much better, and then have a carb up cheat day one a week or so. Try to use rice, but don't be afraid to eat something sweet and starchy you been craving, preferably eat a lot of fruits or greek yogurt that day.

11. Sea salt the the broccoli and chicken for your sodium levels to stay normal and you stay in a better mood. No need to cut sodium too much unless it's the day before an event, shoot, wedding, beach etc. Feel me?

Under Armour-Male Model Diet Blog

Under Armour-Male Model Diet Blog
Under Armour-Male Model Diet Blog

Big Black Box

For More Diet Tips From Male Model Chuck Ryan Strogish Visit

How To Diet Like a Male Model-Male Model Diet Info by Chuck Ryan Strogish

How To Diet Like a Male Model-Male Model Diet Info by Chuck Ryan Strogish
How To Diet Like a Male Model-Male Model Diet Info by Chuck Ryan Strogish

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