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How To Enjoy Long Solitary Walks.

Updated on July 1, 2015

Resting Under the Shade

of a tree that survived a fire.
of a tree that survived a fire. | Source

Solitary Walks That Are Long, How Enjoyable!

To me, there is nothing finer than a walk that takes all day. When the sun is out just enough to say,

"Come on, let's play."

Remember to bring a camera of some kind, pictures are a must for me. The most enjoyable thing?

Well, let me see, you will just have to read on and see my happy discovery!

Nothing is finer, nothing brings more joy to me than listening to natures call, enjoying the scenery. I often just stand with my face getting warm with the early morning sun, asking which way do I go today, what is most important to get done?

I have to admit, the most enjoyable thing to hear is this love of nature whispering in my ear.

"Come, walk alone, walk far, enjoy the warming sun all day."

Oh yes, I am inspired easily when the sun and flowers are out.

May I come to enjoy, and be inspired every day and every night to go outside.

Even if I am not fully ready to walk yet, day or night, step out, greet the day, get ready.

I am discovering I get the best walks done when I step out on the porch when I first get up.

I tend to sleep better maybe, (not done testing that theory yet) when I remember to go out and see the night sky.

Mostly because I discover the nicest surprises.

Solitary Walks Remembered With - Art and Photography

I love this print the best because it is a wonderful way to display some of those marvelous photos our minds don't want to forget. I feel myself standing there among the flowers, this way, no matter where I am, they are with me.

In my life, there has been a long history of capturing nature I enjoy with my camera.

When I am no longer able to go out and take photos for myself, I will enjoy such lovely works of art as this.

Tulips In My World of Walking

Tulips In My World of Walking
Tulips In My World of Walking

Enjoying Long Walks - Challenges and New Adventures

Grab the dog and his leash, go on out the drive. Go to the state park just up the road.

Every day, just go outside. Why? If I don't, I get all grouchy inside and even the dog begins to whine.

It has been so foggy, hanging down on the ground. I go running for the sunshine, thankfully it's not far or hard to find around here.

The house all toasty warm, then I heard the coyotes howl, and I had to go out. Why? As soon as I stepped out, stars brighter than I had seen in a long time. Everywhere I looked. Take a flashlight with me? Never, on a night light this. Bitter cold in my face, no, I don't like that. Yet, nothing can replace the ultimate happiness I felt to be out among the stars like that. I had to shiver as the coyotes answered each other from the fields on either side of me.

Might be a good idea to walk back over closer to my own house. They have been known to travel in their packs righ along this road, yep a little fear hit me just then.

ASICS Women's Gel-Frequency33 Walking Shoe,Black/Lightning/Blue Iris,8.5 M US
ASICS Women's Gel-Frequency33 Walking Shoe,Black/Lightning/Blue Iris,8.5 M US

Here are my most comfortable favorites. I like their durability and style, oh and of course the color too. I Can wear them just about everywhere. My feet love to be pampered. Don't yours?


The Best Way to Enjoy Walking - Is With A Very Comfortable Pair of Shoes

When walking around all day, our feet will start to complain, if we don't have them in something comfortable.

This selection of shoes works great for our family.

Strong, durable, all weather shoes that can manage most of the walks we take in our tulip hunting quests.

Taken by RHR
Taken by RHR

Pick A Sunshiny Day

The Day Always Ends Up Picking Me

Living so far out amongst the trees, the weather can change 5 to 10 degrees, by the time I get into town. We have such fluctuating weather around here. Depending on which direction I drive, to my walking destination I can depend on sun, or wind, warmth or rain. All in the same day, oh boy, does that make the flowers grow.

This is just a common thing in Island County of Western Washington.

Flowers in all different colors and sizes, growing in rows and rows, It was a childhood way of getting jobs picking them back in our younger days.

And for those of you who haven't heard, it is a pretty famous thing around here to go to Skagit County and visit the Tulip Gardens. I am not much for crowds and much traffic, so I go on off days, like during the week and usually in more undesirable weather.

This year, I decided to take a chance, and just go driving and walking with my camera always ready to find as many tulips on my way to the famous fields.

Oh what joy I did find, the most wonderful walk and these colorful pictures.

Great Socks for - those long solitary walks.

To me, comfort is key when it comes to walking. I really love lots of color, to go walking in. Plus it helps with sock sorting.

Taken by RHR
Taken by RHR

  1. An enjoyable book of essays, quiet, enjoyable thoughts.....
  2. A Bottle of Water
  3. Sunglasses, there is always need for them in the fields
  4. A camera recorder for the car, for the views along the way
  5. A healthy snack or a small lunch, so I can have a picnic
  6. all weather walking shoes, sometimes the ground can be muddy
  7. A first aid kit is in my car, sometimes bugs and scrapes find their way to me.
  8. Walking Socks
  9. Pen and Paper just because no matter how much technology I have, some tulip places just ask me to sit down and write it all down, the feelings, the tastes, the sensations.
  10. A portable GPS navigator, so I don't get lost, no matter where the roads take me.

Comfort Is The Key

"To walking long and solitary,

never alone.

Joy, vitality, opening me,

warm sun, fragrant petals.

Comfort heals my spirit,

back to happy, safe, sound." MJM

The Enjoyment Lasts All Day When I Take My Back Pack - Or at least have these useful things available in my car.

It may seem like a lot to pack all of this stuff with you. I consider it, always being prepared.

When I am gone all day, walking in many different places, I do use my car a lot in between.

My husband gives me a bad time, "Throw in a sleeping bag, and fold down the seat, then your packing would be complete."

Actually, I could at some of the places my walking for tulips have taken me.

State and county parks abound in this area.

In my trusty little back pack I carry the following list of things.

How Do You Enjoy Long Solitary Walks?

Pack up the Car and Be Gone All Day

Put on my Walking Clothes and Start Walking up the Road

Solitary Walking

With Tulips In Parks

For all the days of rain, for all the cold that remains, for the snow that lingers, happy and full of joy, we are, because of tulips.

All of the sudden the warm sun finally comes out. All of the sudden we see the tulips starting to sprout. All of the sudden it is Tulip Time in the nearby farming communities of Skagit Valley in north Washington state.

The colors are like a rainbow, all colors from the sky fill the fields with splendor. Millions have strolled there in person, to capture the moments there on film, and video and yearly family events.

For more years than I can remember, I have been a solitary participant. This photo display is but a tiny example of the unique tulip displays we get joy from on our solitary walks, especially when the sun is out.

The tulips seem to say "Strength for the body, open up your mind, pursue all those emotions, we are a colorful proof of joy." Thank you, thank you, it was so worth the risk to enjoy them in the sun.

Wonderful Walking - Finding Tulips

Taken by RHR
Taken by RHR

Flowers Are Happy

Another wonderful farm along the way. Thank you so much for the way you display these adorable flowers. Tulips bring joy with their true colors.

Tulips views fill my walks with pleasure, gives me a destination to go to.

My heart is filled with song walking with such a pleasant view, thank you nature, thank you sun, thank you everyone for all the beautiful planting you have done.

When I Need To Sit Down and Rest - There is Nothing I Like Best

Than the magical heartfelt words of writers like this, trying to describe the wonder of nature.

As I stood back in my own yard, wrapped up in my very warm coat, looking in the window at the warm fire, the coyotes started their yipping again. No, I am not afraid, they are my friends. Reminding me it is all a matter of perspective, I have been and always will be taken care of by this Mother Nature who loves me.

In walking, our bodies become in tune with nature, no matter where or when, but I just have to say it again, for me, personally, springtime is the best, when the sun is shining in my face.

Walking Stories - Give Us A Clue

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  • profile image


    4 years ago

    Walking makes me appreciate all the wonders of life and the fact that I still have my health and strength enough to do it. Solitary walking is the best. There's nothing worse than someone who yaks all the time when you're trying to enjoy the view. I can never understand the attraction of walking in groups.

  • Charito1962 profile image

    Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

    4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

    Now and then, I enjoy a long solitary walk in a place that has natural wonders. It gives me much peace within.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    4 years ago from Washington State

    @anonymous: Nice, I could feel the mountains in your words. I will follow the urge to them this spring. I never have lived that close, how cool.

  • profile image


    4 years ago

    A long solitary walk means a day in the mountains. We don't have far to drive, between 8-20 miles depending upon where we go. Then it's and afternoon spent among the pines, creeks, rocks, lakes. We stay until dark and pack a picnic dinner. The dogs go with us for unleashed romps.

  • evawrites1 profile image


    4 years ago

    With a baby at home... a solitary walk sounds like Utopia ;)

  • takkhisa profile image


    4 years ago

    It means something to me that makes me so happy to be lost in nature :)

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    Sometimes solitude is all one needs to relax!

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @rob-hemphill: Oh yes, and the fall is my favorite time to go walking with my camera too. Thanks for sharing.

  • rob-hemphill profile image

    Rob Hemphill 

    5 years ago from Ireland

    Solitary walks are great as long as I have my camera with me, otherwise I like to share experiences.

  • marktplaatsshop profile image


    5 years ago

    I like solitary walks in the woods and prefer it when it rained during the night, then is smells so nice, and walking will be a pleasure

  • Chocolatealchemy profile image


    5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

    I love your Lens - you've inspired me to get walking too!

  • Carashops profile image


    5 years ago

    I love walking on my own. It gives me a chance to clear my thoughts!

  • Cynthia Haltom profile image

    Cynthia Haltom 

    5 years ago from Diamondhead

    Walking through the woods.

  • siobhanryan profile image


    5 years ago

    Blessed-love the lens

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @KamalaEmbroidery: Yeah, I can so relate to that, LoveEmbroidery. I drive down to the park, and after a long walk, sit and write my thoughts. Walking meditation? Thanks for the comments

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @lionmom100: Glad you liked the tulips

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @Elsie Hagley: So true, kiwinana71, feeling life all around us, I like the way you said that. Thanks for the comments.

  • KamalaEmbroidery profile image


    5 years ago

    I love walking alone in nature, enjoying the beauty and practicing gratitude. I get some of my best ideas when walking, so many sometimes, I can't walk but have to sit down on the ground and write. ;-)

  • profile image


    5 years ago

    The tulips are lovely.

  • Elsie Hagley profile image

    Elsie Hagley 

    5 years ago from New Zealand

    Nice, I love walking, with nature all around, birds singing in the trees above, laughter of children, animals calling out to their off spring, a jet zooming overhead, how beautiful to feel life all around us, what a lot to be thankful for.

  • MJ Martin profile imageAUTHOR

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 

    5 years ago from Washington State

    @Girlwiththorns: me too. Thanks for commenting

  • Girlwiththorns profile image


    5 years ago

    I especially like techniques of walking meditation that still the mind and give a feeling of oneness with nature...


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