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How to face problems in life? Challenge it!

Updated on November 15, 2013

Kevin was having problems in his work place and was rather stressed for the past few weeks. He felt that he was being paid lowly for the work he did, but was reluctant to talk to his boss as he feared a backlash. He kept prolonging his problem and as a result he was not able to concentrate on his work and it also made him resentful to see his colleagues being paid more than him. One day, he thought he should have a word with the boss and taking courage had a frank talk with him. To his pleasant surprise his boss was understanding and told he would hike his salary from the next month.

When Kevin deviated from the problem, he had stress, tension and his problem still persisted to make him edgy and tense. But once he decided to go towards the problem, he solved his problem by facing it. Yes, unless you face your problem you are not going to go anywhere but be in the same rut, with your problem gradually assuming the proportion of an emergency.

What is it that makes you hesitant in taking steps to solve your problem? It is the fear that you might fail and you also fear the repercussions. Why should you fear failure, when actually it will make you face your life in a better way? Imagine your life without any ups and downs and how do you think it will be. You become a dull personality with no pushing power and you will not be able to be competent enough to face the world.

If you see a person who has been surrounded by problems, he might be tensed and stressed when he is into it. If he is courageous and attacks his problems his life will change drastically and new opportunities keep knocking at his doorstep .Your problems are your ‘open sesame‘ to a new world of prosperity and goodness.

When you turn towards your problem, you will overcome it one day and that day is when you are reborn as a new person. When you shirk away from it, your problems are still there and you will slowly drown in the tide of more related predicaments that come along with your unsolved problems.

You are dealing with people, aren’t you, and why do you fear them. Does their success overwhelm you and if so, their success can be yours, if only you try. The successful persons you see with awe are actually persons who have attacked their problem with zeal and courage. Without courage you cannot achieve anything.

You should train your mind to be composed during your time of difficulties. You should visualize yourself overcoming the tribulations and literally live the calm and happiness you will feel when you overcome your problems .Your vivid visualization will give the necessary push for you to act according to the situation and you will definitely win. If on the other hand you imagine your failure and feel you will never succeed, you will not be able to fight your problem and your failure is a foregone conclusion.

You live only once and so be a fighter and not a loser. A fighter always wins and succeeds and that is what you should be. Enjoy your life as a challenge and live it to the full and your problems are actually like a sculptor who sculptures your life to be a fine personality, full of verve and fire.

© 2011 mathira


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    • iamvijay profile image

      vijaya kumar 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      I have been facing many problems in my life i am so confused but by reading your hub i got some release that i can able to face what ever problem comes now through your hub.

    • profile image

      mathira 5 years ago

      Thank you cliverd, it feels good when your article inspires someone.

    • profile image

      cliverd 5 years ago

      thanks mathira, wonderful words. you cann't imagine how i need them now

    • profile image

      ramadss.m 5 years ago

      it's amazing words, now i am relieving from my stress and one's again i really thanks to you

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Kevin is an imaginary character to give emphasis to my hub. Thank you for visiting, Trsmd.

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 5 years ago from India

      Good info about self development..but who is Kevin..

    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      You are right ithabise.

    • ithabise profile image

      Michael S. 6 years ago from Winston-Salem, NC

      This is true. I have learned this lesson well. I counsel others that they don't have the right to give up until they have exhausted every possible option of dealing with a circumstance. It's taught me that a solution is always to be found--and no more giving up.