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How to Find High Quality Frankincense Essential Oil

Updated on June 4, 2016

Where to find good frankincense

Frankincense has a long history. Even before the three Wise Men came to visit the manger in Bethlehem, this resin was hailed for its healing powers. Egyptian pharaohs were buried with frankincense. When thieves raided their tombs, they often left the gold, jewels and other treasures behind and made off the frankincense.

What is so special about frankincense and why was it so valuable to the ancients?

Well, for one, modern scientists have discovered that Frankincense has an amazing ability to kill cancerous cells. It's also useful in relieving the symptoms of other diseases, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Flickr photo by joncallas

Frankincense has many uses

Spiritual and medicinal

Frankincense is associated with spirituality and spiritual awakening. It also makes your home smell great when you burn it.

When company is coming to visit, I or if I just want the house to smell nice, I heat a little bit of dried Frankincense on the stove. (If you do this, use low or medium heat or else it will burn.) Within minutes, the house is filled with a Heavenly scent.

Aromatherapists say frankincense essential oil also has the ability to lift your mood and help you forget about negative events you've experienced. In any case, rubbing a little diluted frankincense oil on your forehead does seem to help impart a sense of calm and well being.

But there's more. Frankincense also has strong anti-cancer properties. The resin, it appears, has the ability to distinguish between normal cells and malignancies. It attacks the cancerous cells while leaving the healthy cells alone.

Two medical researchers, one in the United States and another in Oman, are exploring how to possibly treat cancer patients with frankincense essential oil.

Dr. HK LIn, Ph.D., who works at the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City, believes both frankincense and myrrh, another gift brought to Jesus by the Wise Men, could possibly be used to arrest cancer cells. He said these two resins have long been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat cancer.

Whether Western doctors will one day use frankincense and myrrh to save lives remains to be seen.

Flickr image by Wonderlane

Young Living Sacred Frankincense

This frankincense essential oil is considered top of the line and is distilled according to very stringent standards. Young Living Sacred Frankincense is harvested in one part of Oman, where conditions are favorable to producing high-quality frankincense. Frankincense also comes in different grades, and Young Living uses only the highest grade.

Frankincense from Oman

Top-of-the-line frankincense comes from Oman

Frankincense, which comes from the boswellia tree, is native to Oman. The boswellia tree grows best in dry, rocky soil.

Although boswellia trees have been exported to other countries, in an attempt to harvest more frankincense resin, the best quality comes from trees grown in a certain part of Oman.

There are different types of frankincense, depending on the species of boswellia, and various grades within each species.

There is one company that has developed agreements with Omani harvesters and producers. That is Young Living, which distributes frankincense, myrrh and other essential oils.

In his laboratory, Dr. Lin works exclusively with Young Living frankincense to gauge its effect on cancer cells. He said he's tried other types of frankincense, and had uneven results.

Dr. Lin has no financial interest in Young Living and neither does the writer of this article.

Flickr photo by octal

A Lone Boswellia Sacra Tree in Oman

Finding High-Quality Frankincense Essential Oil - Not all frankincense is created equal

Frankincense from the boswelia sacra tree is considered a premium frankincense. There are numerous testimonies on the Internet that speak of its high quality and many reported healings with Frankincense.

Disclaimer: This article is for discussion and informational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. I am not a medical doctor. People with health concerns should consult a physician.

What Do You Know About Frankincense?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I tried essential oils from different sources, I couldn't trust them for my own reasons, maybe I'm difficult to be convinced by ads, so I decided to buy premium frankincense from Oman and do the distillation process myself. trust me it confidence in the quality of a product is an important factor in successful treatment.

      It was difficult to find an online store in Oman selling premium frankincense. but I found this website

      and copied the following distillation process from J.P. Montello

    • Shades-of-truth profile image

      Emily Tack 

      3 years ago from USA

      I simply love frankincense, and use it a lot! It is often hard to find good quality frankincense oil and frankincense "tears", or granules. The best frankincense always comes from the Middle East.


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