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How to get a little more of that thing called: Happy

Updated on May 27, 2016

Be a little silly...

My Children are my happy! Their smiles make me even more happy! Some days I need to find my 'goofy' inner self. My sillies make them smile; their smiles fill my soul...
My Children are my happy! Their smiles make me even more happy! Some days I need to find my 'goofy' inner self. My sillies make them smile; their smiles fill my soul... | Source

Where does your happy lie...

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Happiness is With-In Our Grasp

There are steps that we can take to 'grow' our happy and let the inner flower with-in us grow into a beautiful part of life.

Life can hand us all of the elements to get to that elevated level of happiness -- but we must outstretch our hand and sometimes move our of our comfort zone to get there.

Perhaps you need to add the time for a little more happiness, maybe you need eliminate some 'not-so-happy' from your life, or maybe you need to re-organize your schedule to make a stress free space for yourself -- nothing is out of your reach. Life is full of ways to make it happen! This article is only a tool to bring some awareness to readers. We can supply you with hints, tips and ideas, but you will be the one who will have to take the steps towards happiness and no, it's not as hard, or bad as it sounds!... after all, you are the key element in your life!

Everybody needs more HAPPY in their lives...

Lets make 'HAPPY' a life style -- not an after thought! We deserve it!

Happiness is like the seed of a beautiful flower waiting to bloom. It starts out hidden beneath the soil; almost seeming like it is nothing... then with a little time, water, devotion and attention it starts its growth and breaks through the dark haze of earth that is covering it and then eventually it will develop into a thing of beauty.

Maybe our happiness could be compared to flower seeds; just waiting to be planted...

Happy is a journey...

That we can live each and every day... Built by the footsteps of now that will carry us into the future of tomorrow and beyond

We have the power to light our happiness...


Happy is at our fingertips

The world of 'Happy'is built just one moment at a time -- a moment in time, that will develop your life forever.

Once you find your happy place within your own life, happiness in the world are come with benefits that are life altering.

Your own personal level of happiness is directly effected by the elements that surround you. Key items to remember:

  • No one knows you better than you know yourself.
  • No one can determine your level of happiness, even if they do effect it.
  • Sometimes you have to stand up, speak up and take a stand for what you want in this life, for what you know you deserve!
  • If there are things that are bringing you down maybe it is time for a change.
  • Be brave use your voice to make a positive influence for yourself.

Unhappy? Chances are you are not the only one feeling the weight of unhappiness in your life; others around you are very likely influenced as well. Chain reaction theory, right?

I encourage you to not only eliminate the unhappy that may surround you, but to be a force in your life that has a bottom line where happiness is paramount. You are worth happiness. You deserve happiness. You are important!

If others can find happiness beyond life's struggles, let them inspire you!

Make a good list...

Lets push the bad out and replace it with the good...

Making lists can be a chore, but other times, lists can really help get things organized... This is easy and can assist you to really see what needs to be embraced and what needs to be changed... I fully suggest locating a pen and two pieces of paper and doing this simple list:

On one piece, write the word "HAPPY" at the top of the page, big, bold and beautiful...

On the other piece of paper write the to "Good-bye" at the top -- Or any other suiting word (make sure it is empowering).

This is where you now list everything that is "happy" and everything that you can eliminate from your life and say "good-bye" to.... Keep the list on your fridge, or tape it to your bathroom mirror... Find a place where the list will keep you motivated to keep on the path for a positive change in your life...And keep updating your lists! Life is not just a moment, it is a work in progress....

You are the key to success...

So if you need more happy, you have to take steps to improve your situation. Take insomnia for an example. No one can function at their best sleep deprived. Not sleeping properly will play with you emotions, your hormones and your productivity (to name a few). Insomnia has a huge effect on basically every element of your 'awake' day, so if you can find a way to have a better sleep, you will find yourself having a better day, or if not a better day, a day that you are more able to deal with...

Maybe you are struggling under the weight of bad habits... so maybe today is the day to replace the old, with new and positive. Some new habits only take time; cost nothing and can give you everything: a step towards being happier in your life!

  • Walking -- fresh air, outdoors, exercise +++
  • Put some music on and sing -- on key, off key -- its great for the soul
  • Draw a picture -- there is research out there that proves the power of a pencil!
  • Sit in nature; stretch, breath, listen to the sounds of life

What dims your happy

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The way we talk to ourselves

Ever heard that saying "Don't worry, be happy"... Ok now, I have a problem with this... "Don't" and "Worry" are both negitive words... Lets start using language that empowers us...

Like: Life is full of opportuinities to learn

Positives: Life, Full, Opportunities, learn

Negitive: Zip, zero, none, not a one -- negitive language does not have any place in our life... Ever

A Happy Exchange...

Have some 'not so happy' in your life? Focus on those areas to make the exchange of substandard to substantial, it will work in your favor walking into the future!

TIP: Eliminate Negative Energy Monsters -- Make a list of everything that drains your positive energy (aka: Happiness). By documenting these issues down where you can clearly see them, you will be better enabled to eliminate them!

Hate matching socks? Purge! Donate all those un-matching demon socks that make you cringe, and splurge by purchasing one or two multifunction styles that will fill all your needs, without the stress! Finding matching socks will now be easy with is no emotional energy wasted! Simple things like this will create neutral emotional zones, which is a very good thing!

What is it...

Which one would add the extra happy to your day?

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Like brings like...

If you wonder around in this life with a heavy cloud of negativity following your every step, chances are that you are effecting the people around you... Leaving those you interact with a little dimmer for the experience. So lets put the shoe on the other foot. Lets say that you are having a lovely day, the sun is shining and the birds are singing... What if by chance you come across an old pal and they are a happy drain? Bringing with them all sorts of glum and negative-happy-sucking gremlins with them? You chat for a few minutes then walk away -- But their glumness is likely to have effected you, right? NOT what we want.

The flip side, now say that you are out and about with an err of joy surrounding you. You smile at a stranger, you say good-morning with glee to a cashier and you stroll past strangers in the street with a light happy air surrounding you... Do you think that you may have just transferred some 'happiness' to those you have interacted with? I think so! We can chose to transfer 'happy' and it will have a chain reaction that can really change the world around us...

It is time... time to start living 'Happily Ever After' -- You are worth it...

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    • LouCannon profile imageAUTHOR

      Amanda Louise Cannon 

      4 years ago from Wynndel BC Canada

      Thank you for your comments --- They added a little bit of that thing called 'Happy' to my day!

    • ajgodinho profile image

      Anthony Godinho 

      4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      It's amazing how simple things and small changes can help keep oneself in that "Happy" state of mind. I think having a positive attitude does make a big difference. Even just taking some time to count one's blessings (no matter how small they are), can make a big difference. It's so easy to take things for granted. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year! :)

    • takkhisa profile image


      4 years ago

      It is always great to see when others are happy and this is how I feel I am a happy person too like them. Great lens!

    • TapIn2U profile image


      4 years ago

      Friends and family make me happy. Love the inspiring tips here! Fantastic lens! Sundae ;-)

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Simply smiling can make you happy. When you smile you release chemicals within your brain that make bring you a warm rush of HAPPY. Exercise and the hot sun on you can do it too so the next time you feel down go for a walk and beam a great big smile at each person that you meet. Just try it and see how you feel when you get back home.


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