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How to firm your breasts

Updated on January 12, 2017

How can you firm your breasts in four weeks?

Want to know how to firm breasts? Sick and tired of sagging breasts? Want to know the best exercises for firm boobs? You are in the right place! Firm breasts can improve the look of your whole body and help to build your confidence. Don't think just because your breasts don't look great now that the only way out is surgery. There are many alternatives to surgery and this article will show you the best ones for firm breasts in only four weeks.

Sagging breasts or out of shape boobs can be caused by a number of things; pregnancy, breast feeding and rapid weight loss are the main reasons. But lack of exercise and aging can also affect the shape of firmness of your breasts. Breasts are predominantly made up of fatty tissue, so when a woman loses weight, it is often one of the first places that is affected. If you lose weight and don't exercise the fat may be gone but the skin hasn't had chance to tighten and will remain.This can seriously knock a woman's self-esteem and confidence. However the exercises for breasts and advice in this article will help you change all that. Can you firm up your boobs in just four weeks? Yes, if you know how.


The best exercises for firming breasts

The best way to firm boobs using exercises is resistance training. This includes weights, yes weights! Don't worry it takes years to of eating lots and lifting to get a body anything close to Arnie's. Great exercises are; the chest fly, chest press, assisted dips and bench press. If this all sounds foreign to you it might be worth joining a gym and getting some advice or taking a look at the videos I have added. Other exercises you can do at home are straight leg press ups, crossed leg press ups and swimming,

The reason that exercise makes your boobs perky is while boobs are made up of fatty tissue, there are muscles underneath them. Pectoral muscles (pecs). Even male body builders end up with a bit of a cleavage or highly toned pecs as they prefer to call it. Pecs are nature's bra and trust me when I say; if you build these up your boobs will look like you have had surgery. But this is natural and safe. Who needs to go under the knife when you can work your pecs?

Chest press machine how to use

This video tells you how to use the chest press machine in the gym

Firming creams and lotions

Using a breast firming cream alongside your breast firming exercises and clean diet will help you to achieve firmer boobs quicker. It will keep the skin on, and around, your boobs soft and firm and looking great.

Applying cream to the skin once or twice a day after bathing is a simple and effective way of improving its appearance and obtaining those perky breasts you have been dreaming about.

How To Firm Your Breasts Fast: A Method that Actually Works
How To Firm Your Breasts Fast: A Method that Actually Works

Buy this informative book to find out the secret that breast surgeons don't want you to know. Learn how to transform your boobs from saggy and lifeless to plump and perky.


Chest press using dumb bells

Press ups are great for building up your pecs here's how to do them

Buy a decent bra to make breasts look firmer

This might sound obvious but a good bra can make all the difference to your breast's appearance. Get yourself measured in a reputable shop. In the UK, Marks and Spencer offer the service as do La Senza. It might sound daunting but many women wear the wrong size bra and in turn are unhappy with the way their breasts look. A good fitting bra is an investment and will increase confidence and the way your clothes look and because boobs go up and down depending on your weight it is worth checking to be sure especially if they are spilling over the top of your current bra or not filling it.

Every woman I know says they feel better when they have a good fitting bra and while this will not stop your breasts from sagging it will make your boobs look better in clothes.

Always remove your bra before bed because it is not good for your breasts to be constantly inside a bra. It will make them sag more in the long run.

Use as many as possible

If you use one of these methods you will see a significant improvement, if you combine a few of them you will see a dramatic improvement very quickly. Just keep on and you will do it. It is important for motivation that you believe that you can do it. I have used all of these methods and they have worked for me and many women that also use them to keep their boobs perky and plump.

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      Thanks for sharing this information itâs very thorough and so well done! I learned something new.

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