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How to get rid of Pimples ?

Updated on September 20, 2014

Across the globe there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffer from acne and that it precisely why there are so many treatments out there. Many would have you believe that acne should be dealt with by completely stripping your skin of its all its natural oils and apply chemicals to get a clear acne-free skin. Think about it. We're leaving our largest organ stripped of all natural oils, having it repair itself by replacing the oil herself. This leaves our skin tight and dry and in a never ending cycle of over producing oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. And this overproduction ultimately causes pores to get clogged, inflamed and breakouts to occur.

I personally tried applying a whole range of products to my skin but to no avail. The acne either subsided for the time being only to come back more resistant than before or nothing happened to begin with - nothing except, I getting a very dry, flaky skin. It was then in surfing the internet in despair that I came across a certain ' Oil Cleansing method '. As the name suggests, you use oils to cleanse your skin and get rid of pimples. I know what your thinking because believe me I had the same apprehensions at first - oil to deal with a problem already caused by too much oil...that doesn't add up..! But believe me, it really does add up. Because you have to understand that like dissolves like - chemistry 101. The basic concept of the oil cleansing method is to massage natural oils into your skin to dissolve the oil that has hardened itself with impurities and found itself stuck in your pores. Steaming the skin would open the pours and allow the oils to be easily removed. For the oil cleansing method we're going to need two oils : Castor oil - which has potent anti-inflammatory properties but is also very helpful in healing and cleansing. And extra virgin olive oil - to moisturize and to dilute the thick castor oil.

Mix the castor oil and the Olive oil in a 1 to 4 concentration to create your blend of deep cleansing oil. You may reduce the quantity of castor oil for dry skin or increase it for oily skin, depending upon your skin type.

This method is fairly cost effective and doesn't require a lot of resources on your part. But, you're going to need a clean washcloth and a supply of warm water to steam your face.

Take the following steps to cleanse your face :

  1. Begin massaging the deep cleansing oil blend onto your face, concentrate on the trouble areas and take your time. Remember be gentle and continue massaging till you can feel the oil seeping into your pores.
  2. Once you're satisfied that your pores are completely saturated with the blend, take a clean washcloth, immerse it in warm water and drape it over your face for a few second, until you can feel the pores opening and expelling impurities. Let it cool down and then gently wipe away all the impurities released.
  3. Repeat step 2 a couple of times.
  4. Avoid the temptation to scrub with the washcloth.
  5. Rinse your face with plenty of cool water to close the pores.
  6. If your skin feels tight, take a drop of olive oil and gently rub it all over.

I personally, used to do the Oil cleansing method, twice a day before going to bed. People with dry skin may want to stick to once a day or even once every other day. Remember this is a safe, natural and cheap method that has helped many but is rarely talked about and even if you are skeptical about it...why not give it a try. The ingredients used are all natural and shouldn't have any side-effects to them, unlike many of the over-the-counter acne products.

This method got rid of all my face acne and gave me a glowing, acne-free, blackhead free skin in a little over a month. Not only that, with time, it helped reduce my acne scars profoundly due to the increased blood flow to the skin because of the massage, the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil and the moisturizing properties of extra virgin olive oil.


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