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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Completely

Updated on June 22, 2011

What exactly is Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a condition where your breath is terrible-smelling to others or even yourself. You yourself might not notice your own bad breath but others are able to tell easily. 8 or 9 out of 10 cases of bad breath & taste disorders involve a group of anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria, that live below the surface of the tongue, in the throat, and often in the tonsils. These bacteria react to changes in their environment by producing odorous and lousy tasting Volatile Sulfur Compounds (VSC's), such as hydrogen sulfide (the rotting egg smell), methy mercaptan (similar to the odor of old socks), and several other chemicals.

Everyone in the world has the same group of bacteria in their mouth. You cannot just 'catch' bad breath just by kissing someone. Since these bacteria are part of our normal oral flora, you cannot remove them permanently from your mouth. The good news is, there is a proven way to get rid of bad breath effectively. Scientifically proven and clinically efficient method of stopping bad breath or halitosis is by attacking the bacteria's ability to produce VSC's and by converting the VSC's into non-odorous and non-tasting organic salts.

The terrible truth about this bad breath causing bacteria is that they are 'Anaerobic' which means they live "Without Oxygen". These bacteria thrive in an environment where Oxygen is NOT present. That is the reason why they do not live on your tongue's surface but rather they live in between the papillae (fibers) that make up your tongue.

Dry Mouth is a Leading Cause of Bad Breath

When your mouth is drier than the average people, you have less saliva. When you have less saliva, you will have lesser oxygen in your mouth which keeps your mouth fresh and healthy. Hence, if you have a dry mouth problem, the bacteria will be able to thrive in your mouth as there are lesser oxygen due to lesser saliva.

Your Digestive System does NOT cause Bad Breath!

One myth about bad breath is that it comes from your digestive system. This is a very wrong concept and is definitely not true. Think about this: When you had just finished your lunch and you start to bend over to pick up something that you dropped, will you lunch all fall out of your mouth? Of course not, there is simply no open tube, connecting the large intestine, small intestine, and stomach to your esophagus and out your mouth. In fact, people are confused about odor emanating from the throat/tonsil area and the digestive system. It is important that we realize that our bad breath is not caused by our digestive system. The truth is, our bad breath comes from our throat and tonsil area.

Conditions That Cause Chronic Bad Breath and Halitosis:

  • Dry mouth
  • Thick saliva
  • Excess mucus in the throat
  • Post natal drip
  • A diet high in proteins (red meat, beans, dairy foods, etc.)
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Hormonal changes
  • Medication that cause dry mouth like anti-depressants, high blood pressure medications, anti-histamines, etc.)
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive use of unsuitable and outdated oral products

How To Know Whether You Have Bad Breath?

The technique about cupping your hand up to your nose and smelling your own breath by simultaneously exhaling to find out whether you have bad breath or not is simply impossible. This is a very wrong technique to discover whether you have bad breath or not. In fact, your body is designed in such a way that you cannot detect your own odor through this method. It is a human process called "Acclimation", which is necessary so that we are able to smell other things besides ourselves.

So how can you test your own breath? The answer lies in asking a good friend or your spouse to smell your breath. If they realize that you have bad breath, they will definitely inform you about it.

Symptoms of Bad Breath / Signs of Bad Breath:

  • A white coating on your tongue
  • Post nasal drip
  • Allergies
  • Excessive mucus
  • Whitish round "globs" in your tonsils
  • Morning breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Constantly clearing your throat with thick saliva

The main symptom of bad breath: When someone starts to offer you gums and mints!

If You Can Get Rid of Bad Breath, You Can Kiss Passionately – Without Reservations Kissing

Chronic bad breath sucks. There just is no other adjective for it. It feels horrible, and worse, it affects the way other people – especially the opposite sex – react towards you. Having it can really affect your sense of self confidence and personality.

Chronic bad breath is one of the leading turn offs for guys, and it is equally regarded as one of the most common turn offs for women. Most people would agree that it is just hard to get around to going steady with someone who has bad breath. It is simply impossible to stand. Nobody is really willing to kiss someone who has terrible breath (even long time partners refuse to kiss each other if their partner has not brushed properly, or ate something particularly nasty). Having bad breath can jeopardize your chances of finding true love and a lasting relationship.

You should not settle with accepting this predicament – you have to find out how to get rid of chronic bad breath, and keep your breath fresh and inviting. Here are some bad breath remedies guaranteed to keep your breath fresh – and your partners happy and interested.

1. Drink lots of water - dehydration can lead to lessening of the saliva flow in the mouth, and when the saliva dries out, it can give off a not very pleasant scent. Keep your mouth (as well as the rest of your body) properly hydrated by drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

2. Practice good brushing habits – you might think that you’re brushing well if you use a huge dollop of toothpaste and you brush vigorously. But proper brushing requires only an amount of toothpaste slightly larger than a pea. Brushing should be done in a circular, thorough motion, with only a slightly steady pressure (too rough motions can affect your gums).

3. Visit your dentist regularly – the common rule is twice a year, or once every six months. Your dentist can give you an all out cleaning, and fill in cavities which contribute largely to bad breath.

4. Take proper medication – keeping breath mints handy to mask the odor is just not going to cut it – in fact, taking in a lot of candy or sweets can actually worsen the situation. Bad breath remedies get rid of the root cause, rather than try to cover it up.

You will not have a hard time finding the bad breath cure that will work for you. There are so many options that are available in almost any place you would look at. The most important thing is to act immediately and do something on how to stop bad breath. You will definitely appreciate the benefits that fresher breath will bring to your love life.

Find Out How Over One Million People Finally Get Rid of Halitosis after Trying Everything Else

How to get rid of chronic bad breath? A lot of people seem to look for the answer to this question. The condition is commonly known to be Halitosis. There are those who suffer from the condition in a very social way, hindering their society for fear of rejection or low self-esteem. Sadly, the cure for halitosis does not exist. That does not mean that it cannot be treated or managed with your constant care. There are several ways to make sure that chronic bad breath is lessened.

One bad breath cure is your saliva, believe it or not. That however does not mean that saliva alone can manage. You might want to pick up the habit of chewing gum. Chewing gum is a very good stimulant to get your salivary glands producing more. Saliva is, in its way, the body’s garden hose. It gathers bacteria and remaining food particles and washes them down, away from your mouth. Here’s a tip to consider if you decide to pick up the chewing gum habit. Why not try cinnamon-flavored chewing gum. Studies have shown that cinnamon has natural properties of decreasing bacteria in your mouth.

Another halitosis treatment is to brush your tongue, or if you can find a tongue scraper, add that to your brushing habits. Brushing your teeth is an important part of your natural bad breath remedies. A tongue scraper is also a very good device to have. What a lot of us don’t realize is that the tongue is like a carpet. A lot of bacteria thrive there unless we regularly clean it. The tongue scraper forces the bacteria out of the tiny crevices of the tongue and pushes them until you spit it out.

Also, before you do anything, consider what you put into your mouth. Certain foods like onions and garlic are known to give bad breath as you consume them. You might consider to avoid such, especially if you’re in a social setting like a meeting or a date to lessen your bad breath aggravations.

There might be an instance of halitosis as a symptom of an underlying condition. That in itself is a graver condition which you should consult your doctor. The underlying condition could most likely be treatable and your anxiety over your halitosis should disappear if there’s any treatment for it. Meanwhile, consider some of these options for your bad breath remedies.

While there any halitosis cure might on the verge of being developed, there isn’t one at our immediate grasp. What we can do is manage and manage halitosis with success if you remain vigilant about taking care. There is no reason why it should hinder you from meeting people or going on dates because it can be treated. Smile and be confident that it can never bring you down.


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I liked the sarcasm of Zabiullah. There is no bacteria in Arabian Desert?

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      3 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Great information on how to get rid of bad breath. Very useful and helpful. Voted up!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Bad breath bad times stretch boy

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I found this page a very interesting read, I've looked for a bad breath cure just about all of my life and I'm 60 now, it is the worst thing ever to have, it affects every area of your life.....I have tried absolutely everything, but at the end of the day, nothing works continually...I just eat gum and mints and all the usual stuff, I just thank god I have an understanding husband who doesn't judge me for it....If I'd been him, I couldn't have stood it for over 40 years like he has....I try to drink lots of water and stay away from strong flavoured foods, good luck everyone with the same problem, keep your chin up...!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey I have tonsillitis and was wondering some cures for bad breath also is chewing gum bad for tonsillitis?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      let me tell you a realy truth accept islam and pray for Allah (god) and say there is no god but only Allah who creat every thing and try to pray 5 times recite holly Quran every thing that suffers you will remove. Study all rules and regulation of islam, see with such developed technology they can not remove only a simple bacteria. We have to understand that there is a power who can do every thing. Just become muslim i can grant you 100% your bad breath will remove. Free treetment. Just chek

    • halitosis-info profile image


      6 years ago

      I suffered from bad breath for a long time. Like in my case, it is very common for multiple underlying causes to be involved in chronic bad breath cases. Tackling these, as opposed to bad breath "in general" is the only way to eliminate bad breath for good.

    • profile image

      Highland Park dental group 

      7 years ago

      Having bad breath is really a turn off! Bad breath has a lot of causes. It can be from tooth decay, tartar, or if your stomach is empty. Usually, the cause of bad breath are gum problems and tooth problems. In fact, brushing teeth is not enough to clean your mouth and teeth, because it can't reach some debris within the teeth. For perfectly clean teeth, you must floss after eating/brushing, to remove the unreachable debris, and gargle a mouthwash to kill germs.

    • deuxlai profile image


      7 years ago from Malaysia

      Thanks for the tips and nice pictures that you have. Am sure it will cure the bad breath real soon

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for the practical advice. i feel very embarassed talking to friends and colleagues because my bad breath is terrible.

    • profile image

      Bad Breath Treatment 

      8 years ago

      Excellent advice, finally someone offers some alternatives for the usual "mouth wash" stuff that can sometimes do more harm than good.

      (There was a study in 2009 that showed that using mouth wash that contains alcohol can give a smoker a ninefold risk increase of oral cancer).

    • Deborah-Lynn profile image


      8 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Good article, and helpful too, we can forward it to those we are too embarrassed to tell.

    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 

      8 years ago


    • anglnwu profile image


      8 years ago

      Good clear information.


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