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How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast Without Medicine

Updated on October 23, 2013
Headaches make you want to hit your head on the wall.
Headaches make you want to hit your head on the wall. | Source

Severe Headache

Everybody knows how bad a headache can be. Headaches cause that familiar, vague sensation of pressure around the temples – beginning innocently and gradually building up its intensity until the sharp and throbbing pain makes you want to hit your head against the wall. A headache can be really troublesome and it seems like it will make its presence felt at least once every few days. The good thing is that many people who experience headaches find that the pain usually goes away after just a few minutes. However, there are some unfortunate people who suffer from migraine headaches which usually last longer. The following tips will help you learn how to get rid of a headache without medicine through simple lifestyle changes.

What Causes Headache?

Headaches are not caused by one single reason. The following are some of the most common things that can cause headaches:

  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Lack of or too much sleep
  • Eye strain
  • Muscle tension
  • Skipping meals
  • Bump to the head
  • Infections such as the flu, cold, and strep throat
  • Hormonal changes

How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast Without Medicine

Maintain a headache diary.
Maintain a headache diary. | Source

1. Keep a headache diary.

This may sound new and unnecessary for you but keeping a log for every time you experience a headache can immensely help determine the cause of your headache. Grab a notebook when your headache strikes and jot down the details. Are you tired and stressed out a few hours before the headache? Have you had too much or too little sleep? Are you well-hydrated? These are just some of the questions you should answer when logging your headache experiences.

2. Rest and sleep.

Perhaps the easiest way to get rid of a headache fast is to have plenty of rest. Lie down in a cool, quiet and dark room and get some sleep. Also make sure that you get enough sleep every night to enable your body to function properly.

3. Avoid triggers.

Read your headache diary and look for patterns. Does your headache come after eating certain foods? Or perhaps after listening to loud music? If you see such patterns, these may be the things that trigger your headache. All you have to do is avoid them.

4. Avoid stress.

Stress can cause headaches because it affects the body’s hormone production. An excellent way to get rid of a headache quickly is to avoid stress as much as you can. You can do this by getting enough sleep, exercising regularly and maintaining a manageable daily schedule.

5. Watch your posture.

It is very common for people to neglect proper posture. Slouching strains your muscles which can lead to headaches. Make sure that you keep your head high and shoulders back whether you’re sitting or standing.

6. Try relaxation techniques.

Your daily schedule may seem full and enough to keep you busy but try your best to have time for some relaxation techniques. These can be as simple as performing breathing exercises which you can do at work. You can also consider engaging in a regular workout routine such as jogging and yoga. This will keep your mind off the stressful things in life and promote your overall health.

7. Eat healthy.

Even if you know every single thing that can get rid of a headache, it will just keep coming back if your body does not have the energy to fight the cause. Eat a balanced diet and keep yourself hydrated. Include fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your daily diet.

When to See the Doctor

It is rare that a headache is a sign of something serious. But if you are having troubles getting rid of a headache immediately after following the steps above, consult your doctor immediately. See your doctor if your headache:

  • Is very painful and different from previous headaches you had before.
  • Is caused by an injury such as hitting your head.
  • Comes with fever, nausea, or skin rash.
  • Causes blurry vision.

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