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How To Get Rid Of Moles On My Face

Updated on June 19, 2009

How to get rid of moles on my face

If you're like me, your skin just automatically has a lot of moles and freckles. Nevertheless if you have one of those nasty strangely shaped moles taking over part of your face, you probably are searching for the answer to your question "how to get rid of moles on my face".

For a systematic and logical approach to removing moles from your face, I suggest that you look into the system outlined at the website called

How to get rid of moles on my face - buying creams over the counter

There are creams that you can purchase a pharmacy to help you to remove moles that are on your face

if you're looking for a relatively quick fix for removing those nasty moles from the side of your face, I suggest that you go to local pharmacy. Ask an employee within the pharmacy to show you creams that can be used on moles in order to dissolve them. Perhaps this method will work for you right away, perhaps it will not. I am tired of rubbing creams and trying out other methods that seem to only partially work for me personally.

I finally was able to almost completely remove a large mole that was on the side of my face by following a system that is outlined in the website called

How to get rid of moles on my face - strange method, but some say that it works

Applying urine to your face, in order to remove a mole

I know that you will find that the following method is way out there, I still feel that it is a little bit odd. this method for removing a mole that is on your face consists of applying aged urine to it.First of all, store urine in the container for a period of about one week. secondly, soak up cotton ball in the urine for about three to four minutes, then take a cotton ball to your mole for an extended period of time. some say that the mole afterward will shrink into a tiny pinkish red dot. Hello, I would never try this personally, but I wanted to let you know that it seems to work for some.

The method that I use to remove moles from my face seems to be more logical and more natural. You can check out the system that I use by visiting

How to get rid of moles on my face - using a special natural ingredient

There is a special ingredient that you purchase a health food store that apparently will remove a mole

Apparently there is a special magical ingredient that you can purchase at a health food store that can be used to remove a mole from your face. What you have to do transform this ingredient into a poultice. What is a poultice exactly ? it's a soft moist substance that typically is medicated. This technique sounds adequate, but I do not wish to be using magical ingredients on my face.

For a totally set up and coherent system, I would advise you to visit the following site:

How to remove moles from your face - the guestbook

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      ingridpalmer 8 years ago

      Hi Moleswarts:

      Great Lens. Lots of information of removing warts.