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How to grow taller in height quickly and naturally.

Updated on February 13, 2015

What are the factors that affect one's height.

Human height is known as the distance from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head in a human body, standing erect. There are many different factors that determine height in human beings and the study of Auxanology,(study of human height) gives us knowledgeable insight about what contributes to the maximum height that any individual can attain.

There are a number of factors that determine height, namely:


Genes are how human beings inherit traits, features and characteristics from their parents, grandparents and other ancestors. Height, along with other features such as hair and eye color are all hereditary. The genetic disposition of one's ancestors is a helpful indicator of the potential height a person can have once they are fully grown.

Quality of food.

Food is an important factor in the development of humans, the better the quality of food, the quicker and effective the development. Foods such as eggs, fish and avocados which are high in protein are really beneficial. They provide all the necessary nutrients that allow the body to reach it maximum growth.


There are plenty of exercises that enable humans to enhance their height naturally and quickly, these are usually the one's that people engage in yoga classes. These involve a number of stretching of muscles and ligaments. When done regularly and supplemented with proper food then height enhancement becomes a possibility.

Standard of living and environment.

The environment in which human leisure and grows up in plays a major role on the level of growth of development. People who usually grow in a happy environment which is free of abuse and stress, and has easy access to things such as proper food and education tend to grow bigger stronger than those who have do not have such necessities,

Height meter


How genes play a role in height.

Your Genes have the biggest influence on the determination of your current height and how tall you can potentially become once you are a fully grown human being. Your genetics determine the most important factors about the kind of person you are. Things such as your ethnicity, your gender, the tone of your skin, the color of your eyes and your height are all genetically based. However, research and developments in the Auxanology field have confirmed that it is possible to grow your height beyond what your genes dictate. This can be done through stretching exercises or by altering the quality of your food so that you get enough calories in your body to allow growth. All these methods combined can really make you achieve significant changes.

Healthy food

Foods that help you grow taller

For you to grow taller, there must be lengthening of bones via cellular division and muscles need grow bigger stronger to accommodate the increased height. So food is very important for this process to happen.

The best sources of food are:


Protein is a very powerful component, it helps your body grow and repair tissue. Other parts of your body, such as hair and nails are also made of protein. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

There are many advantages of taking protein on a regular basis to allow growth. The best protein food sources are avocados, eggs, fish and beef. These foods provide your body with macro-nutrients which are highly beneficial.

While protein is a highly beneficial to the development of your body, it is advised that you supplement it with other food sources such as vitamins and carbohydrates because protein alone has the potential to cause weight loss rather than enhance your growth.

The best protein servings for optimum growth of different ages and genders are:

Teenage boys and active men can get all the protein they need from three daily servings for a total of seven ounces.

For children age 2 to 6, most women, and some older people, the government recommends two daily servings for a total of five ounces.

For older children, teen girls, active women, and most men, the guidelines give the nod to two daily servings for a total of six ounces.


Carbohydrates are an essential source of energy that your body requires in order to function at its peak. Carbohydrates produce something called glucose,which your body needs on a regular basis.

The best kinds of carbohydrates are the types that provide dietary fiber and whole grains as well as those without added sugars. The energy that carbohydrates provide is very important for your growth, so regular intake of carbohydrates is beneficial.

The best foods that contain carbohydrates to build muscle and help you grow are:

Black beans: These particular beans have a high dose of vitamins B, K, C and A and are low in saturated fats. Along with their high protein and fiber content, these beans have 15 grams of fiber and protein per cup. Black beans provide a caloric dense carbohydrate perfect for muscle building for growth.

Yoghurt : High in Calcium and vitamin D, this dairy product provides protein for muscle growth and pro-biotics to aid digestion.

Milk: This is the ultimate source of calcium for you bones to grow,develop and strengthen. Calcium is what helps bones grow. There’s a reason milk is the poster child for calcium. Eight ounces of fat-free milk will cost you 90 calories, but provide you with 30% of your daily dose of calcium. Choose a brand fortified with vitamin D to get double the benefits.

Cheese: This type of food has Vitamin D, which is very essential. Just 1.5 ounces or a small dice which can fit into you palm of cheddar cheese contains more than 30% of your daily value of calcium, so it is highly beneficial.


These tiny fish, often found in cans, have surprisingly high levels of both vitamin D and calcium. Though they may look a bit odd, they have a savory taste that can be delicious in pastas and salads.

Foods are highly important for growth and striking the proper balance between proteins and carbohydrates will be very beneficial. Consistency is also very important as it allows for steady growth over sustained periods.

Exercises that help you grow taller

There are some key exercises that actually help you grow taller. They will help correct your posture and lengthen your spine, to improve your projected height. Take note though, that some of these exercises or movements may not be for everyone, so if you can consult with your physician or a certified personal trainer, that is highly recommended.

Yoga exercises that are really effective and will really be beneficial, it is best to start with the simple exercises to allow your body to adjust and get used to the stretches.

You can perform several yoga exercises for increasing height. Here are some of the typical yoga postures for height increase:


This is the most basic easy pose in which you sit on a hard surface, with both your legs crossed. Each of your feet should be resting comfortably beneath the opposite knee. You can also widen your shins to become more comfortable in the pose. Allow the outer edges of your feet to rest comfortably on the floor. Lengthen your spine so that you are sitting up as straight as possible. Keep the pelvis in a neutral position and either stack your hands in your lap, or place them on your knees. Take in deep breaths and exhale.

The mountain pose

Another very effective stretching exercise is called Tadasana or the mountain pose and its also relatively easy to do. How you perform the stretch : Stand straight with your Hallux (big toes) very close to one other. Then, gradually lift and spread the toes and the balls of your feet so that your weight is balanced evenly on both feet. Without hardening your belly, bend your thighs and lift your knee caps. Then raise your arms above your head. Simultaneously, raise your whole body upwards, elevating yourself to the tips of your toes. Press your shoulder blades back so that you do not have to tighten your belly. Feel the stretch in your whole body and remain in the stretched position for at least 30 to 60 seconds.

There are many other exercises that will elevate your height, however, if you are a beginner, the two mentioned above will be highly beneficial.

Visit my website on all the tips and secrets that will help you grow taller quickly and naturally.

Yoga exercises


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