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How To Help Your Toxic Colon and Make You Feel Great

Updated on November 26, 2014

Feeling Sick With a Toxic Colon

Do you feel constipated, bloated, full of gas, sick and miserable?

Then chances are, you may be experiencing the symptoms of an unhealthy or toxic colon. There are a number of ways to help bring a toxic colon back to full health and vitality.

Firstly you will discover what a healthy colon and unhealthy colon is. Secondly you will be guided through five ways which can help a toxic colon and help you feel great.

A Healthy Colon

A colon is the main part of the large intestine running from the cecum and small intestine to the rectum. It is around 5 feet long and is kind of shaped like and n.

The function of the colon as part of the digestive system, is to absorb water and electrolytes from undigested food remaining from the small intestine and to eliminate faeces or toxic waste material from the body in the way of bowel motions through the anus.

If the colon is healthy then the bowel motions will be easy to have, without odour and at a frequency of 2 to 3 a day.

An Unhealthy or Toxic Colon

A colon becomes unhealthy or toxic when there has been a build up of faecal matter on the walls of the colon and in cells of the body over a period of time. This can slowly build up and poison your body leading to a variety of diseases. The faecal matter, impacted on the colon blocks the opening and slows down the passage of food. The time taken for food to pass through the body in a healthy colon is less than 24 hours. If a colon is toxic or unhealthy, then it can take up to 72 hours for food to pass through. Symptoms include constipation ( hard, dry lumpy faeces which are painful or difficult to pass ), bloating ( full or tight feeling in abdomen ), passing of gas and just feeling sick and tired. If you don't have enough water in your daily diet then you could become constipated.

Five Ways To Help Your Toxic Colon

1. Drink Plenty Of Water Daily

It is recommended to drink at least 2 litres of water each day for optimal health.

Water swells up the fibre as it moves down the intestines including the colon and helps the muscles of the bowel contract in wavelike motions aiding in regular bowel movements soft stools and a clean, toxic free colon.

If you don't drink enough water daily then constipation and a toxic colon could result.

It is best to drink pure water but herbal teas and diluted fruit juice are also beneficial. Coffee or other drinks with caffeine dehydrate the body.

2. Eat Healthily including a Fibre Rich Diet.

Fibre is the non digestible part of food which aids in regular bowel muscle movements. It is found in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Remember your 5+ portions a day of fruit and vegetables and 6 servings of whole grains. Think back to the food pyramid.

The right foods will help your colon be healthy.

3. Exercise Lots

This helps encourage muscle movement of the colon and hence removal of the faecal matter, resulting in a clean, toxic free, healthy colon.

The longer the faecal matter stays in the colon, the greater the chance for toxic material to go back into your tissues causing discomfort and disease.

The amount and type of exercise depends on the individual like age, health, sporting interests and current state of fitness.

The main point is to exercise and do it regularly. Not only does exercise help your colon stay healthy, it is beneficial to the whole body emotionally and physically.

4. Cleanse Your Colon on a regular basis.

You can do this in 2 ways.

First Way:

You can eliminate toxic foods for a short period of time and do it regularly eg annually.

Toxic foods include meat, sugar and sugary foods like sweets, salt and processed foods, ready made meals, white flour products like cakes biscuits, puddings, dairy products, wheat based bread and pasta, Beverages like tea, coffee, soft drink and alcohol.

So basically you have a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and water for a while. You can include rice milk, fruit juices, millet grain, porridge, fresh herbs and pasta made from rice and millet.

The best idea is to follow a detox program.

Second Way:

Use a Colon Cleansing product such as Oxy-Powder


5. Add Digestive Enzymes in the form of a Supplement

Digestive enzymes are proteins that are used to help the digestive system break foods down into nutrients which are used by the body. The body produces some digestive enzymes and you get other ones in various foods like fruits, vegetables, meat and grains.

Sometimes you need digestive enzyme supplements to aid in certain medical conditions, for example bloating as it helps speed up the speed digestion takes.

Now You Know To......

* drink plenty of water

* eat healthily including plenty of fruits, vegetables and grains to get a suitable fibre amount

* do plenty of exercise

* cleanse your colon with a detox diet or colon cleanser product or both at different times

* supplement with digestive enzymes for extra benefits.

This is how you can help your toxic colon and make you feel great.

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