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How to improve and boost your immune system naturally with yoga and meditation?

Updated on June 27, 2011
Yoga exercises
Yoga exercises

In order to know, how to improve and boost your immune system naturally, we must know that what is an immune system and what role it plays in our body. In simple words, our immune system is a sophisticated system designed to protect our body from attack by viruses such as fungi, bacteria, and malignant cells. It does constant monitoring of our body and wherever it sees any abnormalities, it launches its army of white blood cells to destroy the enemy or infection in that area and it does perform it work with remarkable efficiency. As you know, human body has a capacity to heal many injuries and infections on its own so immune system helps our body to fight against these infections. All humans including you and me owe our survival to this really great system that protected us long before there were any medicines, antibiotics, hygiene measures, or so on.

When an immune system becomes compromised?

As you know, every organ or system in our body is subject to imbalances, so same is the case with the immune system when it is working with less capacity than its usual. Due to immunodeficiencies, many types of gaps appear in the immune system. Compromised immune system also opens the door to the invasion of all microorganisms that exploit these gaps for entry into the human body.

There are many type of diseases related to compromised immune system such as autoimmune diseases, which are those where our immune system tries to fight with the infection and ends up while fighting and the infection invades and attacks the normal tissues of the body. Some autoimmune diseases are fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto's syndrome, lupus, etc. According to a recent study, there is a link found between autoimmune diseases and increased stress because that time is the peak time for compromised immune system and attack done by these diseases. The general of the army of immune system who runs this defense system is the thymus gland. It is located in the center of our chest. Recent research has shown that the thymus gland is strongly influenced by emotional states and an intense negative emotional state decreases its capacity by up to 50 percent and that is why people develop more diseases when they are in stressful conditions.

This article explains how to use sun in the chest exercise to heal, strengthen, improve, and boost your immune system.
This article explains how to use sun in the chest exercise to heal, strengthen, improve, and boost your immune system.
How to improve your immune system with meditation, visualization, and yoga?
How to improve your immune system with meditation, visualization, and yoga?
How immune system works?
How immune system works?

 How to improve and boost your immune system naturally?

Now comes the main part how to improve and boost our immune system naturally. In ancient times in India, many priests and sages were aware of the relationship between time and health, so they have designed many exercises to strengthen it. One of the most effective exercise for improving and boosting our immune system naturally is Sun In The Chest. Learn how you can perform this meditation exercise so that you can improve and boost your immune system every day without the use of any immunity boosters or medications.

How to perform SUN IN THE CHEST exercise in nine steps?


Make yourself comfortable, quiet, and airy.
  1. Now, after being comfortable, gently massage the center of your chest. Visualize in your imagination that there is a bud of a flower that is emerging slowly as you get the warm massage. This visualization and imagination activates our thymus gland.
  2. Now with a loose fist hit the center of your chest gently and continue viewing the flower opening.
  3. Now start the exercise itself after the above preparation.
  4. Extend your arms forward, palm against palm and close your fists. That is the starting position.
  5. Now, start inhaling via your nose slowly and deeply and at the same point of time, bring your elbows back close to the body. Try to bring your shoulder blades as close as possible and open the chest well.
  6. Now retain the air and visualize a bright sun so powerful in the center of your chest. Feel the warmth and power of life.
  7. When you reach the limit of doing this and you are satisfied, out through your mouth open, while bringing your arms to starting position.
  8. Repeat this technique for 5 to 15 minutes. If you have problems with your immune system, you can do it several times a day, every day to achieve remarkable improvement.

Yoga - Science of India
Yoga - Science of India

 SUN IN THE CHEST is a breathing exercise and it is extremely powerful and energizing. It is ideal for strengthening, improving, and boosting our immune system and also to enhance the life force of the whole body. This is an effective and natural way of improving your immune system without the use of useless immune boosters and immune health juices. This is a totally free of cost way to boost your immune system. If you are suffering from any type of autoimmune diseases, try this exercise several times a day for a two months and you will begin seeing remarkable improvement and benefits of your immune health and a significant decrease of your disease.


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    • pressingtheissue profile image

      pressingtheissue 6 years ago from Pa

      Great article about yoga and the immune system. I especially like the Sun in the chest!

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Incredible information on how to boost our immune system HerbalScience Sir.

    • HerbalScience profile image

      HerbalScience 8 years ago from Naples, Florida

      A good lifestyle including diet and exercise is always the best way to boost one's immune system. While some infectious diseases such as H1N1 flu, are hard to avoid exposure to, it's important to learn how to equip one's body to fight them effectively at a cellular level. Zinc, vitamin C and elderberry extract are all excellent natural ways to get immune support. Prevention is always better than treatment. Great job!

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      ocbill, yoga and meditation both work very well and they are natural ways to help heal our body on its own from various forms of diseases and conditions. Doing yoga and meditation on a regular basis improves and boosts your immune system a lot plus once you have learned these techniques, it is really easy to teach these exercises to yours family and kids and friends and let them reap the benefits of yoga and meditation. I am so positive about this because I had been doing yoga since I was 14 years of age. It has helped in controlling my IBS problems I have having before and keeps me active throughout the day at my stressful job, at hubpages, and at my home when I am doing routine household chores.

    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      I have yet to try yoga and their challenging poses but I hve done meditation and feell it does work.