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How to improve your beauty sleep for Cabin Crew

Updated on November 7, 2014

Sleep Success with Feng Shui, Herbs, Magnets and more!

One of the most challenging aspects of working as Cabin Crew is trying to get a good restful sleep. I remember in my early flying days (working for a major long haul airline), newly trained recruits even left the industry due to losing their battle with sleep. Trying to adapt to multiple time zones and shift work is not for the feint hearted and anything that aids the body clock is of utmost importance...especially if you want to stay alert and keep your 'high flying' post. Since leaving the industry I've spent many years working with Feng Shui and have found lots of hot tips that certainly help. Image: Craft Creations Boutique, Etsy


Just home from a flight...

It would be easy for me to say go and have a long hot bath filled with a fancy herbal concoction to induce the z's... but the reality of treading the lofty boards for many gruelling hours is that the first thing you want to see is your BED. So... we'll skip the bath and head straight up the stairs! If you can along the way... grab yourself a glass of cherry juice. In recent findings by Sleep Doctor Jason Ellis, drinking 30mls twice a day for a week will improve your sleep.

How to position your bed for optimum Z's

Stand at the entrance to your bedroom and check where your bed is in relation to the door. For an optimum forty winks it should be (in a command position) diagonally opposite the bedroom entrance, with the head of the bed against a solid wall. If this isn't possible... Check the diagram and choose one of the other options in the top row. Do the best you can but at all costs avoid the nightmare Feng Shui position of having the bed situated with your feet directly facing the door (as if you could be carried out in one straight horizontal line)... this marks the sign of death. Next take a peek at what's under the bed... for a priceless slumber there should be nothing except fresh air!

Mirror, Mirror

Now lie on the bed in your normal sleeping position and check to see where your mirrors are. They are powerful reflectors of energy and can greatly disturb your sleep. If you can see yourself in the reflection of a mirror from where you are lying then cover it before sleeping. Many insomniacs have been cured by using this simple remedy!

Sharp angles disturb chi

Return to your normal sleeping position and next check for any sharp angles directly pointing at you... these may come from corners of square shaped furniture or alcoves. In Feng Shui these are called 'poison arrows' and can greatly effect your overall well being. If you spot any, re-position the offending angle, bed or hang a round leafed hanging plant or crystal orb from the ceiling to remedy it.

Hanging Crystal cures for 'Sharp Corners' - Stop 'sharp knife' energy heading towards you...

If you do have the corner of a wall or item of furniture pointing at your bed space hang a long drop crystal cure to fend off the 'sharp knife' energy heading towards you.

Ceiling Check

Next glance upwards to check your ceiling... there should be no irregularities. Never sleep under a heavy oak beam or sloping angle or according to feng shui you are inviting mountains of pressure or a slow debilitating illness to descend upon you.


Something cabin crew definitely need after all those hours in the air!

A small round table either side of your bed with a lamp on it will help bring you back down to earth. A great addition to your bedside table is the crystal Amethyst which since ancient times has been known for its ability to calm the central nervous system, help eliminate 'mind chatter' and aid sleep. As a result, you will find Amethyst and the myriad of purple hues it appears in used quite often in the 'sleep aid industry'.

Amethyst Bio Mat - Nasa technology combined with the Medicine Stone

I was recently invited to try one of these out free of charge by a Reflexologist friend of mine. She had it donated to her clinic after one of her patients made a great recovery and was very grateful for her contribution in the healing process. The client had spent years in the medical profession herself and believed in the benefits of the bio mat. Well... I hadn't read any of the blurb on it before my first visit so you can't say that I was indoctrinated in any way... Wow! What I can say is I entered the most deepest relaxed space I've ever known and felt that my body was 'self healing' ... also my sleep has been amazing ever since. Apparently, there are lots of other health benefits such as weight loss and even many testimonials about reducing the size of tumours! My friend who owns it has suffered with painful bouts of fibromyalgia for many years and this device has eliminated her pain completely! Well... I'm sold on it and fortunately for me my friend allows me to go on it regularly.

If you are based in the UK and are interested in an Amethyst Bio Mat trial and purchase contact Emma Hall over at Tel: 01933 622193. Her website is

Amethyst Bio Mat Professional (Far Infrared BioMat)
Amethyst Bio Mat Professional (Far Infrared BioMat)

It's like buying a 'holiday'... No flight or hectic travel. Just a few step into your home and the mat will transport you to a deep relaxed healing space!


Listen to what the doctors and professionals have to say...

Journalist and physicians explain the Nasa Nobel prize winning technology of the Amethyst Bio Mat

Actualise your 'Power Point'

Whilst still lying on the bed, look directly in front of you to the facing wall... What's on it? This is a very powerful position that can programme our perspective on life. It's the first thing we see upon waking and it's effects can be positive or negative depending on the symbolism. Make sure you use this space wisely and place a picture or symbol of something you love, respect or aspire to be. Steer clear of abstract paintings otherwise you'll find it difficult to create clarity in your life and don't hang pictures of single people unless you want to be one! In one property I visited, a music poster of an arid landscape with a withered tree in this position almost brought my client's business to a halt. If you have a TV in this spot... it's a Feng Shui no no I'm afraid! Invest in a wooden cabinet to contain it or at the very least drape a cloth over it.


Art Print

Buy From

Bedding for a beauty sleep

Now let's take a look at your bed... it should be warm, clean and inviting with mounds of sumptuous pillows. Get into the habit of buying new sheets for New Year's day and even a new mattress if a long term relationship has gone up in smoke. You don't want any old disruptive vibes lurking around to ruffle new amorous liaisons. Satin, silks and splashes of red are wonderful for sparking up passion. However, it's important to keep your bed linen as serene as possible with no busy patterns. Keep your daubs of spicy colours to warm soft cushions that you can remove.

Explore Egyptian Cotton sheets

Choose a thread count of between 200 to 400 (higher if you can afford it) and you will certainly feel the difference. I'll never forget the first time I flew to Cairo (a great 5 day working trip)... The other hostess's took me down some very seedy back streets to a little pokey shop to buy what was called a 'wedding set'. The sheets were amazing... they had a high thread count (not sure how much) and they were pure white cotton edged with lace and a little pale blue silk ribbon. Apparently, they are sold to the family of the Egyptian bride to prepare her bed for the wedding night. ~ We bought them because they were absolutely beautiful and a fraction of the price!

Sweet Dreams... the ~ Power of Smell ~ - Use the power of 'smell' to induce a relaxed state into slumber

There is much evidence to suggest that this certainly works with several studies undertaken by Universities. In one study in 1994 at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer center they found that Lavender and Vanilla successfully reduced anxiety on patients undergoing MRI scans. You can now buy very convenient pillow mists... perfect to pop in your bedside cabinet!

I highly recommend ...

Treat yourself to healing wisdom

Keep a copy of this on your dressing room table to remind yourself how important you are. If you work in a stressful demanding environment then extreme care should not be a choice but a must. Start by truly loving yourself today.


Spray yourself to Sleep - Precious petals...

If you prefer, you may also spray yourself! Flower Essence sprays are perfect for this and Magnesium Oil is fabulous for de-stressing and soothing any aches and pains. I occasionally suffer from foot cramps and one squirt of Magnesium oil and the pain disappears. It's magic!

Pillow Magnets work wonders! - MAGNETS do assist the body to re-balance

Using magnets in healing can be traced back to the Chinese, around 2,000 years ago. In recent times (2008), a tightly controlled study at the University of Virginia did indeed prove that magnets reduced swelling by 50%! It's not something that I've personally tried but there are certainly plenty of positive reviews to confirm that MAGNETS do assist the body to re-balance. One area that they seem to be very effective in is 'insomnia'. Apparently, they can work on the pineal gland, in the brain, which means that when you sleep with your head on magnets, the magnetic field accelerates the rate of melatonin production, returning it to normal levels.

Tick Tock... a watch to help you sleep!

When flicking through the pages of my 'Tatler' mag I was surprised to see an advert for a watch that helps you sleep. Apparently, it's based on key natural frequencies that aid sleep. Well there must be evidence for it as Phillip Stein watches are an expensive company with the sleep watch marketing for nearly £4,000. If you don't have that much to spare you could opt for a Nightwave Sleep Assistant which works along similar lines (I think!).

Can't Sleep-Insomnia Relief Hypnosis Video

A whole one hour sleep relief video that has proved very popular... I dare you to stay awake whilst listening to this!

Granny wasn't so crazy after all! - Love your feet

Scientists at the Psychiatric University Clinic in Basel, Switzerland, found that increased blood flow to the hands and feet was the best sign that the body was ready to drop off to sleep. Based on this evidence, using socks or a hot water bottle to warm up your extremities could prove to be very helpful to induce sleep.

Moo Me to Sleep...

Boy... do I remember how my feet use to ache after a 10 hour transatlantic flight! Here you could kill two birds or actually three with one stone! A fabulous foot cream to apply under your foot socks is the delicious 'Udderly Smooth Foot Cream with Shea Butter by Redex' which was originally developed for use on dairy cows. Don't let that put you off... it's an award winning cream, recommended by a stream of beauty magazines and was even highlighted at the 2008 Clothes Show. It's also available in smaller size pots too so you could pop some in your travel beauty pouch.

Sleep Balm for Lips

Hydrating yourself often in anyway possible is a must for cabin crew. Why not use your 'sleep time' to not only moisturise your lips but help you drift off into a peaceful slumber too!

Love your tranquil haven

Finally, take a look around at the overall feeling of the room. Is it cluttered up and disorganised or simple and gracious? It's very important for your sleeping area to exude a sense of peace... a tranquil haven for you to return to after treading endless air miles. Your bedroom more than any room in the house is a direct reflection of you. Every item of clothing, furniture or ornament should be there because you love it or use it.

May you all snooze blissfully happy ever after... zzzzzzzz.

Best Sleep Mask - Over 600 Amazon reviews! It's got to be good...

If you seriously want a decent sleep mask, don't pick up one from onboard! Here is a top notch one which even helps block out noise too. It has over 600 reviews and is worth the extra investment.

Sleep Success - An instant downloadable MP3

Do you have any Sleep Tips to share... ?

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    • ProsperityFairy profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @ghoststorylover: Let me know how you get on ... by the way, they say bears are powerful protectors so maybe your dream was a good omen.

    • ghoststorylover profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, I think I need to take your advice on this. Maybe it'll help with my dreams too I had the strangest dreams last night, and one nightmare! I hate that, it was about a bear looking in my window, watching me, and waiting for me to go outside! lol

    • MelanieMurphyMyer profile image


      5 years ago

      I am going to replace a square bedside table with a round one which has been in the basement. :)

    • JumpinJake profile image


      5 years ago

      get yourself super tired and then you'll sleep like a baby!


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