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How to Know When Something Is Terribly Wrong With Your Brain

Updated on November 9, 2017

Hey, listen up.

I have a piece of good news and bad news for you.

Which one do you want to hear first?

Well, I normally like telling bad news first before using the good news to bring you some sort of relief.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do here, okay?

So let me start with the bad news first.

The bad news is that something might already be so terribly wrong with your brain.

Yes, you may already be a victim of this deadly brain disease. Even worse, you may already be so endangered without even knowing it.

Thus, in this discussion I am going to help you in my own little way by pointing out the symptoms of what might already be so wrong with your brain.

Like I said, I only want to help because like they say, a problem identified is a problem half solved.

So, c’mon, let’s do the identifying now…

Oh, one more thing, please...

Let me first start by categorically stating now that as you’ll soon observe, most, if not all of these ‘symptoms’ I am going to be highlighting are nothing but just everyday habit for most of us.

This means that if it just happens that you are experiencing any of these things OCCASIONALLY; well, there is really no need for you to start panicking.

But if for any reason, you find that you are experiencing any or all of these habits on a PERPETUAL scale, then that is where you have every reason to panic!

Simply put, the problem is just in the frequency of occurrence.

So with that out of the way, let’s now proceed, okay?


Something is terribly wrong with your brain if…

You cannot read a long article/essay
Yes, we know that some articles can be so long and boring and above all, total balderdash.

So I won’t blame you if you occasionally do this. Or if you’re in the habit of skipping through most of the long articles you read.

Who doesn’t, anyway?

But then, how often do you do that?

When was the last time you made the effort to read an article from start to finish?
If you notice that you can’t even remember the last time you read any post from the beginning to end, or you cannot even remember the last time you actually read a novel and actually finished it, then you are already doomed.

It's very funny when you will even see some people complaining about a very short post of not more than ten lines and making hopeless comments like too long; didn't read.

Anytime I see this happen, I just shake my head in pity at such times.

Simply because I know that for such people or persons—although they may not be aware of it—but it’s already a lost cause!

A Brain Dead Candidate!
A Brain Dead Candidate! | Source

You are not very observant

If you are not the very observant type, chances are you are already a victim of this deadly brain disease.

Truth is, naturally most people are not that very observant but then again, it has to be emphasized the importance of being very observant in our lives because paying attention to details can just be saving grace in dire situations when it's just a matter of life and death.

Your ability to notice changes in things going on around you shows your level of interest in life in general.

Oh yes.

Your being very observant can save you from a lot of trouble like being set-up.

Your being very observant can even help you to better understand human body language which according to psychologists are deeper forms of communication than even human speech.

Thus, your being very observant can equally help you in fine tuning your intuition as well as help you in making quick and strategic judgment calls when dealing with other humans.

Your being very observant can save you from losing your belongings and important documents.

Your being very observant can even help you in foreseeing problematic situations ahead and thus start making plans on how to avoid them thus making you a very good planner.

So you can now begin to imagine the erratic, error prone, confused, disorganized and sorry life of someone who is not habitually very observant.

You cannot get your simple spellings right

For all those you are having problems with spelling certain simple words, you are the ones that should be concerned with this one.

If you are already in the constant habit of committing spelling blunders such as spelling words like truly as truely, beggar as begger, liar as lier, dying as dieing etc, then you are already a victim of this deadly disease.

You may be wondering how this is even an issue in the first place but I will now tell you why it is.

You see, for most of us who type—since most of the written words these days are usually typed—we normally use word processor tools like Microsoft Word to do the typing.

Now, I believe most of these word processors have this squiggle redlining highlighting effect sort of, that shows you have spelt a word wrongly.

But probably because you are already a victim of this very deadly brain disease, so you don’t even notice the squiggle.

Any wise and/or truly educated person will make the effort to get the correct spelling either from the dictionary or from the suggestions made available by the word program but yet again… you don’t take any action!

What does that tell you?

Also, for those of us who have formed this ugly habit of writing “I’m” or “I am” as Am, the same goes for you all.

It is so appalling when you see people committing this blunder mostly on social media on daily basis and you can only start to wonder what could be so wrong with their brains.

How can you confidently write a sentence like AM GOING TO SCHOOL instead of the grammatically correct form which is I’M GOING TO SCHOOL or just I AM GOING TO SCHOOL if you really want to be specific, and you still expect me to consider you serious or not insane?


These spelling or grammatical errors might be so insignificant or negligible to you—most especially if you’re already guilty of it—but to some very observant people like me who pay great attention to details and cannot just understand why you keep on repeating a very silly mistake like that over and over again, it really tells a lot about the blunderer!

And please, don’t tell me English is not your language because those of us that try to write it the correct way went through the same school system as you did!

Anytime I’m reading someone’s post and I see these glaring spelling and grammatical errors happen repeatedly, I just shake my head in pity at such times.

Simply because I know that for such people or persons, it’s already a lost cause!

Someone help! My brain is about to jump!
Someone help! My brain is about to jump! | Source

You go to church late

For all those perpetual latecomers to church, this one is for you.

Granted, you can be excused if you go to church late occasionally.

But it starts becoming a very big problem when you are always late to church.

Again, the emphasis is on the word ALWAYS.

Look at it this way.

For most of us who are not strong church attendees, I believe, we normally go to church once every week—on Sundays!

So what this means is that you already have the remaining six days of the week to prepare for church on the coming Sunday.

I mean, six good effing days!

And yet another Sunday comes and what happens next?

Oh… oh!

You’re late again.

My friend, stop complaining or making excuses.

The truth of the matter is, you’re so unprepared.

And chances are, you are ever going to remain like that for a very long time to come if care is not taken.

Frankly speaking, anytime I’m in the church for Sunday Mass and I spot some perpetual latecomers trooping in as usual after the gospel has been read, I just shake my head in pity at such times.

Simply because I know that for such people or persons, it’s already a lost cause!

And speaking of the perpetual latecomers…

You are a DeadLiner

Now, who are the deadliners?

Well, I’ll say the deadliners are simply those who wait until the very last day or last moment before they make a move.

They submit assignments on the last day. You go for registration on the last day. You wait until the exam is one week ahead before you start preparing seriously for the exam. You wait until the last moment before you start thinking of how to get things done and so on and so forth!

Granted, we are not so perfect as humans which means sometimes we just forget to do some things on time.

But it starts becoming a very big problem of great concern when you find out that you are already caught up neck deep in this type of habit.

Anytime I am in a place where I am opportune to watch deadliners do their thing, I am always tempted to shake my head in pity for them at such times.

But I must also admit it is always a kind of sick fun for me, if you like, to see them rushing and doing everything humanly possible to beat the deadline, and more so, hopelessly pleading and earnestly begging for more time and sometimes, even coming up with the most ridiculous reasons or rather excuses you can ever imagine, on why they failed to complete their task on time… yet again!

You are always borrowing

If you are the type that is always in the habit of borrowing one thing or the other from others, chances are, you are already a victim of this deadly brain disease.

Yes I agree, sometimes you are NOT expected to have everything which is to say it’s perfectly OK if you have to depend on others for certain things at certain times.


What if you already have developed this obnoxious borrowing habit or mentality?

And even worse still, let’s take a second or closer look at some of the things you are borrowing.

For instance…

As a student, you are always borrowing textbooks, pens, snacks, water, etc.

As a friend or colleague, you are always borrowing clothes, shoes, laptop, food, money, etc.

As a neighbor, you are always borrowing salt, toothpaste, matches, buckets, plates, pots, stove, kerosene, iron, etc.

Can you now begin to see why I am suggesting that something is very wrong with your brain because these are some of the things you know you should have as a full functional individual, right?

Seriously, something is wrong with your brain and that very thing is the reason why you can’t see the burden you are constituting to all those people you have formed a terrible habit of borrowing from.

That same very thing wrong with your brain is also the reason why it doesn’t feel right for you to know that you should learn to own your own things too rather than be depending on others—all the time!

Well, you may not see it the way I am seeing it—most especially if you are already so deep in this very bad habit—but don’t be surprised when your so called friends start turning their back on you or turning the other way once they sight you from afar as a result of your constant begging and borrowing!

Here, take it! I hope you won't come back again!
Here, take it! I hope you won't come back again! | Source

You always need reminders

Of course, this just about sums up everything we have been saying so far concerning this very deadly brain disease.

When you notice that you are always forgetful and you are always in need of one form of reminder or another to a point where it has always become a habit for you, then you have a very big problem at hand!

Your forgetfulness means that you always have to write down almost all the information you are given be it passwords, usernames, phone numbers, web address, dates, credit card details, etc.

In severe cases, your forgetfulness can also mean that you are having problems in remembering or recognizing faces.

When you start noticing that you are experiencing most of these tendencies, it’s high time you start accepting the fact that you are already in deep shite.


I've got to rush. My alarm clock has failed me again!
I've got to rush. My alarm clock has failed me again! | Source

You cannot stay in one place

Are you the type of person who is always restless and cannot just stay in one place?

Then, chances are you are already a victim of this deadly brain disease.

This explains why you just can’t read an article from beginning to the end or even read your school textbooks and by implication, why you often have very poor grades in school. Even while reading, you always find yourself stuck on a page without actually understanding what you have been reading.

This also explains why you are so impulsive and always fiddling with something all the time.This explains why it is often so difficult for you to fully concentrate on any task you have in your hands because you always have this need or urge to abandon the task at hand and jump right in into another one.

In addition, this also explains why you find it so difficult to listen to the person talking to you and you always keep on telling them to repeat themselves because you were not paying attention.

Furthermore, this also explains why you are always in the habit of procrastinating.

You just can’t concentrate.

Your mind is all over the place.

Simply put, you are a true definition of scatterbrain!


Careful Mr. Scatter Brain! Seems like the screws holding your brain tight are beginning to fall off!
Careful Mr. Scatter Brain! Seems like the screws holding your brain tight are beginning to fall off! | Source

You are so dull

You are too dull in both thinking and action.

You are too sluggish. Too slow. Not agile at all.

You are not creative at all.

You’ll rather another person do the whole thinking and interpretation and explanation and summary for you.

You see no need to task your brain at all. You can't even bother to do simple basic arithmetic sums in your head because you are too dumb for that.

You are not interested in learning or knowing any current affairs. In fact, you see no need to be current and stay updated with the news and events happening around the world around you.

You are so dull that you cannot even mention up to 10 African or Asian countries and their capitals. In fact, apart from the popular world currencies or the one used in your own country, you cannot even mention up to 10 currencies used in other countries.

Brain teasers and puzzles are very boring games to you.

You are feeling too sleepy almost at any given time of the day.

In fact, you wouldn’t mind sleeping throughout the whole day.

I have nothing else to say to you.

You are simply beyond redemption.

Oh... oh... It's just another dullard!
Oh... oh... It's just another dullard! | Source

In conclusion, this very brain disease is so terribly bad because if you’ve noticed, it actually affects three major key areas of your life which are:

  1. Your memory: your ability or inability to remember (important) stuff.
  2. Your concentration: your ability or inability to focus and focus very well on any task you’re engaged in.

And... 3. Your thinking: your ability or inability to plan for yourself.

Again, if you noticed too, all of these symptoms I mentioned are somehow loosely or strongly related or similar which means that the more of these symptoms you are already experiencing, or should I say, the more of these symptoms you're already exhibiting, the more the chances that you are almost beyond redemption already.

It is as bad as that.

Now to the worst part of the bad news.

Listen very carefully because I purposely saved this for the last.

Like cancer, this deadly brain disease has no cure!

Did you get that?!

Oh yes.

It has no cure. Once it sets in, the best you could do for yourself is to manage it as best as you could.

Which is exactly why I have painstakingly taken my time to show you the very obvious signs so that you will be aware of when it sets in, okay?


And now to the good news.

The good news is that—wait for it—the good news is that…

Are you still listening?


The good news is that this very deadly brain disease I’ve been going on and on about since we started this discussion has no medical name—yet!

Oh, really?!


So how’s that supposed to make me happy? How's that supposed to be a good piece of news?

Of course. Now, look at it this way. They say what you don’t know will never kill you, right?


Which simply means that although this very brain disease I have describing its symptoms to you can ruin you completely, one thing you can always count on is that it will never kill you!

You must be kidding me, right?

No. I’m not.

They say when there’s life; there’s hope!

And I wholly believe that.



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