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How to Lose Fat for Good

Updated on September 13, 2016

There are many reasons why somebody might want to lose fat. Maybe you are looking to tone up your belly fat, perhaps you have been advised by your doctor to lose fat, or you might be a body builder looking to become as lean as possible for an imminent competition. All of these scenarios are very valid reason for wanting to lose weight. Losing weight however is easier said than done. Here we will look at how to lose fat in a variety of ways. We will avoid looking at fad diets which only lead to temporary weight loss only to pile the pounds back on when you stop the dieting. Instead we will consider some tried and tested ways to lose fat and keep it off permanently, starting with the simplest of methods.

Intake less calories than you burn

This sounds remarkably simple doesn’t it and it truly is. To perform the most basic and the most strenuous of activities your body burns calories on a daily basis. If you take in more calories through your diet than your body needs each day, then your body will store the remaining calories as fat. So to lose fat you need to burn more calories than you take in through your diet.This is the most basic of all weight loss rules but it is the one that probably has the most science to back up the theory and you will certainly lose weight if you burn more calories then you take in. This involves a good exercise regime as well as a healthy diet but the results will be worthwhile.

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Get intense!

This is where things start to get a little more complicated. Whilst your slow and steady walk will go some way to helping with your fat burning goals, exercising at a higher exertion level has been found to have more profound effects. When you exercise at a higher exertion and really get your heart rate up then your body begins to burn a significant amount of extra calories. As the burning of calories is the first key to losing fat, high intensity training will go a long way to helping you reach your weight loss goals. If you are not able to train with this intensity then don’t let it discourage you, low intensity training can still be extremely beneficial. Just be mindful that you may have to do a lot more of it or spend longer doing low exertion training to see the same fat loss results as you would with high intensity training.

Stay away from refined foods and sugary drinks

There is evidence to suggest that eating complex carbs or whole grains rather than refined carbs or refined sugars can help with weight loss, why? It’s because simple or refined sugars tend to cause a spike in blood sugar because they enter the blood stream too quickly. When this happens the pancreas has to create more insulin to control the spike by storing the excess blood sugar as fat until it can be used. Obviously this is not as big of a problem for athletes who are using up those simple sugars quickly in a sprint race for example, but if you are just sat around at home drinking a litre of Coca-Cola then those calories are much more likely to be stored as fat than a bowl of slow releasing porridge oats would be. I have to state here that much of what you hear about fat loss will simply be theory, so it’s about finding which method works best for you and sticking with it.


Detoxing is also a great way to lose fat. The human body stores toxins which it has been unable to eliminate in fat tissue. The more toxins you take in, the more likely your body will be to store them as fat. Eliminate these toxins by detoxing and you should also eliminate a good amount of fat in the process.

Stay away from Trans Fats

There are a lot of myths and theories surrounding fat but one thing that is whole heartedly agreed upon is that Trans Fats are bad, really bad! Why? Trans Fats are so bad because they are in effect man made fats. They are not in any way natural and as a result when they are encountered by the liver it just doesn’t know what to do with them and sometimes the liver is simply unable to break them down effectively. As a result the liver stores these fats either within the liver tissue itself or within fat cells. So if you want to lose fat then it is imperative that you avoid the nasty Trans fats contained in many processed foods.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

It sounds so simple doesn’t it, eat healthily and exercise. Yet this really is the key to sustained weight loss. If you feed your body with the right foods, in the right quantities at the right times and then exercise regularly at both high and low intensities then you will lose fat, I can assure you of that. It is true that some people naturally store more fat than others but you will still see recognisable results if you stick to these basics. Most importantly of all, if you keep doing the basics then the fat will stay off rather than being shed in a fad diet only for your body to store more fat in a shock response as soon as you start eating again.

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