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How to Lose Weight in Your Face

Updated on November 27, 2015

“Many of today’s celebrities go through extremely dangerous cosmetic surgeries just to; remove fat from their face, get a higher cheekbone, straighten their nose, remove double chin and get a sharper jaw line.”

I know you’re reading this article today because you want to learn how to lose facial fat, but am here to tell you that this is not as easy as one might think. For some individuals one of the first places they start to gain weight is in their face and this can be very frustrating.

“Maybe the solution to this problem is to lose weight from all over the body”

If your goal is to lose face fat, I think the best thing to do is start losing weight overall. This means reducing excessive water retention and body fat. Majority of the times when an individual loses weight you will notice that their face gets sharper and leaner. I can guarantee that if you shift your focus to smarter eating and lower calorie intake you will begin to shed the pounds from your overall body including your face.

Removal of Double Chin:

Most people who are desperately trying to lose facial fat usually have what is called a double chin. For persons with a double chin there is an effective exercise that is generally recommended. Curl your lower lip over your lower teeth, open your mouth as wide as you can and work your bottom jaw upwards and downwards. Do this exercise a few times daily and eventually you will see results. Additionally, chew gum regularly and in the long run this will help to reduce your chin.

Video:Lose Your Double Chin and Tone Your Jawline with Faceworks

Sagging, loose, or jiggly Jowls:

Jowls which are sagging, jiggly or loose are caused by descending cheeks that occurs naturally when people age. When volume is lost from the face, especially in areas such as the jawline and cheeks, then, jowls eventually change and become much more prominent and look saggy.

One major downside to weight loss is that often times when an individual loses an excessive amount of weight the skin that is left over is usually saggy. A popular location on our body for loose, jiggly skin is the jaw and neck, hence the jowls looks soggy.

Disappointingly, problems with sagging skin is not often times corrected through the tighten of facial muscles but through surgical or cosmetic reconstruction. This method has been very effective.

Generally, pre-jowl implant, fat injections or fillers is the best possible solution to jiggly jowls. Additionally, a minor surgical tuck up or jaw-lift, mini-lift or neck-lift can be used to tighten the jowls.

Video: Best Face And Jowls Workout Solutions

Consume Plenty of Vegetables and fruits

It is very important to incorporate all of the major food groups in your diet (eat a balanced diet). Mix your diet with mostly fruits and vegetables, whole grains and a little less dairy. Stay natural and consume at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. This will not only lessen your calorie intake but also hydrate the body as, vegetables and fruits contains water. In addition, fruits and vegetables contains sufficient amounts of fiber which offers a wide range of health benefits. So, choose your fruits Wisely its best to go for oranges, grapefruits, apple and a wide variety of berries because they are filled with anti-oxidants and low in GI carbs. Don’t eat too much bananas, pineapples or grape as these are high in fructose.

Reduce Your Salt consumption

Water retention can sometimes cause our face to get fat or cause our cheeks to get puffy. The excessive use of salt in our diet can cause our body to store excess water because salt contributes to bloating and it plays a major role in water retention. Limit salty food from your diet and eat healthy foods instead, when applying salt to your meals its recommended that use a sprinkler or shaker. This will help to reduce salt intake in the body. Going to the beach and getting a sun tan reduces water retention and makes your body look leaner.


Drink Lots of Water

It’s essential to keep our body hydrated, drink lots of water. Drink at least 2 liters, or half a gallon of water daily. The human body has a natural protective system which adapts to changes, therefore, if we do not drink enough water, the body’s natural instinct is to think it’s in a desert and water is limited. Consequently, the bodies instinct will change to survival as it will try to store as much water has possible to survive and this will cause bloating. Moreover, if enough water is consumed, then the body will purge itself by flushing out unnecessary water because it knows that there is sufficient water. Do not waste your money and buy sodas or sugared drink because they will result in health issues and cause bloating.

Drink Water


Exercise Regularly

If your goal is to have a leaner face and a leaner body, then regular exercise can play a very important role. Generally, when a person loses weight they tend to lose fat from all over the body including the face. If someone is obese, then a carefully planned diet together with regular cardiovascular exercises will diminish fat from all body parts including the face. The difference in facial fat loss will vary, some individuals will lose more than other but the bottom line is that your facial appearance will definitely improve. So go and give exercise a try; burn those calories off, do some brisk walking, aerobic exercises or jogging and you will be surprise to see how slim your face gets.


Cosmetic Face Surgery

Many of today’s celebrities go through extremely dangerous cosmetic surgeries just to; remove fat from their face, get a higher cheekbone, straighten their nose, remove double chin and get a sharper jaw line. If you are thinking about doing some costly surgery or procedure to diminish facial fat, I strongly recommend that you proceed cautiously. Research the procedure, read reviews or get the opinion of persons who have done it before or get advice from more than one medical professional. It’s important to learn about possible side effects or complications and some of these surgeries are expensive so enquiring about the cost is also crucial. Moreover, to avoid any disappointment its essential to find out what the surgery can and cannot do for your facial appearance.



Eat healthy, reduce sodium and saturated fat consumption. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily, try to engage in as much physical fitness activities as possible and remember lowering your body fat % will reduce facial fat.


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