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How to Lose Your "Spare Tire" and get a Flat Stomach

Updated on October 18, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Losing that Beer Belly and Get a Flat Stomach

Losing that spare tire may be easier than you think! If you follow these 3 recommendations you will be on your way to fitting back into those old jeans! Keep in mind that losing weight does not happen in one day. It takes constant work and a long-term outlook to achieve the results you want.

Hit The Weights

Your stomach is comprised of several different muscles. Usually when you think of a washboard stomach you think of abdominal muscles, but you can't neglect your oblique muscles or your back muscles. Make sure you have a total body workout in target every part of your stomach. Do crunches, sit-ups, superman's, leg lifts, etc. Find some other great exercises in the links below.

Hit The Track

It's not just about lifting weights in order to get those flat abs. In order to lose weight in your core you need to add cardiovascular workouts to your routine. Go for a run, bike, swim, etc. If you have trouble sticking to a cardio workout try training towards a goal, like a triathlon or a marathon!

Hit the Fridge

Diet is one of the most essential parts of losing weight in your core. Fast food and restaurant food tends to stick to your abs and glutes. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be balanced and consist of lean meats, whole grains and as little processed foods as possible. Don't forget to drink plenty of water too!

WARNING - Make sure to consult a doctor before doing any strenuous activity.


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