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how to maintain a healthy body or bodies easily and safely

Updated on June 18, 2016

how to maintain a healthy body or bodies easily and safely

The human body actually destined healthy. our job is to keep our bodies healthy, if you want to be if your body ache? certainly do not want to. therefore from now on we keep the health of our body to keep it healthy by following ways later.

graffiti entitled to control health of the body and this body I made especially for myself that people sometimes forget his name. and generally to all readers friends who also want to keep always healthy body.

how to maintain a healthy body and body

1. Always think positive

The first step is maintaining healthy body always think positive because in a healthy body there is a healthy soul, in a healthy soul there is a healthy mind pula.ayo start now always think positive in order that our body is always healthy.

2. eat healthy food regularly

The second step in how to maintain a healthy body is to maintain your diet, the food should contain protein, vitamins, carbohydrates contained in
four healthy, five perfect.

3. regular exercise

exercise every morning it was very important to maintain a healthy weight. for sport do not long time about 15 minutes but regularly every day. isyaallah our body will always be healthy

4. maintaining cleanliness

do not forget to keep clean because the base of a healthy net. keep clean from yourself until the environment.

5. always pray

healthy because it millik gods then we require to always pray / ask to God, by means of prayer. with prayer we are also moving sport like prayer movement can also make your body more healthy, so do not ever leave the prayer.

That means maintaining healthy body weight and hopefully this can be useful for you. maintain health was cheaper than we are sick then taken to a hospital that price must be expensive, therefore you must keep your health


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