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How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C

Updated on February 17, 2013

How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

If you are like me, you like to save dollars and do-it-yourself whenever you can. That is the reason I learned how to make liposomal vitamin C myself. It is not particularly difficult either once you get the hang of it.

We're going to talk about why you would take vitamin C in large doses. Did you know that there is conclusive evidence that humans used to produce their own ascorbic acid?

Avoid ascorbic acid flush. Until recently you couldn't take enough vitamin C by mouth to be therapeutic due to the infamous C Flush!

By the time you finish reading this page, I hope you will know why many doctors and their patients are discovering the advantages of mega-doses of vitamin C. And finally, that you'll feel confident to make your own liposomal vitamin C, too.

But first, why would you take massive doses of ascorbic acid? Read on!

Kindle book: How to Make Liposomal Vitamin C - Perfect for the frugal, do-it-yourself-er.

How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C (SimpleFrugal Photo Guides)
How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C (SimpleFrugal Photo Guides)

No guessing with this photo guide. Watch Cheryl Hines make liposomal vitamin C in this step-by-step guide. Cheryl takes out all the guess work. Perfect for the frugal, do-it-yourself-er.


So, Why Take Such Large Doses of Vitamin C in the First Place?

Taking vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) has been long touted at the cure for the common cold. Linus Pauling was the first to be recognized for bringing the benefits of vitamin C to the forefront. He made taking vitamin C for colds popular. What most of us don't know is that he regularly took thousands of milligrams of vitamin C daily. He saw that large doses (by mouth and intravenously) were not only safe but added to longevity and over all health. He wasn't the first to learn this. Others came before him.

It seems that every generation has a few "fringe" doctors who have seen the benefits of taking massive doses of ascorbic acid to combat disease and foster longevity.

Unfortunately, mainstream medical doctors don't understand the benefits, so very few of us will ever learn just how safe and beneficial it is to take vitamin C in mega doses. They are all fine about getting vitamin C in your food (so am I). But that isn't enough to maintain health much less add length to our days.

It is left to a few forward thinking doctors and individuals like you and me to carry the torch in our own families and communities. Below are a few books that helped me learn about the benefits of taking large doses of vitamin C.

The fact is that most animals "make" their own ascorbic acid - on demand, as it were. It that sense, wild animals rarely die of disease but rather of old age or being eaten! Their domesticated counterparts still manufacture vitamin C but not as efficiently hence more and more pets die of disease.

There are a few animals that don't manufacture it - guinea pigs, for example. This is why guinea pigs are used in laboratory experiments - they don't have the benefits of ascorbic acid on demand so scientists use them to conduct trials as they would for humans.

As you know, (most) humans also don't make ascorbic acid on demand. But there is conclusive evidence that at one time we did. It is as if there is a missing link in the process that is gone of switched off. But at one time and in few humans, ascorbic acid helped longevity. Until recent history, more folks died of old age instead of disease.

So, if it is still so good for us, how is it that it is so hard to get it without having that C-Flush? As a matter of fact ascorbic acid is given intravenously. In the books mentioned below, Drs Levy, Hickey, Saul all administer sodium ascorbate by IV.

But what if you don't have such forward thinking doctors in your area? How can you take large doses of ascorbic acid at home? The answer is through a fairly recently discovered technology called liposomal encapsulation.

Regular ascorbic acid can only be absorbed at certain sites along the gut and therefore only absorbs small amounts. So even if you took 1000 mg tablet, only about 100 - 150mgs is taken in, the rest of it flushes out. Take more than a 1000mg per hour and you will have diarrhea!

But with liposomal encapsulation a bubble of fat will form around ascorbic acid molecule (or whatever is being delivered orally). This form makes it possible for the molecules to absorb right into the bloodstream through the intestines.

This way an estimated 95% reaches the bloodstream of a typical 1000mg dose. And no ascorbic acid flush!

Yes, you can buy lipsomal vitamin C over the counter and online. But the cost is prohibitive in therapeutic doses. Solution?

Make it yourself!

Read more about why you should take large doses of vitamin C...

Don't take my word for it. Read from these doctors on the benefits of taking large doses of ascorbic acid.

Finished batch of liposomal vitamin C
Finished batch of liposomal vitamin C

Why Make Liposomal Vitamin C Yourself?

Hint: It's super simple and saves $$

No, really. Why make liposomal vitamin C yourself? The cost. Last I checked, it cost around $1 a 1000mg dose if you buy it ready made. Now if you have been following me thus far, you realize that you would need a minimum of 3000 mg on a good day. That isn't even on a "sick" day when you can easily take 6000 to 10,000mg.

Can you see this adding up? It added up fast for me since we are a large family. Soooo...

It's a no-brainer for me to decide to make it myself. Honestly, I didn't even think of making it myself at first as it seemed too "medical". But I had been making herbal teas and tinctures myself for years so when I started Googling "where" to get liposomal vitamin C, I saw links to sites which talked about "how" to make it at home! No! Way!

Yes way! I didn't even think about if it was hard or fussy. I just knew that if someone else could make it, I could.

It is a fussy procedure. But like making bread or any other recipe with multiple steps, it was just a matter of doing it. The ingredients are easy to get. And the process is actually very simple (my 10 year old makes ours).

But Cheryl, what if you don't have the time to surf the 'net for all those sites on how to make liposomal vitamin C yourself. I am glad you asked.


Please use common sense. I offer this recipe/site to give a more thorough understanding about how to make and use vitamin C. Do your own research. Although I make and use liposomal vitamin C according to this very recipe, I cannot be responsible for how you make it.

How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C
How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

How to Make Home-made Liposomal Vitamin C

for pennies per dose

Watch me make liposomal vitamin C in my book How To Make Liposomal Vitamin C

What you will need:

Lecithin granules, non-GMO

Sodium ascorbate

distilled water, gallon

Blender or Vita-mix - for homogenizing the lecithin and water

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner - for agitating the mixture

2 quart jars with lids - for storage

1 pint jar with lid - for mixing sodium ascorbate

straws for stirring

Pour 30 ounces of distilled water into blender. Start on low speed and add 3/4 cup lecithin granules. Mix for 5 to 10 minutes till it is a creamy yellow.

While this is stirring, pour 12 ounces of distilled water into the pint jar. Add 1/4 cup sodium ascorbate into jar. Put on lid and shake till all the sodium is dissolved.

Pour the sodium ascorbate solution into homogenized lecithin and let it stir for a few minutes.

Pour this mixture into the large jewelry cleaner. ( If you are using a small jewelry cleaner, fill to max line on smaller unit and process the remaining solution later).

Turn on for 480 seconds (8 minutes). Stir often during the process as this makes sure all the sodium ascorbate is encapsulated.

Repeat this so that you agitate for 25 to 30 minutes. Figure out how many times you need to turn on the machine to achieve that amount of time.

Pour into the quart jars and store in refrigerator up to two weeks.

Equipment you'll need:

Kendal Industrial Grade 165 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Degas Function
Kendal Industrial Grade 165 Watts 2.5 Liters Digital Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Degas Function

This is the size I use to make the recipe I listed above. It takes all the liquid in the recipe.


What you'll need to make liposomal vitamin C: - Here is what I use

Amazon has the best prices. I buy the large 10# NOW brand as a well as the 3# Sodium Ascorbate.

Watch this guy make a version of lipsomal vitamin C - Not exactly the recipe I use -

but this is the video I watched that gave me the confidence to make it myself.

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      thank you Cheryl

    • profile image 

      4 years ago

      I've discovered a website that is new to me, that there is scientific proof that liposomal vitamin c can be made, which is more potent than Livon labs.

      The secret is the use of a solvent. In this case, ethyl alcohol.

    • Cherylhines profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @WriterJanis2: I didn't either till I was looking for a source of "ready made" liposomal vitamin c. There is was in Google. My process is a slightly more simplified version.

    • WriterJanis2 profile image


      5 years ago

      I didn't know you could make your own. Very informative.


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