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How to Out Sleep Insomnia

Updated on May 27, 2016

If sleep were so easy...


Problems Sleeping?

Sleep problems are a major problem for most of society. It is estimated that over 2/3's of the population have had sleep issues at some point in their lives and that there are currently millions of sleep deprived sufferers in the world right now.

So what can we do about it? Why are we not sleeping? Go on a sleeping medication from our doctor? Most of the sleeping med's prescribed also come along with a long list of negative side effects and many people whom I have spoke with say that their prescription sleep aid makes them feel groggy or foggy the next day, which in turn reduces their productivity. -- Are the side effects worth it? Sure, some days -- but then we go from dealing with one problem, to facing another!

What if I were to say that there is a way to trick the insomnia from you?

It took me over ten years of battling my own personal fight with insomnia, sleeping two to six hours a night, until I finally put the right elements into place and "out slept my insomnia"...

Since over coming my battle I have shared information on how to sleep with other 'sleepless souls' during the last few years... About 50% achieved a better sleeping routine with-in a few weeks... You can too!!

Mixing and matching different techniques could be the cure you seek for a good nights sleep

Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine
Conair Sound Therapy Sound Machine

Soothing sounds to lull you


7 Negitive effects of insomnia

  1. Cause memory issues
  2. Cause learning difficulties
  3. Can cause heart disease, heart attack or even heart failure
  4. Can reduce your libido
  5. It can contribute to depression
  6. It can age your skin
  7. It can trigger an unhealthy weight gain


Try putting your head at the foot of the bed...

Sounds a bit odd, but it could just work!

Let night fall be a relaxing experience
Let night fall be a relaxing experience | Source

How long...

How long have you suffered with insomnia??

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9 Contirbutors to Insomnia - In order to "Out Sleep" Insomnia, it is key to know why you are currently sleepless

For some people, it may be a single cause, yet for others... It could be a multitude of causes... Here is a list of possible contributors and things that you can do to fix the issue...

  1. Stress ~ Likely one of the most toxic sleep disturbers ever
  2. Caffeine ~ Walk away from the coffee pot! Seriously, a 1pm cut off time could make a world of difference
  3. Light sensitivity ~ Is your room too bright to achieve sleep? A set of heavy curtains could be the best answer ever!
  4. Noise sensitivity ~ This is a funny one... I used to think that this implied too loud... Did you know that you could be sensitive to 'too quiet' as well?
  5. The temperature ~ You may find that sleep can be achieved if a bit warmer or cooler
  6. Medical problem or medications that you are on could be the cause. This will have to be something that you speak to your physician about
  7. Your pillow ~ We need a good fitting pillow to get a good night sleep... Being a reformed insomniac I now have a collection of about six pillows. If I am noticing that I can't get to sleep as easy as I should, I switch my pillow up!
  8. You blanket ~ The same goes for blankets as goes for pillows. Mix and match with different weights and materials of blankets!
  9. Your bed ~ Hmm. I know that I can't just suggest getting rid of your bed, or having different styles, that is just not realistic. But suggesting to invest in a foam topper, very realistic. If it is not in the budget though. How about trying to putting a comforter under your sheet and see if that makes a difference.


Don't stop looking for a solution

There are ways out there to get a better nights sleep. Take it from a reformed insomniac. For me there was not just one answer. A mixture of things was the answer. Red curtains, white noise, a weighted blanket and a different assortment of pillows all put together, a pillow between my knees, plus a low dose of natural Melatonin once in a while is what finally got me the rest I needed.

For the first few years, I didn't talk about the problem, I complained about it... Which didn't find a solution. I consulted with my physician, who put me on medication that got me the sleep that I needed, but made me a zombie through the day. So I took over. Started to talk to other people who had gone through it and came out rested... It took over a decade of trial and error to get my answers and I can tell you, it was well worth it.

I did it... So can you!

13 Abstract Tips to Get More Sleep

FYI: Some of the tips below will contradict each other... Different things work for different people...

  1. Smell: Attempt using a product in your room that can sooth you into sleep such as: vanilla, lavender or chamomile
  2. Your Blanket: Try a weighted blanket, adding the weight can increase the serotonin in your system that is converted to melatonin which can trigger sleep
  3. Your Pillow: Try switching to a pillow that is scented or one that is 'cool'... You can easily convert your own pillow into a cool one by using a gel cold pack, wrapped in a towel that you place inside your pillowcase
  4. Your Bedroom: Do not use the space for anything but sleep... Let your body know that it is a place that only one thing will happen
  5. The color of your bedroom: Purples and blues can relax and calm you, while red will energize you and yellow (though it is considered a happy color) can cause anxiety
  6. Light: Try to make your room as dark as possible... Being in a dark space can help you sleep, or stay asleep better... If you require some light to get to sleep try a lamp on a timer
  7. Clocks: Try taking the clock out of your room! No ticking or light... I personally dislike clocks in the bedroom for the simple fact that I used to keep checking the clock to see how long I had been awake, or had some sleep -- which kept my mind active
  8. Bore yourself to sleep with something to focus on: I put on the movie 'Men In Black', set the volume really, really low, so that I can barely make out the words... I got the show the first three or so nights, then each night after that I was falling asleep a little sooner. Now when I put the show on I am asleep within 10 minutes! Remember, if you are going to use this tactic: always use the same show
  9. Take out the T.V., Radio, cell phone and Computer... Some people will not be able to sleep with these, distracting devices in their room
  10. Try moving to a smaller bedroom: Some people will benefit by the cozier space
  11. Try moving the head of your bed: Focus on trying: North, South, East and West before going into North-East, South-West, etc... Something so simple is worth a try!
  12. Add a detoxifying plant to your space, making clean, healthy air where you sleep is important
  13. Try a low dose Melatonin... If your body has a deficiency in melatonin it may need a kick start to sleep

How much...

Sleep do you get in a night

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    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 3 years ago from Pittsburgh

      I never personally suffered with sleep problems, waking up problems, yeah. My mom does and she claims that melatonin helps her sleep better. Great tips, I especially like the room color suggestion. Maybe I need to help mom paint her bedroom blue!

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 3 years ago from Canada

      Excellent article on sleep issues. You have covered pretty much everything that I would have been concerned about. I used to sleep so well but then I married and my husband who had to get up at 5 each morning for work. Oh how that affected the amount of sleep I get. 90% of the time I now wake up around 5 and it is just not working for me. I am a night owl and prefer to go to bed later and sleep later. My natural sleep cycle is definitely messed up. Hopefully now that he has retired things will slowly start to fall back into place.

    • TapIn2U profile image

      TapIn2U 3 years ago

      Great tips! Sundae ;-)

    • Arachnea profile image

      Tanya Jones 3 years ago from Texas USA

      My sleep cycle is easily interrupted. What works many times for me is thinking my mantra over and over again. I find I can at least dose lightly.