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how to overcome laziness

Updated on August 13, 2008

So you lazy? You sit around on the sofa and play xbox, watch 20 channels of sports, and eat frozen pizza's all day. But you've just realized that your wife left you 10 years ago, your kids are screw ups, and the dog has even run off. Whats a guy to do in this situation? Your one of the most lazy people in America - and you know it.

I have a few idea's that might work.

Change the Daily Routine

Ok you might already have one. How else can you afford all that cable, internet and frozen pizza? But think about getting second job, or changing jobs. One thing we tend to do is get into a regular routine and stick to it. Even though you might still be doing the 8-5 what your doing during that time might be inspire a change.

Another idea to think about is joining a gym. Even 30 minutes a day 3 times a week is change - which is the idea we are going for. Maybe its not a good idea at first because if your lazy you might just not even both to go. But at some point it might be a good idea.

I could make the point about getting a hobby or something like that will not work but I will simply say that making a change in the daily routine will affect what you do after you are home from work.

Sell Sell Sell

Think about making some money. Believe it or not even though you have spend over a million hours on the xbox there is someone else at there that will buy it. Also consider toning down the media. I still recommend having cable (if its something you like) and the Internet, but reduce the channels.

Now you will find a bunch of money that you didn't have before. Well again the dumb idea of a hobby comes up. Make up a cool hobby. Fix up a classic car and sell it, build a motorcycle, or become an investor.

Eat Right

Yes eating right will help being lazy. Why? Well simply put you will have more energy which will allow you to do more. Cut down on the processed foods eat and more fresh fruits and vegies (remember all the money you now have - you can afford it). Becareful with the carbs to many will just cause the weight to increase. Don't be afraid to experiement a little. Try new foods and learn to cook them. Change (theres that word again) which reastrant you go to (don't go to the same one everytime). Have fun with it - after all eating is fun.

The biggest thing is to focus on disrupting the norm. This will FORCE you to do things outside your comfort zone. Your confidence will soon go up. Its about improving your mental health after all. No one likes depressed people/


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    • profile image

      ruffridyer 6 years ago from Dayton, ohio

      I think sometimes a person needs to force themselve to do something. I always hated doing the dishes but once the sink was cleaned out then filled with hot soapy water it became much easier to do it. It wasn't the washing itself so much as getting it all set up.