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How to Prevent Female Hair Loss?

Updated on March 13, 2010

The ancient healers used to say that prevention is better than all the treatments in the world. They dedicated their lives to the prevention of diseases and did everything they could in order to preserve the people’s health. This was a healer’s purpose - to make sure that nobody gets sick.

What happens today? We are so overwhelmed by our struggle to survive, that we forget one of the most fundamental things: nothing really matters - career, money, success - if you are sick and spend all your money on doctors and medications.

If your hair starts to fall, you can be sure that your body is trying to tell you something. Hair loss, especially women hair loss, is first of all a symptom, not a separate disease. If you’re experiencing this unpleasant and frustrating problem, it means that there is a certain imbalance present in your organism.

Is stress really worth all its negative consequences? (c)
Is stress really worth all its negative consequences? (c)

First of all, hair loss is a sign of an emotional imbalance. We all know that stress has devastating effects on our health, being one of the most important causes of hair fall. The imbalance in your body can be created by an improper nutrition or an extremely severe diet. You can also experience a hormonal imbalance - this happens during pregnancy, menopause or as a side-effect of birth control pills. Of course, in case of a hormonal problem, you should consult a specialist for a correct treatment.

Hair loss prevention is not as complicated as it might seem. Of course, it’s better to start having a healthy lifestyle when nothing bothers you, nothing hurts and you still have a thick shining hair. But even when the first symptoms of hair loss appear, don’t waste any time! Start doing something today, before the problem degenerates and it will be too late for prevention!

A healthy nutrition can change your life!  (c)
A healthy nutrition can change your life! (c)

What can we do in order to prevent hair loss? First of all, take a closer look at your day-by-day life. If you’re constantly nervous, worrying about your job, your boyfriend or other complicated problems, take a deep breath! Everything in life is transitory. We can’t control all the things surrounding us, but we definitely can control ourselves! Even if you’re suffering because you lost a family member, you should understand that nobody escapes death and only by accepting it we can make our live more meaningful and precious. Start taking meditation and yoga lessons, be more dynamic, learn how to smile even if you’re sad! After a while, you’ll notice a huge difference!

If you don’t think that a natural healthy nutrition is very important, I suggest reconsidering this conclusion. Nutrition makes us what we are. You can’t have a healthy hair if your stomach hurts or you have problems with your kidneys - everything is connected in our body.

Allow me to quote the ancient healers one more time: If you want to treat the part, first you should treat the whole! Start eating healthy products - fruits, vegetables and cereals, give up on junk food, sugar, coffee and sodas and… meet the new you!

Henna in powder form - a life-savior for your hair! (c)
Henna in powder form - a life-savior for your hair! (c)

Female hair loss treatment is much more effective in an incipient stage. Still, if you feel that reducing the stress levels and a healthy nutrition are not enough for curing your problem, you can always count on herbal remedies and hair masks. For example, Henna is a miraculous herb that strengthens the hair follicles, making your hair shining and full of life. Nettles, aloe vera and ginger also have a good effect on the health of your hair.

A healthy hair is a sign of a healthy mind and a healthy body. If we take care of our thoughts, our words, our actions, our emotions and our diet, health and balance will be a natural consequence!


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