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How To Remove Plaque from Teeth

Updated on February 24, 2016
Dental Cleaning Tools
Dental Cleaning Tools

Contrary to the popular belief, it is easy to remove plaque from teeth. All you need to is the right products, and a good cleaning routine.

I heard people saying that removing plaque is not easy and it needs special tools. I am not sure if they just didn't know the reality, or they just confused the plaque with dental tartar. Removing dental tartar is a bit more difficult, because tartar, or dental calculus, as it is also called, it is the hardened plaque. It is more complicated to remove the hard yellow or brown film on your teeth, but it is not impossible. In fact I explain here how to remove tartar from teeth.

On the other hand, removing plaque is almost trivial, all you need to do is to maintain a daily dental cleaning routine, and use the right products.

For full disclosure, here is the link to an article that evaluates the efficacy of Plax. The study says that Plax doesn't remove more plaque than other mouthwashes, my experience says otherwise. To try this procedures at home is trivial, and is dirt cheap. It doesn't even take long to see results. Try it.


  • Plax mouthwash
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Dental floss, or flossers
  • Peelu natural dental cleaning fibres
  • Waterpik or Sonicare Airfloss


1. Use Plax Advanced Formula Plaque Loosening mouthwash every time before brushing. Rinse for 30 to 40 seconds vigorously, and then spit.

2. Brush thoroughly, and do not skimp on brushing. Make sure you reach all areas, behind the teeth, and all the way back to the wisdom teeth. The plaque is already loosened by Plax, and brushing it will make it come off of your teeth.

3. Floss thoroughly between the teeth, this is the place where the plaque starts building up. It is very important to remove the plaque from all tooth areas, because it is easier for plaque to build up, if it has a starting point.

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4. Every second day use Peelu to brush your teeth. Peelu is a natural fibre that will clean your teeth thoroughly, without affecting the enamel. It is hard enough to chip off the plaque, and tartar, but soft enough to make sure it doesn't scratch your teeth enamel.

5. Use this routine for no more than two weeks. I don't normally like using mouthwash, because it dries up your mouth, and kills all the good bacteria in your mouth. But desperate times require desperate measures.

6. Normally, you should see great results after a week, or a week and a half. If the results are not as expected, interrupt the regimen for two weeks, and then resume for another two weeks.

7. The scientific literature says that plax doesn't remove plaque better than other mouthrinses, but trust me, it does work. It is very easy to try it at home, and inexpensive. Come back and comment on this page either way. I'd be happy to hear positive and negative results.

8. If you afford it, buy a Waterpik, or Airfloss from Sonicare. This will help you take care of your teeth and gums health on the short, and long run.

Sonicare Airfloss can be used to burst plax between the teeth, maximizing the dislodging effect, and Waterpik will help you clean under the gum pockets, where the toothbrush doesn't reach.

Waterpik is one of the modest devices that work, you just have to use it. If you have plaque, you probably skimp on flossing. While Waterpik and Airfloss will help reach in spaces where flossing can't, the most important in your dental hygiene is manual flossing.

Prevent Plaque Formation

The best way to avoid the dentist's office and the dreaded metal pick, is to maintain a good oral hygiene. The best ways to maintain a great oral hygiene are:

  • Brush two times a day
  • Floss at least one time a day, if possible twice, with brushing
  • Use regularly the Waterpik
  • Take oral probiotics
  • If you drink soda, make sure you rinse thoroughly with water after drinking soda, (better to avoid it)

Waterpik is proven to help cleaning under the gums pockets, where the brush doesn't reach. Using a Waterpik regularly, is a great way to minimize plaque formation in those hard to reach places.

Oral probiotics are a new approach of the dental industry, and they work wonders. Taking oral probiotics ensures your oral microflora is kept in balance, and the bad bacteria is kept at bay. Oral probiotics are probably one of the best, and easiest ways to minimize plaque formation. Sometimes, just regular hygiene will not be enough, and you need a little help to balance the bacterial population.
Sure, there is also the sterilization approach, to kill all life in your mouth, but this is too drastic, and it kills all bacteria without discrimination.

Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Airfloss from Sonicare is another approach to clean between the teeth without dental floss. Is it better than manual flossing? No, it isn't but it complements it, and it surely is more fun than using a string to floss.

For some people AirFloss might be more efficient than the manual floss, for instance people with dental bridges, and people with dental braces.

Airfloss and Waterpik are not competing for the same market segment, even though the products seem very similar in functionality. Airfloss is better for cleaning between teeth, and is easier to handle, whereas Waterpik is better for cleaning under the gums.
You can read more about Airfloss vs Waterpik here.

Oral Probiotics

Oral health probiotics are relatively new in the industry, and dentists are still reticent to prescribe them. However, there is enough scientific evidence to confirm that oral health probiotics are an efficient way to fight plaque.

It is not completely clear the way probiotics affect our oral health, but it is believed that the mechanism is similar to the intestinal one. Follow the link for an in depth introduction to oral health probiotics.

The Oral Care probiotics from Nature's Plus contains a proprietary strain of the Streptococcus Salivarius the Blis M 18. Check the link for more scientific data about Streptococcus salivarius M18.

If you are concerned with using chemicals, and you want to use a completely natural method to remove hardened dental plaque, you can use the method presented in the below video.

Ayurvedic Plaque Removal Powder

© 2014 Dorian Bodnariuc


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