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Why We have to streamline food habits - needed nutrition like carbohydrate and protein

Updated on October 6, 2011
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fresh tomatoes
Healthy food
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Food habit

We get energy by eating food . Food is essential for living. May be it is non veg or veg , cooked or half cooked or even green one. But taking food for the sake of taking is not recommended. Food should be taken heartfully. Is it making us wondering? In the modern world, most of the people take the food in a hurried manner and make our body like a machine.These are the following tips how to make your food habit.

  • Your food should have variety of colour.
  • Start the food by taking little quantity of water. This will help us to dilute the acid segregated. But avoid taking water in between eating the wood.
  • If you are going to take fruit juices , better take it before taking food. Fruits always gives instant energy to a certain level and long lasting. If you take the fruit juices after food it will take time for digestion and creates problem.
  • Once you started taking food, forget about everything, Including your entertainments like tv, songs and games. Some people , even they take more or less food directed by environment. Better to avoid. If it is once in a while , it doesnot matter. This will give us more stomach problems.
  • Regularise your eating times. This will streamline your digestion mechanism.
  • Avoid too much oily and fat rich food.
  • Use your teeth to pulverise the food before it travels .This is because we do not have any grinding mechanism after your mouth area. This type of pulverising will give the strength for teeth also.
  • Avoid talking when you are taking food. This will make you concentrate in eating the right thing instead of taking too much .
  • Too much of anything good for nothing . So better avoid taking the same food twice or thrice, telling that your like that one too much.
  • Take a balanced diet , which is rich in protein , carbohydrates and fat.
  • Do not repeat the same food styles everyday.
  • Do not take snacks in between your food.
  • Always recommended take half stomach full of food ; quarter for water; Balance quarter left empty. We should not overload our stomach and making that one as a habit.
  • Make a habit; Morning taking light diet; Afternoon rich diet; At night light diet;
  • Avoid competition in eating food; who will take more or who eats first.


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    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u chefspecial for your comments.

    • chefspecial profile image

      chefspecial 8 years ago from Arlington, Virginia

      Interesting hub. I think many Americans would benefit from these eating habits, but are unwilling to do them.