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How To Think More Creatively

Updated on June 30, 2015

What are the benefits of creativity?

There are many benefits to feeling creative. It fosters positive energy and develops confidence in your abilities. You can become creative at any time and in any place. It is entirely up to you. Don't put any pressure on yourself and you'll find you will become relaxed and ideas will start toflow. Don't worry about coming up with something truly original; there are precious few original ideas left to discover. Originality does not equal creativity. Creativity is putting a new spin on any old idea and doing things your way. Being creative is also fun so enjoy it.

How can you think differently?

There are many ways of encouraging yourself to think creatively. Using metaphors will help you think differently, as will putting yourself in new situations. Meeting new and different groups of people, from different walks of life and different backgrounds will help broaden your horizons and create a pathway to new ways of seeing things. New experiences will give you new energy and a level of confidence you will benefit from. Asking yourself different questions will help you think in the right direction as well.

How can you feel more creative?

Being creative is not just knowing and experiencing different unusual things; it is also a way of reaching new and deeper levels of range of feelings and experiencing new feelings.

To kick-start your creativity, take chances, do something you would not normally do. This will open new ways of looking at the world around you. Remember, there is no wrong when it comes to being creative, each step you take can be viewed as a solution to a problem, a new twist in an old tale.

Ideas best flow when they are related so don't be afraid to keep going with your creativity streak even if some of your ideas may seem a little 'silly' at first. If you put pressure on yourself to achieve 'perfection' you will freeze your creativity. You have to be relaxed to let your creative juices flow. Creativity is as much about attitude as it is about ability. Believe that you are creative, trust yourself and you'll see some wonderful results.

Five ways to help you feel creative

  1. Change: Creativity comes when you are doing something out of the ordinary. Put yourself in a different setting doing a new activity and everything else will follow.
  2. Stress: Creativity can emerge out of slightly stressful situations, such as when you've locked your keys in the car and have to think 'outside of the box' to get your car opened.
  3. Inspiration: Creativity can come from being inspired. Other people's creativity can also be very inspiring so open your eyes to it.
  4. Relaxation: Often you will get your best creative ideas when you have time to relax, such as when you're having a bath and everything is quiet. You've allowed yourself time to think which is very important.
  5. Boredom: Creativity can come from you feeling bored. If you're bored with being bored, you will find you have the energy to come up with something new.

Remember, creativity is all about you and how you see the world around you. We're all creative without even knowing it, so when you feel the need to be creative, don't stress about how good you are or what level of creativeness you might want to reach, just do it and everything else will follow.

Feel Happy

What does it take to feel happy?

That's the million dollar question. The answer to it depends on your perspective. It comes down to how you view the world around you - do you see a glass half full or half empty? Attitude is everything so how happy you feel is entirely up to you.

Happiness is almost the only thing everyone wants just for itself. Although happiness is often one of our main goals, it's almost impossible to aim for it on its own. That's because happiness is not just one static thing, but it is made up of fluid components that make up its whole. You reach happiness by making yourself happy in specific areas of your life and the sum of all these areas will come together to make you feel happy.

Seven keys to unlock your happiness

The keys to finding happiness can be summed up as the characteristics that happy people have in common. These are:

1. Happy people often feel connected

The more you feel a part of something, the happier you'll be. It doesn't apply just to person to person relationships; you can derive just as much happiness from stroking a cat or enjoying your well-tended garden as you can from having a good chat with a friend. It's just a different kind of feeling happy.

2. Happy people think about others as well as themselves

This will perpetuate itself. Once you start caring for other people, the people will return the favour in kind; in other words, people will start caring about you. The happier you are, the more you'll want to think about others and reach out to them, and they will reach out to you, which will then make you even happier.

3. Happy people feel in control of their lives.

If you focus on what you want out of your life and set corresponding goals, you will feel in control and on your way to achieving success as you define it. Do not dwell on mistakes made in the past, just learn from them and move on with a positive attitude. Focus on the present with a view to a better future, and you will start feeling more in control.

4. Happy people find an interest and get absorbed in what they're doing

Being in the present can make you happy if you're focused on an enjoyable absorbing activity. You do not always have to have an outcome to an activity, just listening to music, or composing a song, or making a collage or anything creative you do just for yourself will lead to feeling happy.

5. Happy people have high self-esteem.

If you like yourself and feel good about yourself, other people will too. You will also feel content with your life and spread this feeling around; people around you will respond to you positively and this will lead to you feeling happier.

6. The lives of happy people have a purpose

Happy people have something meaningful in their lives with gives them a reason for living. Find yours and you'll feel better. Having a purpose to your life is extremely liberating and helpful in defining who you are. Once you've established who you are you will get a level of balance and happiness in your life.

7. Happy people take risks

Happiness can come from taking risks, taking yourself out of your comfort zone and developing new skills and abilities. Challenging yourself is scary and exciting but also leads to feeling better about oneself and therefore happier. Often know what your purpose in life is will give you the confidence to try new things.

Remember, the keys to feeling happy lie within you. Only you can give yourself the power to feel happy.

It Starts With You

How can you make yourself happier?

Happiness is universally acknowledged as a welcome positive emotion people would like to feel. If you ask someone what they want from life, many times the answer will be: I just want to be happy. So is there a way of making yourself happy?

The answer is simple. There is. You can start by thinking happy thoughts and appreciating the good things in your life. Think positive and good things will come to you. You can dwell on the good things in your life such as the things you like, the things you like to spend time doing, and the things other people bring to your life that you are grateful for.

Three tips to make yourself feel happier

1. Find things to do that interest you and in which you can become absorbed

We all know what it feels like when we are so involved in doing something that we forget everything around us, including what time it is. We feel that way because we're being creative and creativity allows us to become fully immersed in an activity that has deep meaning for us. When we're absorbed, we're focusing on the one thing now and it feels good, as if you're flowing. So find yourself an interest that you will find completely engrossing and you'll feel happier.

2. Think about others as well as yourself (or vice versa)

Having a balance of caring for other people and being cared for by other people in your life leads to happy feelings about yourself. In order to be happy you do have to invest in other people to fill your life with. You do not have to have a lot of friends but having at least one good friend is important to achieving happiness.

3. Feel in control

Feeling in control of yourself means to have balance in your life. One way of feeling in control is to strike a balance between focusing on the past, the future and the present. Do not dwell too much on the past or project too much into the future; living in the here and now will help you stay focused on creating a balance in your life. Balance does lead to happiness in very many ways; it contributes to you feeling in control of your life and therefore having less stress. Setting goals and taking positive steps to achieving them will also contribute to feelings of self-worth and happiness.

Remember, no one is more in control of how happy you feel than you so why not start each day with a resolution to find something to be happy about in your life?


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