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how to treat cancer and malignant tumors traditionally

Updated on June 18, 2016

how to treat cancer and malignant tumors traditionally

Cancer is a disease that is very dangerous because if not overcome early can cause death in the sufferer. treatment of cancer and malignant tumors traditionally is an alternative treatment of cancer and tumors that are safe, cheap, easy, effective, without oprasi, and without side effects such as chemical drugs which have many side effects if consumed continuously can cause side effects.
cancer in this case can be continued with tumor.Tumor his understanding is that the cells grow out of control it is no reasonable tumor or lump fixed and does not evolve or in terms of doctors called a benign tumor. If the lump is growing uncontrollably and can grow anywhere it will damage other cells according to medical science is called a malignant tumor or commonly called cancer, this cancer can grow anywhere like neck cancer, oral cancer, breast cancer, nasal cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, heart upstream cancer, and others who would have been very dangerous if not immediately handled.
how to treat cancer and tumors is traditionally

signs of cancer and tumors

a) wound or sore that never healed.

b) to abnormal bleeding.

c) injury to the breast or elsewhere.

d) impaired appetite, as well as digestion.

kaker or recommendation for patients with malignant tumors

a) eat vegetables and fruits are many.

b) regular wash and clean.

c) do not callous bonding negative but always directed toward God

how to treat cancer and malignant tumors traditionally

a) Take the leaves and flowers parasite, wash with clean water and boil with less water to boil 3 cups lenih. Ssetelah cold can be taken with the added pure bee honey.
b) Take cermai young leaves, leaves of papaya, starfruit leaves muda.ukurannya comparable to three handfuls of hand later in the wash and then boiled with water approximately 3 cups to boiling and then cooled and can be taken with honey to taste, to drink enough half a glass of morning and evening.
c) carrots were still fresh in the grate and the filter can be added with pure honey and drunk.

take all of the above mixture on a daily basis with the patient and tumor cancers can be cured. besides closer yourself to the false gods because the disease is given by the gods so that we are aware of the apparent sin and to test the strength of our faith.


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