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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Updated on December 29, 2011

Why are there stretch marks?

Stretch marks, or skin stretches are red or purple when appeared in the form of the strip, which will eventually brighten and become white, pink or pink. The main victims of the appearance of stretch marks are women. Puberty, pregnancy, obesity, treatment of hormonal drugs are related or provoked the change in hormonal levels. Hormonal changes, in turn, lead to the fact that the skin in some places becomes too thin. Inside the skin tissue there are collagen and elastin fibers breaks, which when eliminating themselves are replaced by connective tissue. It is this that the connective tissue is popularly called stretch marks. Stretches are like scars, they occur not on the skin surface but inside of it.

The most vulnerable in terms of education stretching abdomen, buttocks, thighs, breasts, but sometimes, especially when some endocrine disorders, streamers occur even in the face and other parts of the body where skin is not elastic.

There is one consolation - health risks do not pose stretch. However, if the appearance of stretch resulted not because of the pregnancy, be sure to go to the endocrinologist: in this case stretching of the skin is the sign of problems in the endocrine system.


Is it possible to avoid the appearance of stretch marks?

It is natural that such a question is asked by every woman who is planning to have a child or drastically lose weight. Many of them apply to the skin of the chest and abdomen special cosmetics for pregnant women - this may be in the form creams, gels, body lotions. One of the most popular ones are Revitol stretch marks cream and Mederma stretch marks cream.

It is believed that if the composition of the cosmetic product contains extracts of chamomile, horse chestnut, tea tree oil and other natural oils, such cream or gel can improve skin elasticity and thereby prevent its hyperinflation. There are useful creams with vitamins A, C, E, collagen, elastin available.

Is this true? You decide. There are cases when the stretch occurred in the case with women who have tried all means to protect themselves from their appearance. Many others, on the contrary, never heard about any special make-up and successfully avoided the appearance of stretches, even giving a birth to a few children. Enormous role in this process is played by genetic predisposition, as well as individual properties of the organism. If stretches after pregnancy were a problem for your mothers and grandmothers, it is likely they will have them, too.

In any case, even if the special make-up can not completely prevent the appearance of stretch marks, it can at least make the microscopic skin breaks not as strong as usually. In other words, if you have any stretches and they are not as noticeable, then completely getting rid of them will be easier.

Even though it is desired by the most, stretching do not disappear themselves. But they can be done less visible by peeling, mesotherapy, and body wraps.

So, how do you get rid of stretch marks fast?

How to remove stretch marks with peeling

Peeling or, more simply, exfoliate the top layer of skin cells smoothes the skin surface and accelerates the process of developing deep inside the collagen and elastin. For any peeling the skin is under stress, and it is due to this that its cellular elements are being mobilized, starting with a vengeance to produce biologically active substances. The deeper the peel, the greater the stress experienced skin, the more likely it is regenerated.

By the degree of penetration into the skin tissue peeling is divided into superficial and intermediate. Superficial peels are a mechanical peeling. Its essence is that with a special apparatus for microdermabrasion jets of air are mixed with fine sand and the skin surface is polished. Superficial peel, though not completely removing stretch marks, makes the skin smooth yet.

Median chemical peel involves applying to the skin alpha hydroxy acid, phenol or trichloroacetic acid, which penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis.

Mesotherapy and other ways to remove stretch marks

Mesotherapy is a hypodermic microinjection of special cocktails, the exact composition of which is chosen individually. This cocktail may be composed of amino acids, collagen, enzymes, plant extracts (eg extracts from artichoke leaves and brown algae), vitamin C and Group B. Mesotherapy usually is not an independent procedure, it is used either before or after peeling. Depending on the age and number of stretch marks it can take anywhere from 5 to 15 procedures that are carried out approximately every 10 days.

Fresh and gentle stretching can be removed with seaweed wraps. The last ones are especially effective with spirulina wraps. These algae are applied to the body as a pasty mass, after which the patient was in half an hour wrapped in a blanket, or a steam sauna, because due to high temperature active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the skin. Total of 6 to 12 procedures are usually required. As a result of wraps the improvement of the skin tone and disappearance of fresh stretch marks can be seen.

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