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How To Prevent Stretch Marks

Updated on December 29, 2011

Researchers argue that the probability of you having stretch marks increases if your mother were stretching during pregnancy. But there are ways by which you can prevent stretch marks during pregnancy or before the fast weight loss.

Tips and tricks to help you confront in the war against stretch marks:

- Eat a healthy, well-balanced food and drink plenty of water. Sudden weight gain - this is the most common cause of stretch marks. Moreover, it is very harmful for both you and baby if you are pregnant. Proper nutrition will allow you to keep your weight under control. Talk to your doctor about how much weight you should gain during pregnancy. The fact that you're eating for two does not mean that you have to overdo it. Drink plenty of water to your skin remains moisturized and elastic.

- Take your vitamins. Your body is currently in need of extra vitamins and minerals, so the adoption of vitamins to meet these needs of the organism is very high. It will also help you to have beautiful skin and hair during pregnancy.

- Another way to avoid the appearance of stretch marks - is to use a cream containing vitamin E and coconut oil, such as Revitol stretch mark cream or Mederma skin care products. Rub the cream into the places where the most likely occurrence of stretch marks. The process of massaging by itself will increase the flow of blood to the skin and reduce visible stretch marks. There is a huge number of such creams on sale that promise you the disappearance of stretch marks. You may need to try several of them to find out exactly what suits you the best. 

Some women can not avoid the appearance of stretch marks. However, the good news for them is that over time they do disappear. They will be lighter than your skin color. If you are still worried about skin stretching, ask your dermatologist, who will offer you a different medication.

So, basically, there are simple recommendations from different experts, which should help to prevent stretch marks appearance on your body. First and foremost, every time you try to take a shower, bathing the body, make it with stroking massage movements, stretching those areas of the skin where stretch marks can appear. It will only benefit if you massage at the same time the skin under a trickle of water. Such the motion, simple at first glance, will not only improve blood circulation, but also make your skin more elasticity. In order for the prevention of stretch marks appearance the exactly the same movements (strokes with a light massage) can be done for moisturized skin. Just pre-lubricate the skin with any palm oil. It is best to use oils of rosemary, although, it is possible to use vegetable, but in no case Catina oil - it dries the skin. These tips are especially helpful for pregnant women; it is quite accessible method at home to prevent the appearance of stretch marks in the abdomen and chest.

There is a separate advice for those who are watching their figure and skin condition, doing various gymnastic exercises. The main thing is not to be too zealous, trying as quickly as possible to achieve high results. To avoid over-stretching of the skin and as a consequence, the appearance of stretch marks,you should not immediately begin doing exercises with great speed and amplitude of movement, in particular with regard to flexibility exercises.

No matter which way of the fight against stretch marks you choose, remember that the best results are achieved when stretching still fresh and red colored. So does not delay treatment, pass it as soon as possible, and then soon enough you will be able to safely wear revealing clothes again.

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    • Anjili profile image

      Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

      I hope ladies read this. Useful info. Thanks for sharing

    • Pente profile image

      Pente 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      I dated this girl in High School and soon discovered that she had stretch marks. I found them kind of sexy! Guess it is to bad that not all guys feel the same way as I do.